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Antivirus Kasper Sky.

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Kasper Sky Anti-Virus Software. Remove viruses now!

Antivirus Kasper Sky. Kasper Sky Lab is a world leader anti virus software company. If you are infected with a virus then you have to take care. Modern viruses are very dangerous. With a help from Kasper Sky you can detect all viruses and remove them from your private computer or/and your corporate network. Kasper Sky Anti-Virus: Install & Feel Safe!
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Doctor Kaspersky - leader of the company. Kasper Sky Anti-Virus: Install & Feel Safe!

Kaspersky Lab Ltd. is a privately-owned, international, data-security software-development company with offices in Moscow (Russia), Cambridge (United Kingdom) and Pleasanton (United States). Founded in 1997, Kaspersky Lab concentrates its efforts on the development, marketing and distribution of leading-edge information security technologies and computer software.

Kaspersky Lab's Mission
In the course of the next five years the company will become the world leader in anti-virus software production, service our clients with the most dependable anti-virus software, provide daily warnings and updates and unique technology, and create and deliver the best professional assistance to clients who are Kaspersky Lab's most important asset.

Kaspersky Labs has distributors, resellers and VARs in more than 40 countries worldwide. KasperskyTM Anti-Virus (AVP) is available in Czech, English, French, German, Greek, Icelandic, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Ukrainian.

Kaspersky AV (AVP) is one of the world's leaders in anti-virus technologies. The product was the first to integrate a processor emulator for code decryption, an external anti-virus database with embedded specialized modules, a search capability within archived and compressed files, an "on-the-fly" virus interceptor for OS/2, integrated anti-virus protection for Linux, integrated anti-virus protection for MS Office 2000 and an anti-virus for Novell NetWare featuring deep integration with NDS.

Recognition of Kaspersky Lab's technological leadership is illustrated by the number of data security companies, inter alia F-Secure(Finland), G-Data (Germany), and Vintage Solutions (Japan), that license the Kaspersky AV (AVP) anti-virus engine.

If you are a software vendor or a hardware manufacture and if you are interested to wide your product range Kaspersky Lab is always willing to help you. With our best technologies, good flexibility and high-level technical resources we can always find a way to cooperate with your company about anti-virus protection. About more details please send your request to

Kaspersky Lab's flagship product is the world-famous, award winning Kaspersky AV(AVP), which has been rated consistently, by numerous computer magazines and virus research centres, as the best anti-virus product on the market. Developed in 1989 and commercially distributed from 1994 onwards, Kaspersky AV (AVP) provides a wide range of anti-virus solutions for individuals and corporate networks, workstations and servers, Internet users and stand-alone computers.

Kaspersky AV (AVP) covers all reliable methods of anti-virus protection: anti-virus scanner, resident "on-the-fly" virus interceptor, integrity checker and behaviour blocker. Kaspersky AV (AVP) supports DOS, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows NT, OS/2, Novell NetWare, Linux, FreeBSD and BSDi Unix operating systems. Furthermore, Kaspersky AV (AVP) provides strong anti-virus defence for mail gateways (MS Exchange Server, Sendmail, Qmail), firewalls and WEB servers.

The unique Kaspersky AV (AVP) Virus Encyclopaedia contains descriptions of thousands of computer viruses. It is equipped with a powerful search engine and is available free of charge at

Kaspersky Labs provides world-class user support, including daily updates, free upgrades and a 24-hour Help-line accessible by either phone or e-mail. Further, if you are the recipient of an unknown virus, the Kaspersky Labs Urgent Virus Response Department guarantees a 'special cure' within 24 hours.

Download and use Antivirus Kasper Sky now! Install & Feel Safe!

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Kaspersky Lab International Ltd. - antivirus defense systems for workstations, file servers and application servers, e-mail gateways, firewalls, and Web servers. Kaspersky Anti-Virus: Install & Feel Safe!

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