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Panda Antivirus Software. Free online antivirus course.

Panda Software Antivirus. Panda Antivirus Platinum was recently selected as the undisputed champ of antivirus products by PC World magazine and as the #1 antivirus product on the market by Windows 2000 magazine. Panda Antivirus offers quality software products in the computer security field, which is a very hot topic right now with recent virus outbreaks. Simple and enjoyable online antivirus course. You can quickly learn, free of charge, all you wanted to know about viruses. Panda Active Scan - rid your computer of viruses free and fast.
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Panda Software Antivirus. Panda protects your computers, keeping your information safe from viruses and intrusions.

Panda Software's mission is to develop and provide quality solutions that protect clients' systems from viruses and intruders at the lowest possible total cost of ownership. In order to do so, the company is continuously researching and developing innovative technologies, and has pioneered the concept of high quality 24h-365d services, which has placed Panda among the world's leading IT security companies.

Panda Software is aware of the changing needs of the market and has redefined its business model accordingly. This new policy will allow Panda Software to increase the scope of its product range, making it more flexible and with greater differentiation between solutions. Therefore, the strategic plan of the company for the next three years centers on the research and development of new and innovative protection technologies. These technologies will stretch way beyond the concept of antivirus protection, focusing on a holistic approach to defending computers against all malware.

The solutions provided by Panda Software include:

- EnterpriSecure Antivirus, the ideal solution for large corporate networks or companies with an extensive IT infrastructure, which provides hassle-free global antivirus protection, ensuring that users can work in a secure environment and greatly facilitating network administration tasks.

- Panda Antivirus GateDefender, the first line of defense for all types of companies. This high performance and high scalability hardware-based antivirus server is installed at the Internet gateway to block viruses, worms and other Internet threats before they contaminate the corporate network.

- BusinesSecure Antivirus, offers small and medium-sized businesses the antivirus protection they need against the latest Internet threats. It integrates several modules to protect workstations and files servers, including ClientShield, which combines maximum protection and a light 'ThinClient' type installation, and FileSecure to protect Windows servers.

- Panda WebAdmin Antivirus, this web-managed antivirus solution provides complete 'hands-off' protection of the IT resources across small and medium-sized companies. It protects all computers, whether they are workstations or file servers, even non-networked computers, regardless of where they are located.

- Platinum Internet Security, the new security suite for businesses and professionals, offering both reactive and proactive protection against all Internet threats. It does this by incorporating protection against all types of malware (viruses, worms, Trojans, spam, spyware, etc.), innovative technology for detecting and solving vulnerabilities in the software installed on the PC and by armor-plating data against attacks from malicious code.

- Titanium Antivirus, designed to 'install and forget'. Its ease of use and maximum capacity to detect and disinfect malware make it the ideal solution for users with limited IT knowledge. It incorporates new SmartClean2, capable of automatically repairing the changes made by latest generation viruses to the configuration of the computer.

- Panda Antivirus Platinum, this antivirus is designed for businesses and professionals and integrates the most advanced personal firewall technology on the market. It eliminates all types of viruses and malicious code and automatically updates itself every day when the user connects to the Internet.

- Panda Invent, an essential tool for network administrators that provides immediate information on the hardware (general data for each workstation, components, etc.) and software (manufacturer, installation date, etc.) installed on all of the workstations and servers across the network.

Panda Active Scan, a free online scanner.

Now, ridding your computer of viruses is even easier, with the new Panda ActiveScan. You don't need to install any programs, just connect to the Internet and simply click whenever you want to clean your computer. It scans, disinfects and eliminates viruses from all parts of your system, hard disks, compressed files and all your e-mail. It incorporates a powerful heuristic system capable of detecting new or unknown viruses. Without needing to install any software, it is capable of detecting and eliminating all types of malware, even latest generation viruses, as it is automatically updated every day from the company's own servers.

Free online antivirus course.

Now you can quickly learn, free of charge, all you wanted to know about viruses. Just follow this simple and enjoyable online course.

The course consists of twelve chapters:
1. The beginning.
2. Basics.
3. Viruses and their effects.
4. Types of virus.
5. Example of virus.
6. Example of hoaxes.
7. Virus entry-points.
8. What is an antivirus program?
9. How to combat viruses?
10. Is my computer protected?
11. Suspected virus infection?
12. Some tips.

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Click Here: - Antivirus solutions for Home Users (Buy Panda solutions and forget about viruses), Businesses and Professionals (Panda lets your business grow in a safe environment), Small and Mid-sized Companies (Tailor-made protection), Large Companies (Panda licenses for complete network protection). Solutions for all your IT security needs. Also check our free online antivirus course and Panda Active Scan, to rid your computer of viruses free and fast right away.

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