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Life is short, art is long.

Art Portal on USA2017.

Art is the process and/or product of deliberately items in a special way that affects and influences our senses and emotions. It encompasses a diverse range of human creations, activities, and modes of expression, including music, literature, film, photography, sculpture, and paintings.

Fine Art Art Dog Fine Art :: Brush Strokes. Transform photo into original oil-on-canvas masterpiece.
Portraits by Brushstrokes® Fine Art Inc. The New Original - Hand Painted Fine Art Oil Painting Reproductions on Canvas. Portraits by Brush Strokes gives you the opportunity to capture a treasured personal moment and preserve it in the highest art form, a hand-painted oil portrait. Through a combination of the Brush Strokes patented process and old world artistry, we are able to artistically transform your favorite photograph or digital image into your own original oil-on-canvas masterpiece.
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