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Main (Home) page. USA 2017 Drive Werks :: For your car, garage and lifestyle.

Drive Werks :: For your car, garage and lifestyle.

Baby you can drive my car,
Yes, I know, you'll be a star...
/"Baby you can drive my car", by The Beatles./

Drive Werks :: For your car, garage and lifestyle.

Drive Werks Drive Werks was formed as a subdivision of Pelican Parts in 2001. Our main goal is to provide parts and accessories to automotive enthusiasts regardless of what car they own. Our broad line of parts and accessories for your car, your garage, and your lifestyle fit in perfectly with your hobby and enthusiasm for fine automobiles.
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Drive Werks. Everything you've always wanted for your car, garage, and lifestyle. Drive Werks is a subdivision of Pelican Parts.

Pelican Parts is the world's largest Internet retailer of BMW and Porsche parts. Owned by automotive enthusiasts Tom Gould and Wayne Dempsey, Pelican Parts strives to offer the most comprehensive selection of automotive products in the world, combined with first-class customer service. Pelican Parts's reputation for quality has been built on our success with meeting our customer's every need. We have expanded that approach to Drive Werks, and look forward to expanding our product line every day.

Well known in Porsche and BMW circles, Tom Gould and Wayne R. Dempsey are the two principle owners of Pelican Parts, the parent company of Drive Werks. Tom Gould is well known for his Porsche and BMW expertise (more than 30 years of experience), as well as his record in winning time-speed-distance rallies. Tom has many trophies in his collection, including several first place Porsche Parade rally trophies.

Wayne R. Dempsey is the author of the best-selling books, "101 Projects for Your Porsche 911" and "How to Rebuild and Modify Porsche 911 Engines." As author of many of the technical articles on the Pelican Parts Website (as well as this one), Wayne has defined Pelican Parts as the definitive resource for Porsche and BMW technical information.

Tom and Wayne personally oversee all operations at Drive Werks and strive to make sure that your experience exceeds your highest expectations. Pelican Parts has won awards and accolades for excellent customer service, and we aim to give that experience to Drive Werks Customers as well.

Customer Testimonials

This was the first time I've ordered from your company and I was completely satisfied with the service. I order a hardback book on Vipers, and it arrived in about a week or so. I'm currently overseas in the Middle East. The mail can move quite slow around here, so when it arrived so quickly I was pretty excited. The situation here is obviously busy, but when I have some free time, I read the book. Your service and the book have brought a little State side flavor to this part of the world. Yeah, I'd much rather be driving around in my Viper right now, but since I can't, I sit around and read the book you guys sent me... Hope to order from you again soon, and will recommend you to my car-nut friends. Thanks again, Jim.

Hello, thanks for your semi-automated email. I wish to let you know that everything arrived in perfect order, thanks! I have had another chance to deal with your very efficient service and valuable products, so thanks again! Best regards, Fabrizio.

The fire extinguisher came shortly after I placed the order, and it's exactly what I ordered. Everything went well and I'm very satisfied with your service. - John D.

DriveWerks - Accessories and Modifications for your car Welcome to Drive Werks! - Everything you've always wanted for your car, garage and automotive lifestyle.

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