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Baby you can drive my car,
Yes, I know, you'll be a star...
/"Baby you can drive my car", by The Beatles./

Live Deal :: Free Classifieds :: Autos, Furniture, Pets, More...

Live Deal :: Free Classifieds :: Autos Live Deal is the Internet's fast growing online marketplace for local buying and selling. Items are displayed by zip code making Live Deal the perfect solution for buying or selling hard to ship items such as cars, furniture, electronics, computers, pets, sporting goods, antiques, and much more. LiveDeal helps you save on shipping costs and avoid fraud. For shippable items such as books, CDs, gifts, computer accessories, apparel, and more, Live Deal offers the convenient "Buy Now" feature whereby Sellers can accept PayPal and ship items to buyers.
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Find used car in your local area. Live Deal Autos. Live Deal's mission is to provide the world's leading classifieds platform, connecting people locally everywhere.

Live Deal is the leader in online local classifieds with more than $1 billion worth of goods listed for sale. With its free listings and broad selection, Live Deal is ideal for trading hard-to-ship items such as automobiles, furniture, pets, appliances, real estate and other "try before you buy" items, eliminating shipping costs and reducing fraud. Buyers can browse or search for items using LiveDeal's easy-to-use web interface, seeing whats available locally first and nationwide second.

LiveDeal offers unlimited FREE Listings.

Other sites charge fees whether your item sells or not, and Live Deal is a huge savings over expensive newspaper classifieds. Selling on Live Deal is risk free. For a limited time, Sellers can get a free web store join now and get a free store for life.

Live Deal uses patent pending technology to enable you to buy and sell within your local community. Most e-commerce and auction sites do not offer "local" trading functionality.

Live Deal enables buying and selling of items that are not economically viable in a shipment based model (such as furniture, appliances, cars, etc.). Not only is the exchange of these items possible, our service provides an efficient way for these transactions to take place.

Live Deal. What's in Your Neighborhood? Free Local Classifieds. Live Deal. Live Deal's local community model is also ideal for posting services such as jobs, rentals, and much more. You can be sure that you are reaching and interacting with a relevant audience for your posting - people in your local area.

LiveDeal offers following types of postings.

- Items for Sale
- Items for Rent
- Wanted (Items for Sale)
- Wanted (Items for Rent)
- Services, Offered & Wanted
- Personals
- Jobs, Openings & Resumes

Buying an item through Live Deal is as easy and straightforward as buying something at a neighborhood yard sale or local boutique. You simply search through the categories that interest you and then click on a selection to read more details about the item, its price and availability.

To buy, you either email the seller with a question presale offer or request to view the item in person or, if available, hit the "Buy Now" button to purchase online through PayPal. It doesn't get much easier than this.

You can negotiate the price with the seller directly if the item's price is designated as "negotiable". The seller may choose to designate the item as "fixed price" which indicates that he/she is not willing to negotiate.

Posting an item for sale is simple and takes only a few minutes to complete. Go to the Post/Sell link on the home page, register for a LiveDeal account by providing your basic contact information and you are ready to sell. You start by selecting specific categories and subcategories to help identify your item and then provide a description of any length with photo, pricing and delivery information.

All postings (listings) are free on Live Deal.

Welcome to Live Deal!

Find Pre-Owned Cars in Your Local Area at LiveDeal Autos - You do not need to register to browse or buy items :: Autos, Furniture, Pets, etc, but you must register in order to Post or Sell items. Additionally, you must register in order to leave feedback about a seller. You can choose between a Personal and Store Account. Both account options are free but if you are listing more than 10 items, we recommended a store account. Registration is fast and secure. Once you've created a LiveDeal account, you can manage your listings and personal information at "MyLiveDeal".

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