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Banner exchange program.

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Banners from "bep USA 2017" system.

Welcome to view some banners from "bep USA 2017" with stat. You will see what banners get best CTR. This information help you in creation really profitable, clickable banners.
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1. USA2017.INUMO.RU: Future Today, CTR: 1.51%, weight: 7.7kb.
USA2017.INUMO.RU: Future Today.

2. Banner network of future, CTR: 1.13%, weight: 10.9kb.
Banner network of future.

3. Overture: Pay-for-performance leader, CTR: 0.42%, weight: 15.4kb.
Overture: Pay-for-performance leader.

4. HTMail: Get paid to read, CTR: 2.11%, weight: 4.6kb.
HTMail: Get paid to read.

5. River Belle online casino, CTR: 0.29%, weight: 12.2kb.
River Belle online casino. Buy $100, get $150 free and win Jaguar XKR.

Please pay attention to high CTR of banners 4 and low CTR of banners 3, 5. Well, it's not so easy to promote a virtual casino today.
What next. Creat your own cool banner and beat the leader! If you'll do it then I'll place your banner with a link to your site at the top of banners page. Moreover, I'll give cool prize as you turn out to be the best webmaster of the world today. Come on!

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