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Aces High Online Casino.

Aces High Online Casino. $15 Free!

Let me save my ace in pocket... below...
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Aces High Online Casino.

Aces High Online Casino. Established in 2001, using the latest online gaming technology, Aces High Online Casino already boasts 76 interactive games, including 10 progressive jackpots like Treasure Nile and Major Millions! Treasure Nile, the web's first 9-line payout progressive slot, has made a staggering single payout of $389,843 to date. Welcome to Aces High Online Casino! Why not start winning right now?
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A happy pretty girl in Aces High Online Casino.

Aces High Online Casino Icon. ♠ Your 4 aces are waiting you high ♠♣♥♦.

Thousands of players have already signed up at Aces High Online Casino to enjoy fast-paced, action-packed gaming. It's time you joined too or else you might miss out on the excitement. Just think: someone else might strike it lucky and win what could have been yours!

Download Aces High Online Casino's FREE state-of-the-art, 32-bit software now and receive up to $100 FREE when you open a Real Account (play for real money). Choose one of the following bonuses:
Get $100 bonus for your $100 purchase
Get $75 bonus for your $75 purchase
Get $50 bonus for your $50 purchase
Get $25 bonus for your $25 purchase

Even more. Only today special bonus just for you!

Established in 2001, using the latest online gaming technology, Aces High already boasts 76 interactive games, including 10 progressive jackpots like Treasure Nile and Major Millions! Treasure Nile, the web's first 9-line payout progressive slot, has made a STAGGERING single payout of $389,843 to date!

♠ Why Aces High Online Casino?

Our gaming software is cutting-edge 32 bit software, with fantastic sound-effects and high resolution graphics. Players choose from a veritable plethora of interactive games - 55 in total. These range from the traditional favorites of Roulette and Craps to a High Stakes Blackjack Table and a total of THIRTY FOUR slots! Slots include six progressive slots and four feature slots.

Our payout percentages are audited by PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

We offer Vegas odds on all our games.

The Casino Manager and her staff understand the value in retaining players. They have initiated the VIP Club and run monthly, weekly and daily promotions and competitions to ensure player loyalty.

New offer for new gamers: $15 Free, No Purchase Required! Plus, Buy $50, Get $35 Free!

US$5000 is given away to one player each month in a lucky draw.

The Guest's Gazette is Aces High's bi-monthly newsletter. It is packed to bursting full of casino competitions, in which thousands of dollars in casino prizes are handed out. The Guest's Gazette includes all Casino News, player's views and pertinent player's questions are answered.

Player's electronic transactions are secured by the 128-bit SSL Digital Encryption. This is the standard digital encryption for all major financial institutions. However, should you prefer, you may register your details via telephone to our Support Desk. All our e-cash transactions are facilitated by Proc Cyber Services and SendVia - both are well established and reputable e-cash merchants.

Purchase options include FirePay, PayPal, Credit Card, Direct Bank Transfers and Wire Transfers.
Aces High Online Casino Icon. Getting Started.

♠ 1. How to download.

1.1. The first thing you will need to do is to download our free software by clicking the "Download" button on any of the pages on Aces High Online Casino site.

1.2. A "File Download" dialogue box will appear.

1.3. Choose the "Save this program to disk" option and click "OK". (You'll notice that the software is designed with default settings - in general it is best to follow these settings.)

1.4. "Save As" will appear. Once again the software will offer a default location, in this case your desktop. Click "Save".

1.5. Downloading will start. The dialogue box will tell you how long the process will take. When the download is complete, you'll see "Aces High" file on your desktop or (if you chose not to use the default location) in the directory where you saved it.

1.6. You will automatically receive the "Lite" version of the software that will give you access to Aces High’s most popular games. While you are playing these games the additional games will automatically download in the background. Should you want immediate access to one of these games, simply click on the game to begin the download process immediately.

♠ 2. How to install.

2.1. You will now need to install the software. Start by double-clicking the "Aces High" file.

2.2. The "Install Wizard" will pop up.

2.3. Keep clicking "Next" until the "Finish" button appears.

2.4. Once you've clicked "Finish", the software will be installed.

2.5. You will now automatically enter the casino.

♠ 3. How to register.

3.1. Before you can start playing, you will need to register a Real Account or a Guest Account.

3.2. Click the "Connect" button (only the highlighted buttons will be active).

3.3. The "Startup" box appears. Click on the "Register Now" button.

3.4. Choose whether you want to register as a "Real Player" (to play for money) or as a "Guest Player" (to play for fun.)

3.5. Enter your details in the appropriate boxes - it is mandatory to complete all boxes marked with a "*" - then click "Next" until you see a "Successful Login" dialogue box.

3.6. When the "Successful Login" dialogue box appears, click "OK" - this will contain your casino account number, also known as your login name (e.g. tahr00035665.)

♠ 4. How to start playing.

4.1. Connect to the Internet and run the Aces High Online Casino software. Enter your casino account number and password, and then start playing your favorite games.

♠ 5. How to download more games.

5.1. Click "Start"

5.2. Click "Program"

5.3. Click "Aces High"

5.4. Double-click "Aces High" icon.

5.5. When the Casino is logged on, click the game icon that you have not yet downloaded and follow the on-screen prompts.

5.6. Additional games will download while you're playing.

5.7. If you have any problems downloading or installing the software, you can call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at:
USA: 877 5660482
Canada: 1 877 7760549
UK: 800 1698796

♠ 6. How to purchase and register credit card details.

6.1. Click the "Banking" button on your casino home page.

6.2. A banking menu will appear as an ATM machine interface.

6.3. You will be offered a choice between "Purchase" and "Back".

6.4. When you click on "Purchase" you will be offered various amounts, namely $50 / $100 / $150 / $200 / $300 / $350 / $400 / $500 / OTHER / BACK.

6.5. Click on the amount you wish to purchase.

6.6. You will be asked to confirm your choice by clicking either "Yes", "No" or "Back". 6.7. Your transaction will then be complete and the token will appear and be available in your "Credits" box.

♠ 7. Credit card check (for fraud prevention).

To prevent fraudulent transactions, we will ask you to provide us with the following details:

7.1. First and last name.

7.2. Physical address.

7.3. Telephone number (and area code).

7.4. E-mail address.

7.5. Date of Birth.

7.6. Social security or ID number.

♠ 8. Credit card limits.

8.1. You may only purchase $2000 per card twice weekly.

8.2. Maximum individual purchase is $500.

8.3. Maximum purchase per card, per day is $1500.

8.4. Players may not perform more than 10 transactions daily.

8.5. You may only run a maximum of 3 active credit cards per gaming account.

♠ 9. How to purchase ACH. Do a bank transfer.

9.1. Click on the "Banking" button on your casino home page.

9.2. A banking menu will appear as an ATM machine interface.

9.3. You will be offered a choice between "Purchase", "Cash-in", "Reverse Cash-in", "Add Credit Card" or "Back".

9.4. Click on Purchase, and then choose the option "ACH".

9.5. This will connect you to the Banking facility.

9.6. Click on the "Direct/Bank Transfers [ACH]" option OR where it says "If you would like to request an ACH online then please click here".

9.7. You will now be taken to the Purchase form which will ask for the following details:
9.7.1. First name.
9.7.2. Last name.
9.7.3. E-mail address.
9.7.4. E-cash account number.
9.7.5. Amount you would like to deposit (US$).
9.7.6. Bank account number.
9.7.7. The 9-digit ABA or routing number of bank.
9.7.8. Full name of signatory as it appears on the US bank account.
9.7.9. Type of account (check or savings).

9.8. Once all these details have been inserted, click on the "Process Request" button.

9.9. You will receive confirmation of your purchase request.

9.10. Please note that this form of transaction takes up to 8 days to process as we have to wait for confirmation from your banking institution before it can deposit funds into your gaming account.

9.11. NB - this facility is only available for account holders who are US residents.

♠ 10. How to purchase using FirePay.

10.1. Visit and register a Fire Pay account e.g. 6015 XXXX XXXX XXXX.

10.2. Return to the Aces High Software.

10.3. Click "Banking".


10.5. On Personal Billing Details page make sure that your "name on card" is the same as the name you entered on your FirePay account info.

10.6. Billing address; city; country; state/province; zip/postal code MUST be the same as per FirePay registration.

10.7. On the Card Details Page give your new firepay account number and that expiry month and year.

10.8. Select Debit Card under Card Type.

10.9. On the Security Page leave the security code area blank.

10.10. On the Banking Institution section enter FirePay.

10.11. Now you can purchase off that FirePay account which will reflect under Registered Cards.
Aces High Online Casino Icon. Bank. Banking and cash-ins.

♠ 1. E-commerce partners.

1.1. All commercial transactions at Aces High Online Casino are facilitated by Proc-Cyber Services and SendVia, the Internet's premier electronic cash merchants.

1.2. Proc-Cyber Services and SendVia offer safe and secure e-cash, which Aces High Online Casino is proud to be able to accept as a means of purchasing tokens.

1.3. The banking facility is only available to Real Players i.e. players who wager with real money as opposed to Guest Players, who play for fun.

♠ 2. No risk.

2.1. Proc-Cyber Services and SendVia play an active role in risk prevention and detection. They aim to ensure the integrity of customer accounts as well as payments made to customers.

2.2. Proc-Cyber Services and SendVia employ a variety of appropriate security and risk controls, to oversee every transaction. Customers are required to supply proof of identity, copies of their credit cards, a signed purchase history of their transactions and /or other appropriate documentation particularly when attempting to cash-in credits. This ensures that e-cash purchases and redemptions are not fraudulently transacted.

♠ 3. How to cash-in.

3.1. Once you are logged in to the casino, click the "Banking" button.

3.2. A banking menu will appear as an ATM machine interface.

3.3. You will be offered a choice between "Purchase", "Cash in", "Reverse Cash in", "Add Credit Card" or "Back".

3.4. Click "Cash in".

3.5. You will be offered a choice between various amounts, i.e. $50 / $100 /$150 / $200 / $300 / $350 / $400 / $500 / OTHER / BACK.

3.6. Click on the amount you wish to cash-in, e.g. "$50".

3.7. The following message will now appear: "Confirm Cash in $50 Credits" and you'll be given the option to click "Yes", "No" or "Back".

3.8. Click on "Yes" and your cash-in amount will be confirmed by this message: "You have successfully cashed in $50" (or whatever the amount that you have chosen.)

3.9. Thereafter you will be returned to the ATM interface and your cash-in procedure will be complete.
Aces High Online Casino Icon. Support.

♠ Contact the Aces High Online Casino.

Aces High has an around-the-clock support desk, which operates 365 days a year. Our professional, friendly and efficient support agents assist players with any queries or concerns. Our support desk may be contacted telephonically (toll-free) or via e-mail.
Aces High assures you that all financial queries will receive our immediate attention and will be responded to within two business days.
It is advisable that you print out transaction data for ALL transactions, which can then be used to trace queried transactions more efficiently.

♠ E-MAILs:
Casino-related assistance: support(at)
General comments and queries: casinomanager(at)
Affiliates queries: support(at)

Toll-free Numbers, 24 hour telephone support.

United States of America flag. United States of America: 1 877 7771910

Canada flag. Canada: 1 877 7760549

United Kingdom flag. United Kingdom: 800 1698796

Your queries are important to us and we assure you that these will receive our immediate attention and will be responded to within two business days.
We would like to resolve your transaction queries as quickly and efficiently as possible. Please help us by keeping printed copies of all your transactions.

Welcome to Aces High Online Casino!

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[Aces High Online Casino] - experience Fast Paced Casino Action. Why not start winning right now? New offer for new gamers: $15 Free, No Purchase Required! Plus, Buy $50, Get $35 Free!

Please note. Aces High Online Casino has been closed and all accounts transfered to River Belle Online Casino. All links above will lead to River Belle Online Casino. River Belle Online Casino is one of the most trusted and reputable casinos on the Internet. You will Enjoy Southern Hospitality with the River Belle Online Casino, where you can choose from over 200 state-of-the-art casino games. Check out the latest sign-up offer and claim your free sign-up bonus.

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