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Patriotic pins. Online lapel pin store, specializing in the distribution and manufacture of quality lapel pins.

Patriotic pins. We represent the largest e-commerce lapel pin manufacturer on the Web. We specialize in Lapel Badge pins, Patriotic Flags and Pins and a large selection of Police Pins. We also carry Firefighter and Paramedic Pins and Rescue Badge Lapel Pins, Law Enforcement, Military, Veterans pins, Gov't pins, corporate pins, Pins For Emergency Medical Technicians and many others. Flag pins. New York pins. 911 WTC pins. Fire, police, military pins.
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Patriotic pins. Online lapel pin store, specializing in the distribution and manufacture of quality lapel pins. Lapel Badge pins, Patriotic Flags and Pins and a large selection of Police Pins.

US-Pins is the Internet’s largest e-commerce manufacturer devoted to the distribution and manufacture of superior quality lapel pins and badges. The company specializes in patriotic lapel badge pins and features a large selection of pins honoring Police, Firefighters, Paramedics, Rescue Workers, Law Enforcement, Military Personnel, Veterans, EMT, government workers, and many others.

The World Trade Center bombing on September 11th, 2001. Three firefighters raising the American flag in an unforgettable symbol of hope and endurance. (C) 2001 The New Jersey Record (Bergen County, N.J.). Photo by Thomas E. Franklin. In addition to its comprehensive assortment of ready-made items, US-Pins offers custom-made pins for corporations, Federal agencies, and even professional sports organizations. Superior quality and fine detailing has made US-Pins the choice of such companies as McDonalds, M&Ms, and Pathmark; the LPGA, and even the FBI and U.S. Secret Service. The company is currently in negotiation with sports legends to produce “everything metal” – pins, badges, keychains and more.”

The Firefighters pin will be available (Sept 15th) and is the latest addition to US-Pins group of items remembering the heroes of September 11th. Other 9-11 pins include a Rescue-Recovery pin and a limited edition boxed set of ten different commemorative pins.

It is one of the most memorable images to emerge from the ashes of the World Trade Center bombing on September 11th – three firefighters raising the American flag in an unforgettable symbol of hope and endurance. Now, thanks to the artistry and craftsmanship of leading manufacturer US-Pins, this inspiring tableau will be memorialized on a beautiful lapel pin.

US-Pins. Patriotic pins. Support our troops. B2 Bomber. Yellow Ribbon. B2 over USA. USA Flag with ribbon. US-Pins has entered into a licensing agreement with the New Jersey Record, owner of the photo, which gives the manufacturer exclusive rights to the image for five years. “It’s good business, of course,” says Chris Hayden, “But it’s also a tremendous honor. We know how much people want to express their patriotism right now, and that’s why it’s important to us that the pins honoring the heroes of September 11th be the best we can create.”

25% of the proceeds from the sale of the pin will go to The Bravest Fund, a charitable organization dedicated to benefiting firefighters and police officers that suffer career-ending injuries or death, including those affected by the terrorist attacks on 9/11, not covered by existing benefit programs. The Bravest Fund was founded by George Johnson, Dan McWilliams and Bill Eisengrein, the three firefighters pictured in the photo.

“The shot said something to me about the strength of the American people, “ says photographer Thomas E. Franklin, an eight-year veteran of the record and witness to the most violent assault on the U.S. in history. “And (about) the courage of all the firefights who in the face of this horrible disaster had a job to do in battling the unimaginable.” It is that strength and courage that US-Pins seeks to both capture and commemorate on its new pin.

Record Editor Frank Scandale said: "These men are American heroes for what they did that day. A big part of why the world knows what they did is because of what Tom also did that day - that captured moment helped steady an entire nation during a crisis. To see the firemen together again, symbols of our nation's toughness, and to have Tom photograph them again, feels pretty good."

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