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Zurich Insurance UK. Serious about insurance.

Zurich Insurance UK

With our home insurance you can choose from a selection of extended options in case you want that extra cover. You can buy our insurance policies over the internet, by phone or from one of a large selection of local insurance brokers. You'll also find that we aim to make it our business to ensure that any claims are dealt with as quickly as possible. To do this, we’ve got trained consultants waiting at the end of a phone, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for you to notify about a claim. And in the case of our home insurance, we can also provide you with immediate access to a tradesman within your local area should you be unfortunate enough to need one.
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Zurich Insurance UK. Car and Home.
Zurich Insurance company info.

Zurich home insurance and car insurance UK is part of an established global company founded in Switzerland during the latter part of the 19th century. Our home insurance quotes and car insurance quotes and general customer service are backed up by a long tradition of working closely with the public for over a century. Zurich home and motor insurance will give you all the convenience and security associated with a world class reputable corporation of international standing. We are the third largest insurer in the United Kingdom, the second largest in America and fifth in Europe. Purchasing your motor insurance from Zurich will give you all the peace of mind you would expect from an award winning time-tested company. With 35 million customers worldwide Zurich home insurance UK and car insurance UK are profitable and flourishing international businesses. Zurich Insurance Company is a member of the Financial Services Authority (FSA). We want you to have the freedom to choose how you prefer to buy your motor insurance and home insurance policy from us in the UK. Call Zurich UK for free car insurance quotes and home insurance quotes, write to us at the above address, e-mail us, or click through to find a broker: it’s entirely up to you.

Car insurance.

When you purchase your car insurance policy with Zurich car insurance UK you will receive a truly first class financial protection plan to protect you against losses incurred by theft, damage to your car, or a traffic accident. Zurich car insurance UK is committed to a comprehensive, specialist customer service, treating all our customers as individuals. Zurich Insurance proposes three different types of car insurance policy, each one offering a high standard of car insurance tailored to suit the customer’s individual requirements. From Third Party Fire and Theft, through Basic Comprehensive, to Zurich Solutions, we offer you high quality, affordable wide-ranging protection for your motor vehicle. For more details visit our car insurance UK page. Although we have branches in 50 countries across the globe our mission remains to continue the personal one-to-one customer assistance we’ve become known for over the past 125 years. Zurich car insurance UK provides high standards and expert advice, encompassed by the world’s premier financial services group: Zurich financial services. We will ensure your motor insurance claims are dealt with as rapidly and as efficiently as possible with the minimum of fuss, however you prefer to contact us. Read about the different types of Zurich motor insurance on our car insurance UK page.

Home insurance.

Protecting your home against losses incurred due to environmental damage or accidental damage is a sensible way to ensure you'll be able to put your house back in order after an unforeseen event causes destruction to your home. Zurich home insurance UK is renown for its customer-centred choice options tailored to accommodate individual needs. We offer a wide variety of cover and extended options as part of our home insurance UK package. Zurich home insurance provides you with the possibility of choosing from our all-encompassing Contents insurance programme, or our exclusive Buildings insurance plan. And if you want both we will put together an affordable combination home insurance quote, comprised of components from each option. Customer satisfaction is all-important to us at Zurich home insurance UK. Financial protection for your home and contents with Zurich home insurance UK will ensure you preserve peace of mind, knowing that if anything were to go wrong immediate assistance is at hand.

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If you have any unanswered queries about what we have to offer, please view our frequently asked questions.

If, however, you still have a query please don't hesitate to contact us.

Call us For Telephone
Website support 0845 300 2662
Car quotes 0800 333 800
Home quotes 0800 868 686
Existing Car customers 0870 902 1272
Existing Home customers 0870 902 1282

Please note that if you bought your policy through an insurance broker, you should call them with regards to any change in your details.

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We aim to give you the choice to tailor each policy to suit your needs – for example, we give you the choice of two Comprehensive car insurance policies after giving us your details only once. And with our home insurance you can choose from a selection of extended options in case you want that extra cover.

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