To all Fuhrers in the world

Request to all Fuhrers

If you want war, call a doctor before!

Request to all new big and tiny Fuhrers (Leaders).

Saakashvili and Hitler
I would just like to know how many more Families have to suffer before you care about your own. Those boys and men over there fighting the war aren't really fighting anything just dying for no reason. You have enough intelligence, in your country to fined out if they would do anything to you again. Why don't you bring them home. It's not doing you or the country any good keeping them there. I live in Barrie Ontario and I am a mother of three boys and I thank god every day I'm with them, think about all the mothers you are killing not just there sons. Sorry I had to write this I feel very strongly about this. End the blood shed let our sons come home.
From a mother from Canada.
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Who started the war?

Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili, our new tiny Fuhrer, killed over 2,000 people in South Ossetia in the onslaught.

Let ask him very simple question (and all we know honest answer) - who started the war?

His answer below...

My dear fellow citizens,

I would like to brief you about the events that took place last night.

As you all know, we initiated military operations after separatist rebels in South Ossetia bombed Tamarasheni and other villages under our control. Most of the territory of South Ossetia has been liberated and is now under the control of Georgian law enforcement agencies.

Last night, Georgian law enforcement agencies liberated the Tsinagra region, the Znauri region, the village of Dmenisi (one of the biggest village in the region), Gormi, and Xetagurovo. They also have surrounded Tskhinvali, most of which has been liberated. As I speak, fighting is taking place in the city center...

Every word of new fuhrer is lie! Nobody bombed Tamarasheni! When fuhrer said "liberated" we have to hear "killed" and so on...

All fuhrers always find good words to explain terrible deals!

Hitler to Saakashwili: You fix the world on the right track, son.
Adolf Hitler, military and political leader of Germany 1933 - 1945, launched World War Two and bears responsibility for the deaths of millions, including six million Jews in the Holocaust.

If we could only ask Hitler "who launched World War Two?", he should answer, "Poland, surely! German forces were acting in self-defense!"

Following several German-staged incidents, which German propaganda used as an excuse to claim that German forces were acting in self-defense, the first regular act of war took place on September 1, 1939, at 04:40, when the Luftwaffe attacked the Polish town of Wielun, destroying 75% of the city and killing close to 1,200 people, most of them civilians. Altogether, the civilian losses of Polish population amounted to about 150,000.

Mikhail Saakashvili, military and political leader of small Georgia, launched on August 8, 2008 War for no any single reason against tiny area called South Ossetia and killed 2,000 people.

You see as compared with Hitler, Saakashvili just a tiny, very tiny fuhrer.

I want you ask only one question...

Will we let him grow big?

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Hitler to Saakashwili: You fix the world on the right track, son.

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