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Transform photo into original oil-on-canvas masterpiece.

Life is short, art is long.

Transform photo into original oil-on-canvas masterpiece.

Fine Art. Fine Art :: Brush Strokes. Portraits by Brushstrokes® Fine Art Inc. The New Original - Hand Painted Fine Art Oil Painting Reproductions on Canvas. Portraits by Brush Strokes gives you the opportunity to capture a treasured personal moment and preserve it in the highest art form, a hand-painted oil portrait. Through a combination of the Brush Strokes patented process and old world artistry, we are able to artistically transform your favorite photograph or digital image into your own original oil-on-canvas masterpiece.
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Brush Strokes. Nice girl makes a nice painting. Brush Strokes. Hand painted art for the holidays.

What we do:

Step by step, throughout the artistic process, every attention is paid to detail to ensure that each portrait captures the essence of that special moment, and displays only the highest standards of quality and workmanship worthy of your cherished memory.

After assessing each photograph, our Art Director selects one artist to create your portrait, working on a canvas enlargement, which has the patented Brushstrokes® process for creating texture and rich colors.

The artist carefully finishes your portrait using the highest-grade oil paint, further adding three-dimensional surface texture and rich, unique brushwork.

Brush Strokes. Nice girl makes a nice painting. Finally, master craftsmen mount each portrait in a museum-quality wood frame, chosen by you.

Each portrait is hand-signed by the artist and comes with its own Certificate of Authenticity.

As with any Brushstrokes® product, we guarantee the workmanship for life.

The end result is your own truly original oil-on-canvas work of art.

Your hand-painted oil portrait will be treasured as a timeless family heirloom and can also be given as the ultimate gift to family and friends.

Brush Strokes. Art for the holidays. Save 12%, use coupon code: AFF-12. Brush Strokes. Own a Pino today! Revolutionary new art form.

Brush Strokes is a revolutionary new art form that fully captures the exquisite color, shadows and every stroke of the artist brush in three dimensional detail. In a side-by-side comparison, even the most discerning eye will find little difference between a Brush Strokes image and the original oil-on-canvas. Faithful to the artist's vision, the result is amazing an authentic painting that is closer to the original than any other reproduction. So much so, that we call it

The New Original.

Quality - Created by hand by experienced professional artists using top quality paints and materials giving you museum quality oil paintings with textured vibrant rich colors.

Prices - Our prices are affordable - oil paintings on canvas from $79 and personalized oil portraits from $245.

Guarantee - If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase within 60 days of receipt of your Brush Strokes, we will exchange, credit or refund 100% of the painting's price.

Payment flexibility - 3 or 6 Installments with 0% Playment Plans.

Handpainted - Our artworks are hand painted by real live artists in North America. They are NOT simple computerized filters and poster prints.

Design - Our portrait artists can combine several photos and apply a variety of artistic styles.

Delivery - Every Brushstrokes masterpiece is professionally packed and couriered to ensure that it arrives to you on time and museum-quality perfect.

Watch the Making of a Brush Strokes right now.

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