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Main (Home) page. USA 2017 Beatles song "Hey Bulldog".

Big Dog, Bull Dog.

Nobody can make me love a cat!

Child-like, no one understands!

Child-like, no one understands, but me! My dear Beatles fans! Let's all get up and remember the Beatles.

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Child-like, no one understands, but me!
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Get some kind of happiness right away!

Sing with the Beatles!

Hey Bulldog!

PS. By the way, do you like dogs or cats?

Little boy and little dog. Dog and ball.

A dog in blue sky... Dogs only... All for dogs.

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We've been selling dog supplies since 1969 and moved into our current 10 acre site in Hazleton, PA in 1988. We are a family owned business dedicated to providing dog owners, lovers and professionals everything they could want for their dogs or dog businesses. In 36 years of business we have learned that keeping you happy is our business! Therefore, most orders received by 2:00PM EST will ship the same day. Orders placed after 2:00 PM EST will ship the next business day.

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Our goal is simple to provide both pet professionals and dog owners with:

- The best selection of dog supplies in stock and ready to ship.
- At the best prices that dog supplies can be found anywhere.
- With the best service and speed of delivery.
- With news and forums about dogs, from health issues to grooming to funny stories.
- And all with the well-being and consideration of our four-legged friends in mind at all times.


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