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One Global Finance.

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Prepaid Master Card. One Global Finance. Wired Plastic. First Vineyard.

First Vineyard Card. One Global Finance offers the prepaid MasterCard's Wired Plastic and First Vineyard with unsurpassed card features, guaranteed approval and groundbreaking reward and cash back incentives.
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First Vineyard card. The most powerful incentive card on the market. One Global Finance offers:

Wired Plastic provides Master Card purchasing power with online bill payment, reward points, built-in calling card, direct deposit and instant cash loads at 40,000 Western Union SwiftPay locations.

First Vineyard cardholders earn $25 (paid daily) for every referral. After 3 referrals, members qualify for compensation and earn 1% cash back on personal spending and a portion of their personal referrals spending; plus their referrals spending and so on… This continues until hundreds, even thousands of people are placed in the persons “compensation tree.” Every month compensation is loaded directly to the card.

Did you know that whenever a card transaction is run only about 97% of the money used, actually goes towards the purchase? The merchant agrees to accept less than the retail price of the product or service for the convenience of accepting your card. The difference (the discount fee) is paid to the card company and issuing bank. First Vineyard takes a portion of this fee, and uses it to compensate members as they use their cards and refer others. You are compensated for everyday spending.

First Vineyard Master Card. Description. First Vineyard Master Card.

The Most Powerful Incentive Card on the Market.


Wired Plastic. Card Description. Wired Plastic Master Card.

Get Wired and Earn Rewards


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Wired Plastic MasterCard offers you guaranteed approval with no credit check.

... or / and ...

Earn Cash Back - See what thousands of other card holders are getting today. - First Vineyard is the most exciting card incentive program on the market today. It allows you to receive compensation on everyday expenses, stay out of debt and enjoy the purchasing power of MasterCard.

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