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XMas, New Year letters directly from North Pole.

A message from Santa Claus for you!

The perfect gift for any kid!

Get a letter from Santa! Personalized Letter from Santa Claus. Santa Mail offers custom printed letters that are mailed directly from North Pole, Alaska on beautifully printed Santa Claus letterhead and signed by Santa himself! It's the perfect gift for any kid! Addressed personally to your child. Return address and postmark from North Pole, Alaska. Special seasonal stamp.
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Get a message from Santa!

Santa Mail is the original and the largest site on the web for personalized letters from Santa Clause for 3 years running! Our site is the premier location for parents, friends and family to come during the holiday season for letters from Santa.
Get a message from Santa!
Some features of our customized letters from Santa Claus include the following:

- Addressed personally to your child
- Return address and postmark from North Pole, Alaska
- Special seasonal stamp
- Personalized with child’s name, home town, state and a friend's name
- Signed by Santa
- Up to 6 unique letters to choose from
- Each letter also available in Spanish and religious Christian versions

Delight your child this Christmas with a personalized letter from Santa Claus that they will remember for years to come. Letters will be mailed December.

Santa personalizes each letter with your child’s name, best friend's name (optional), and hometown (you can read sample letters). And if you send a letter to more than one person in the same home, each letter will be completely unique. The letter, of course, is postmarked from North Pole, Alaska, which is sure to thrill your child even more. Santa signs his name on the bottom of every letter so your child knows that Santa took the time to write during the busy Christmas season.

Each letter is printed on beautiful paper made by Santa himself using smudge and smear-proof ink that will last a lifetime, and comes in an envelope that is also designed by Santa.

Orders placed today are mailed in December for delivery well before Christmas. Each letter costs just $9.95 (including shipping) so order today!

Get a Personalized Letter from Santa - The perfect gift for your child, grand child, niece, nephew, or any child! Santa Mail Money Back Guarantee: "If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with our products or service, you may return the product for a full refund with no questions asked."

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