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Juno. Internet Service Provider.

Try our Internet service, and you will never wanna come back into the real world...

Juno. Internet Service Provider.

Juno. Your ISP. Juno is a leading provider of value-priced Internet access. Juno Internet service is offered at less than half the standard prices of its major competitors and are available in more than 6,000 cities across the United States and in Canada. Juno also offers limited, ad-supported free services.
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Juno. Email. Check your email from anywhere. Sign in. Juno is a leading provider of value-priced Internet access. Juno Internet service is offered at less than half the standard prices of its major competitors and are available in more than 6,000 cities across the United States and in Canada. Juno also offers limited, ad-supported free services.

Juno offers consumers easy-to-use services and some of the best product offerings on the Internet. A member also has the ability to exchange e-mail with any other person on the Internet, use popular and widely available instant messaging programs such as those offered by AOL, Yahoo!, MSN and others, and access search engines, news and sports content as well as some of the best online shopping and financial services available.

With Juno Platinum, our premium Internet service, you will get all the benefits of our free basic service, plus great additional features. You will enjoy reliable access to the Internet with up to 10 MB of e-mail storage space and online account management. Plus no pop-ups and fewer advertisements.

Juno. Chat. Chat with all main Instant Messaging programs such as AOL IM, ICQ, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger, Excite PAL, Trillian, Odigo. Juno Platinum, our premium Internet service, provides you with exclusive benefits not available to our free members. You'll enjoy priority dial-up access to make it easier for you to get online, longer surfing time, more e-mail storage space and online account management. With Juno Platinum, you won't see the Juno Guide, and you won't receive as many e-mail solicitations—which means fewer ads while you're online compared with our free basic service. Juno Platinum will help make your online experience easier and more enjoyable.

Juno is easy to use. Thousands of people join Juno every day, from beginners to tech-savvy pros. We've made our software easy enough for novices without sacrificing quality for those with more experience. Even the newest user will be surfing around in no time! And if you ever have any questions, Juno offers free online customer and technical support to help you out. Additionally, live phone support is available.

My Juno. Your personalized start page. All this and more. Stocks. Weather. News. Sports. Health. You can access your Juno e-mail away from home. It's easy for Juno members to check their e-mail from the World Wide Web. Just go to the Juno home page and click on the link to our E-mail on the Web service. You can get your Juno e-mail anywhere Internet access is available!

Juno's dial-up connections are reliable and fast. With thousands of access numbers nationwide, Juno makes it easy for you to get and stay online, with fewer busy signals and disconnects. Juno allows you to access the Web at dial-up speeds of up to 56 Kbps-the fastest dial-up connection available! Additionally, most of our numbers support the V.90 standard. You can check what access numbers are available in your area.

Juno. Free Internet. Internet access and email for 10 hours each month. Free email account. Reliable connections. Thousands of access numbers. Junk email filtering. 2 minutes download. Sign up now! Juno's basic free service contains a number of usage limitations that may vary from user to user. These limitations, which may be changed from time to time, are based on a variety of factors including, without limitation, the version of Juno software being used to access the service, the telecommunications costs associated with the phone numbers being used to access the service and the amount of time and frequency of a user's web surfing. The effect of these limitations may be to impact a user's ability to connect or remain connected to the service or to restrict access to the service once a specified amount of usage is met during a period. These limitations may, in general, impact all usage relating to a specific member ID as well as all usage associated with common computers or phone lines. As such, creating additional accounts will not enable a user to avoid these limitations. These limitations currently do not impact a user's ability to access their email account, although another Internet access service may be required to access the email account and limitations on email access may be imposed in the future.

How does the free service differ from the Platinum Service. The Platinum service does not contain the usage-related constraints discussed above that are applicable to the Juno free service. The free service has a persistent on-screen banner window not present on the Platinum service. Users of the free service also may experience a greater number of advertising initiatives such as email solicitations and pop-ups.

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:: Juno provides: direct access to anywhere on the Internet; fast, reliable connections and thousands of access numbers; instant messaging compatibility with popular programs such as AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ, and Yahoo! Messenger; Personalized e-mail address; Junk e-mail filtering . Join the millions who have discovered the benefits of Juno Platinum. Signing up is easy - you can download Juno Platinum software in less than two minutes and start using the Internet immediately - no waiting!

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