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USA2017 :: Anastasia Web :: webmaster welcome!

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Anastasia :: Russian Girls. Anastasia International has been an industry leader for the past ten years, and we remain at the forefront of the technological revolution that is transforming the International Dating Industry. Anastasia enjoys long-standing business relations with over 400 agencies world wide for one simple reason…we make our affiliates money! Webmaster welcome! Start making money today, keep making money tomorrow.
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Anastasia :: Money
2 of a kind.

Why you should become an Anastasia parther.

Anastasia's tour receptions are famous and are attended eagerly by some of the most beautiful women in Russia and Ukraine. Only Anastasia International has the resources and experience to bring groups to Russia and Ukraine on a frequent and regular basis.

Highest payouts. Anastasia Web Affiliate Program commission is 30% for your customer's first purchase and 50 cents per credit on all recurring sales. Some of our clients buy credits in bulk, averaging about 100 credits per month. That adds up to $50 commission or more per month, per client.

Excellent Commission scheme generating permanent income for our Affiliate partners. Anastasia Web commissions are simple and permanent: the members of Anastasia Web Affiliate Program receive commission as long as their referrals use the services of Anastasia Web.

On time monthly commission payments. Low minimum payment margin. Members of Anastasia Web Affiliate Program always receive their money during the first ten days of every month. You can pick up your money as soon as your account balance reaches $50. A number of fast and convenient payment methods are available.

Highest visitor - customer conversion on the web. Out of 60 000 applicants we feature only 10 000 most beautiful ladies on Anastasia Web. This is the reason why 5000 new clients join Anastasia Web every week. 10 visitors out of a hundred become Anastasia Web customers and stay with us thanks to the superior quality of our services. All you have to do is to bring us visitors, we will do the rest.

Be with Anastasia Web - be with the leader. Anastasia Web is the world's largest Russian-American Introduction and Romance Tour Company. Our customers enjoy the fastest and the most convenient way of communicating with the ladies - e-mail correspondence. The number of our clients grows from month to month, which proves that e-mail correspondence is the future of the matchmaking industry.

All possible types of banners ads. We provide our partners with the best tools to help them advertise Anastasia Web. Our banner choice is not limited to a bunch of standard banners. Our affiliates can choose among the following types of banners: rotating banners, girl photos and photos gallery links, search forms, text links with adjustable colors and many other ad types with the highest click through rate. Anastasia Web Affiliate Program generates source code for banners, buttons and text links not only in HTML, but also in ASP(VB); ASP(JS); PHP and Cold Fusion. No matter what language your site is written in we have the right code for you.

No costs or programming required. In our user friendly account interface supplied with detailed step by step directions Anastasia Web affiliates can easily generate the code of any banner. All you have to do is to copy the appropriate code and paste in into the source code of your website.

Detailed real time online orders - sales statements. Every member of Anastasia Web Affiliate Program has a personal account containing statistic reports on all banner displays, orders and paid sales. Watch your income growth anytime, online.

Second Tier. You can make additional income by attracting new participants to our program. Advertise Anastasia Web Affiliate Program and make 10% from the income of every new partner you bring us.

Fast and efficient member support. We have special staff devoted to working with Anastasia Web Affiliate Program. With us, you are not simply another associate, you are part of our team, together we work for excellence, to keep you and your customers satisfied, happy and, of course, successful. We will work closely with you on a personal basis, for our mutual benefit. All your requests are processed by our administrator within 24 hours.

How our system works.

On Anastasia Web membership is free. The clients pay nothing for browsing the website, viewing the profiles of the ladies or placing a profile in the Men's Catalogue (meant for the ladies only). They pay only when they would like to read or send an e-mail message to a lady. The cost of one correspondence credit varies from 4 to 8 dollars and it takes one credit to read and one credit to send a message. If a client is interested in a lady (several ladies) he will purchase credits in bulk. According to our statistics, an average client buys 100 credits per month. That adds up to $50.00 commission or more per month, per client. All customers you bring in are automatically tagged as your referrals, and tracked for automatic commission payments as long as they use Anastasia Web. This way you will have more and more referrals every month and commission will build up.

Usually the client does not start writing to ladies right away. In general, our affiliates start making money in about two weeks after the client is registered. It works like this: the client posts a profile on Anastasia Web and as soon as the profile is complete (there is a photo and character description) the client starts receiving messages from ladies who are interested in him. As soon as the client starts getting letters from the ladies he writes back to those he likes the best. Once the client has developed interest in one or several ladies he purchases credits in bulk and usually sends 2-3 messages per week to each lady.

Webmaster! Welcome to Anastasia Web!

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- Our partners come from different countries with different financial systems. We want our payment system to be convenient for our partners irregardless where they are from. We offer our partners the following payment methods: check (for partners in Western Europe and USA), Western Union, Webmoney, Bank wire and Pay Pal. If none of these option suits our partner, there is a possibility to discuss the individual payment method.

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"Love Me Do" portal on USA 2017.
"Love Me Do" portal on USA 2017.

Anastasia :: Beautiful Russian Ladies seek romance.
Anastasia :: Beautiful Russian Ladies seek romance.

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