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DJing! DJ Gear. Pro Sound and Stage Lighting has been America's leading DJ Gear, Audio Electronics, Karaoke and Lighting Effects source for over 25 years. We offer a 110% low price guarantee, huge selection of all the major brands, same day shipping on most items and awesome customer service. You can buy a $10,000 system or a $500 turntable. Our products appeal not only to DJ's but also musicians, hobbyists and audiophiles. Bigger system purchases are often made by B2B markets such as churches, schools, nightclubs and the military. DJ Gear, Audio Electronics, Karaoke and Lighting Effects source.
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Part Of Our Pro Sound Family.
Part Of Our Pro Sound Family.

Pro Sound: DJ, DJing, Pro Audio, Karaoke, and Stage Lighting Gear.

In The Beginning. ProSound And Stage Lighting was founded in May of 1976 by William Dettman, our CEO. Prior to starting ProSound, Bill was a theatrical lighting designer for Ice Capades and several major rock groups. Bill was also one of the first mobile DJs in California. His biz story filled with great business tips. ProSound And Stage Lighting has grown to become one of the largest and most respected sources of Pro Audio, DJ and Stage Lighting equipment in the United States. We are located in Cypress, California - right down the road from Disneyland.

The ProSound And Stage Lighting Vision. Our goal at ProSound And Stage Lighting is to exceed our customers expectations at every point of contact. To meet this goal we must provide excellence in product and customer service at guaranteed low prices. Total customer satisfaction will always be our bottom line.

DJ Tiffany.
DJ Tiffany.

DJ. Getting Started.

The single greatest piece of advice that can be given to someone starting out is - PRACTICE! Many aspects of DJing are reasonably intuitive and will present themselves the more you practice. The core of being this sort of entertainer is being able to work your music. Learn your songs well, and get your beatmixing down solid. A natural progression will start from there.

Decide between CD or VINYL. There are basically four things to consider when deciding this:

- What do you already have? If you have a large quantity of CDs, moving to vinyl probably isn't the best of choice. There are very few reasons to abandon a large quantity of CDs. The same is true if you already have a lot of vinyl and few CDs. Buying a CD player is probably not the best choice right now. However, don't let this isolate you from the other in the future. There is always room for a DJ who can work with both mediums.

- Style: Some styles are easier to get on one medium than another. This is especially true of underground dance music. If you find yourself spinning a lot of rave oriented material, you may have to move to vinyl simply because most new releases come out on vinyl first. On the other hand, if you are spinning a lot of Top-40 type material, you'll probably find most of your selections are easier to get on CD. Every style has its own preference of medium. Choose the one that best suits what you want to do.

- Availability: This ties in very closely with style. Our only comment with regards to availability is that -- you can always find it on either vinyl or CD. It may be harder to find Will Smith on vinyl than on CD, but it is out there if you look hard enough.

- Mixing Style: This is where most people get separated in the issue of Vinyl vs. CDs. Each has their own benefit. Here is what one dj had to say on it: "Lets see someone sample as cleanly and start as quickly as a CD! Sure, you can't scratch, but that's what the turntables are for. Be more talented, use both. There a lot of times when I can't get something on CD and have to resort to vinyl, and vice versa, but there are advantages to both, so why aren't more people willing to take advantage of that?"

CD Advantages. More precise mixes. Instant starts. Sample a sound and cue back up in an instant. Start/Stop. Fit more CDs in one spot. Wider variety on CD. See the precise time left/advanced on a CD.

DJs know Vinyl Advantages!
DJs know Vinyl Advantages!

Vinyl Advantages. You can scratch. You can do spinbacks. Latest releases are on vinyl that aren't on CD. Can cue up a record faster. Use both and appreciate advantages from both. The only person who wins in this argument is the one who has mastered both, and is happy with both.

Equipment you do need to start with.

Our DJ kits are introductory packages designed for individual levels of experience. We've done the hard work for you combining the components to give you the results you're looking for, turntables, slip mats, a mixer, and instructional video. Hook up to your own home stereo or amplifier and you're set.

Once you're sure you want to get into this some more, be ready to drop serious money on gear. Professional level gear should run you about $1000 to get started. This will include either a pair of turntables or a pair of CD players, and a mixer. You can use a home stereo as your amps and speakers while you get started.

If you aren't sure that you're going to be doing this for the long haul and can't drop $1000 for equipment, then skimp as much as you can and save for the real stuff once you're sure. This means getting turntables with minimum features (ie: Gemini XL-100's) and a simple mixer. If you're going to spin CDs, this becomes tough real quick... the minimum priced pitch control CD decks are from Gemini and cost about $250 a piece. They are good starter decks, but moving up to better CD players in the future is something to seriously consider. And don't forget to buy a pair of good headphones! A decent pair costs around $40.

Free 12 month subscription to ProSound.
Free 12 month subscription to ProSound.

Shipping and payment.

We can take Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover and Diners Club with a verifiable shipping address. if you don't have a credit card please call a product specialist at 1.800.268.5520 or e-mail at emailsales[at] You can use a Western Union Quick Pay, Money Orders. Personal Checks, set up a Layaway or ProSound Gift Certificates.

ProSound & Stage Lighting ships internationally. The best method for this is to e-mail a product specialist at emailsales[at] to get a shipping quote. Please include your full name and address along with the item(s) you are looking to get. We cannot take international credit cards at this time. You can use Western Union or a Wire Transfer. Western Union Quick Pay: You can quickly and easily wire us your payment by visiting any one of 17,000 Western Union offices worldwide. Same day transfers of up to $5,000 are only $12.95. Your order will ship same day when we receive the transfer by 2 PM (California time).

ProSound & Stage Lighting can ships to APO's and FPO's. Just click on the PO BOX/FPO/APO option in the ship method of the check out screen. Normal shipping time is about 7 business days.

Always FIRST With The Hot New Gear. The latest and greatest products are shipping NOW and ProSound has them first. DO you crave the incredible new Denon DNX-1500 DJ mixer or some awesome new American DJ lighting effects. Maybe the tiny but powerful Zoom PS04 "Palmtop" digital recorder is more your speed. Whatever your need, ProSound has it now. Just look at these deals.

Welcome to ... Hot DJ Gear - Cool Prices! Pro Sound is the place for the guaranteed lowest prices and free shipping on DJ, Pro Audio and Stage Lighting. We carry all your favorite brands. Pioneer, Yamaha, Roland, Denon, Bose, Behringer, Technics, Peavey, Sony, Jvc. Take our catalog Free!

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