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Search 123. Launched in October 2000 as one of the first pay per click search engine platforms, Search 123 allows advertisers to list their sites, bid on keywords and receive targeted search traffic from hundreds of high quality content sites, directories and search engines. Search 123 features an industry-leading user interface, cost-effective CPCs across all major categories, no minimum monthly spending requirements, free account management services, setup bonus. Our Cost-Effective CPCs are at least 50% less than Overture and Google in most cases. Use your Search123 PPC campaign to drive incremental quality traffic and improve your overall return-on-investment (ROI) from search marketing. Open account, deposit $50 and we'll give you $20 free.
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Tired of inflated click prices? Try Search 123 for simple, real-time listings. Deposit $50 and we'll give you $20 free. Search 123. Visit us for more details. Search 123 is the search engine services division of ValueClick US Media, part of ValueClick, Inc. [NASDAQ: VCLK]. Please note, Commission Junction, the leading affiliate marketing platform also is a part of the ValueClick family of companies. We operate our own pay-per-click (PPC) search engine, launched in October 2000, and we provide comprehensive search engine marketing (SEM) solutions for search marketers. Our PPC search engine allows advertisers to bid on keywords for positioning within search results and receive targeted clicks from our network of hundreds of quality traffic partners. Advertisers use our simple, self-service interface to create site titles and descriptions, bid on keywords and manage every aspect of their Search123 account. Our SEM solutions include our paid inclusion product, called PowerInclude and a platform to manage paid search campaigns on other PPC engines including Overture, Google, FindWhat, and others.

search123. Our network is made up of hundreds of high-quality content sites, directories and search engines that generate hundreds of millions of searches and millions of qualified clicks to our advertisers each month. Search 123 listings are distributed across hundreds of high-quality small and medium-sized content sites, directories and search engines. Search 123 does not get a significant amount of distribution from any of the highly-competitive and expensive portals powered by Overture and Google. Most of our advertisers already advertise on the larger paid search platforms and use Search 123 as an incremental source of lower cost, high-quality traffic that allows them to improve their overall return-on-investment (ROI) from pay-per-click search marketing.

Search 123 Features.

Reach. Search 123 allows advertisers to reach a unique source of quality search traffic on hundreds of content-rich websites, directories and search engines across all major consumer categories.

Cost-Effective CPCs. Our CPCs are at least 50% less than Overture and Google in most cases. Use your Search 123 PPC campaign to drive incremental quality traffic and improve your overall return-on-investment (ROI) from search marketing.

Free Advertiser Services. We are committed to working with you to meet your performance objectives. We offer free account set-up, keyword research and expansion, and account management and optimization services. Whether you need assistance writing a few titles and descriptions or would like ongoing assistance in managing or optimizing your account, our Advertiser Services team is pleased to provide free, personal service.

Immediate Listings & Changes. You can sign-up, list your site, select your keywords, set your bids, manage your account and make changes- all in real-time. There is no waiting period or editorial approval requirement on existing accounts, so you can make changes to benefit your business.

Variable Bidding. Our Variable Bidding system allows you to set a maximum bid amount, guaranteeing the highest possible rank in the search results up to your maximum bid. Your bids are monitored and adjusted in real-time, in order to deliver qualified leads within your bid range.

Spending Limits. Set your own hourly, daily, weekly or monthly spending limits that conform to your marketing budget; there is no minimum spending requirement.

Automatic Funding. Elect to have your account automatically funded when your balance dips below $5.00.

Click Quality Monitoring. Our proprietary click quality analysis and "data scrubbing" tools and processes ensure that Search123 advertisers receive only the highest quality search traffic.

User Interface. Our industry-leading user interface gives our advertisers maximum performance visibility and control of their accounts.

I wanted to congratulate you on the new user application. I work with 8-9 search engines every day and, with your new improvements, your competitors have a lot to learn. For me as an advertiser, it's such a relief to work with a good application, it saves me lots of time every day! Your new application is simply a dream come true for a semi-professional search engine advertiser like myself. - Magnus Wester, Search123 Advertiser.

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Safe Eyes - Parental Control Software for Mac and PC

Safe Eyes is parental control software for PC, Mac, iPads and iPhones. Award-winning software provides accurate content filtering, online monitoring, and reports online activity to parents.

Safe Eyes is Mac and PC compatible software that protects your family from harmful content and other dangers on the internet. This feature rich tool protects in the following ways...

Web Blocking Internet Filter
Effectively Block Pornography
No parental control software program is better to block porn than Safe Eyes. That's why Safe Eyes is actually used in rehabilitation courses for pornography addiction. And with additional categories for sex, swimsuits, and lingerie, it can be as strict as you need it to be.

Filtering by Category
Safe Eyes has 35 website filtering categories that you can filter, and it's much more than just pornography. Safe Eyes can block websites dealing with weapons, violence, gambling, gangs, drugs, even dating. Accessing the industry's most extensive database, Safe Eyes works with you to decide what to filter and what to allow.

Create Your Own Custom White and Blacklists In addition to the 35 categories that can be filtered, Safe Eyes allows you to control access to specific websites. So, if there are only a handful of sites you want your children to access, you can specify where they can go. Or if there is a site you want to be sure your children can not access for some reason, you can add it to a list of banned sites.

Video Filtering - Parental Controls for Online Video

Parental Controls for YouTube - Watch Only the Best YouTube Has to Offer!
YouTube is filled with entertaining and educational videos, but it's also filled with videos that contain inappropriate content for kids—including pornography. While most video filters only block YouTube, Safe Eyes filters out the bad videos and lets your kids enjoy the good ones.

Manage Online TV by Familiar Content Ratings
Sites like,, and are bringing the TV shows you know online, and that includes shows intended for adults. Safe Eyes is the only parental control software program that lets you easily manage your family's online TV viewing by choosing the age-appropriate ratings you already know, like TV-G and TV-PG. Just choose the appropriate rating and rest easy knowing your child will only be viewing content suited for their age group.

Block Peer-to-Peer Programs
Don't know what peer-to-peer programs are? That's ok, we do. They are media-sharing applications that are often used to download pirated material, which could get the whole family in trouble. Safe Eyes protects your family from both illegal and illicit content and your computer from malware by blocking peer-to-peer programs with a click of the mouse.

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