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Women's footwear from Maryland Square. Women's footwear. Maryland Square offers name brand footwear and apparel for women in hard-to-find sizes and widths. Our real-time, on-site inventory helps to ensure customer orders are in stock and ready for shipment. Maryland Square is more than footwear and apparel that feature comfort, style, and quality. You'll also find shopping with us is an easy, enjoyable experience. Have a look at Maryland Square: Sizes and Fashion to Fit You right now!
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Maryland Square boots.
Maryland Square boots.

More and more women choose to shop at Maryland Square.

Maryland Square is more than footwear and apparel that feature comfort, style, and quality. You'll also find shopping with us is an easy, enjoyable experience.

Many of our customers enjoy the sheer luxury of sitting at home and leisurely browsing through our internet site rather than battling traffic and trudging from store to store.

Heel heights are measured between...
Heel heights are measured between...

Everything looks and feels that much better when the fit is perfect. We pride ourselves on being able to offer you an extensive range of sizes in our clothing as well as our footwear. Why settle for something that’s just close, when you can get your exact size?

Our clothing comes in Misses XS-XL (4-20); Petite PS-PXL (4-18); and Women’s 1X-3X (18W-26W). Our shoes are available in sizes 4-15 and widths AAAA-EE.

Shop Maryland Square for More than 1,000 Styles of Quality Clothing and Footwear.

An Extraordinary Selection of Quality Styles and Colors for Dress, Casual and Sport Wear. When you go into most apparel stores, how may items are displayed... 100, 200, 300? That may seem like quite a few, but with Maryland Square, between clothing and footwear, you have more than 1,000 items from which to choose.

Slippers at Maryland Square.
Slippers at Maryland Square.

We strive to select only the finest products from well-known vendors to assure you consistent quality and true fit.

We shop the world over to bring you the latest in contemporary, as well as classic, fashions and footwear.

Shearling collection from Van Eli.
Shearling collection from Van Eli.

Shearling collection from Van Eli.

Fashion-ready and right on the mark, these styles have the ability to balance any look, from short or long skirts to casual or dressy slacks. Boot and bootie uppers have a velvety feel with fleecy pile detailing inside and out. Lacing adds a smart touch. Slip-resistant soles, 1-1/2" heels. Handbag has zip top, outside and inside pockets. Adjustable buckle strap. 9"W x 11"H x 3"D.

Now let's talk about colors.

Of course we carry the basics in blacks and browns; but how about trying a chambray blue or periwinkle; or maybe one of our multi-colored selections. As you browse through our apparel and footwear selection, pay special attention to the numerous color offerings.

Delivery Right To Your Door.

Maryland Square customers appreciate our minimal shipping cost to have items delivered right to their doors. It's really an exceptional value when compared to the time spent, and cost of gas to drive to several stores, searching for the perfect blouse, dress, skirt, sweater or shoe. Especially when you could find it right here without moving one step.

It's no secret why our regular customers shop Maryland Square. To our new customers, we invite you to discover for yourself the numerous benefits of shopping for stylish women's apparel and footwear with us.

Welcome to your personal shopping center!
Fling. Calypso. Van Eli. Pugs & Russian hat. Scout.
Sandals in extensive size and color selections * Apparel * Soft Spots * Casual Footwear * Women's Dress Shoes

Women's Dresses and Skirts * Hush Puppies * Casual Shoes * Women's Career Wear * Women's hard to find sizes

at Maryland Square...

Sexy Girls in sexy shoes!
Sexy shoes for Sexy Girls!

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The Soft Surroundings Advantage Soft Surroundings was inspired by women who never seem to have enough time for themselves, always placing the needs of others ahead of their own.

They’re welcomed at SoftSurroundings, a world of effortless style, quality and comfort. With fabulous fashions in soft, fluid fabrics, heirloom-quality home furnishings, luxe bedding and the newest options in beauty care, Soft Surroundings is the stylish solution for today’s busy woman.

Soft Surroundings is dedicated to making you look and feel your best. Our first catalog mailed July 19, 1999. We are based in St. Louis, Mo.

Busy women of all ages are our customers - especially those who need to be reminded to put themselves at the top of their "To Do List." Our philosophy is that by putting yourself first, you can take better care of friends and family and hopefully live a happier, more fulfilling life.

We design the majority of our quality fashion and bedding here in St. Louis. Our goal is to ensure that our customers maintain their unique sense of style without sacrificing comfort and to do whatever we can to help you relax into a good night's sleep.

All fabrics which come in contact with your skin are rated for softness - we guarantee it!

We strive to make it easy to look as great as you'll feel, with our time-saving beauty solutions. We de-mystify this world to save you time and money. We test everything.

We don't use the word "pamper" because wearing soft, comforting clothes, sleeping on fine linens and soothing your body and mind should be an everyday occurrence, something you owe yourself regularly - not just a treat.

We hope you enjoy shopping with us. Please e-mail us or call 1-800-240-7076 - your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

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USA 2017. Shoes portal.

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