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Click Thru Network. Earn Click Thru Cash.

Guaranteed Hits to your web site!

Click Thru is a search engine that surfs websites like your remote control surfs TV channels. It's FREE, plus you earn ClickThru Cash for surfing!

About Click Thru Network Users. Click Thru advertising targets 2 types of users. One set of users is a very general audience, anyone who wants to search the net. Click Thru also has a specific group of users that operate web sites. This is a more targeted group. Together these two audiences make ClickThru one of the most popular web sites on the internet.

How to Earn Click Thru Cash.

Icon Search.
Use Click Thru as your search engine and earn 1-5 cents Click Thru Cash for every site you visit. You also win Click Thru cash randomly while surfing.

When you use the search engine, you spend less time searching, and more time surfing! Here's how it works. Click the "Surf" tab at the top of the page to access the search engine. It works just like other search engines with 1 important improvement.

Remote control icon.
On the page where you see your seach results, you'll also see the "remote control" icon shown at right.

When you click the remote control icon, the ClickThru remote tool will appear next to the first web site. The remote then links you through all the sites in your search results one at a time. Spend as much time as you want on each site.

Remote control. Rate this site. Click the "Good" or "Bad" channel button
After viewing a site, click the "Good" or "Bad" channel button to tell us if you thought it was a quality site.

As soon as you click, you are taken automatically to the next site from your search results. When you vote, you also earn ClickThru Cash! Try surfing now

Surfing Benefits.

Real bonus icon above!
Bonus Cash.

While Surfing you can earn extra Click Thru cash from offers or win up to $1,000 instantly (see real bonus icon above on this page). You won't find a bonus icon on every site, but you can get additional information about any site from the Click Thru Remote.

Surf History.

We remember your surfing so that we will not automatically take you back to the same site twice for at least 3 weeks. If you do want to go back, mark it as "favorite" or check your "Surf History."


While surfing you can bookmark your favorite sites and categories. Once you save your favorites categories, you can surf without searching just by clicking the remote icon on your start page.

Report Sites. The report site button lets you easily tell us if you think a web site is inapproriate. ClickThru does not list pornographic or adult web sites. We remove any inappropriate sites immediately.


Click the Feedback button to easly leave a message to the web site owner. Tell them what you really think, and help improve the web.

Remote Features.

Detach button allows you to run remote in separate window for unimpeded browsing.
Auto-hide feature allows you to run web sites full screen.
Your votes help determine search order.
One-click return to your search results.
One-click online help.
Click Power to see your ClickThru Cash earnings and close remote.

Icon Offer.
Hundreds of advertisers offer Click Thru cash in exchange for a variety of tasks, from just visiting a page to participating in their business.

"Offers" refer to Click Thru advertisers who are offering to pay you Click Thru cash. The advertiser chooses the steps you must complete to get the cash, such as: joining an organization or mailing list, answering a survey, visiting a web site, and more.

When you click the "Offers" tab at the top of the ClickThru site you'll see a list of all available offers.
You can see exactly how much ClickThru cash is offered, or click the link to visit that advertisers web site.

Each advertiser is responsible for payment of its own offer. Some offers pay immediately and some offers have a 7 day grace period which gives the advertiser time to review your claim.
ClickThru employees do not have access to the advertisers private records needed to verify claims. Therfore, ClickThru cannot verify claims or force advertisers to release payments. Before you claim any offer you will be given information about the advertiser's payment history. You should not participate in any offers unless you trust the advertiser. When claiming an offer you accept the risk that the advertiser will reject your claim and not pay.
You can review all your claims and payment status at any time by clicking "My Claims" on the "Offer" tab at the top of the page. The "My Claims" page also helps you to contact the advertiser if you have questions or complaints about your payment.

How to Spend Click Thru Cash.

Icon Advertise.
If you have a web site you can earn free advertising. For each site you visit, you earn ClickThru cash to buy 1 visit back to your site (1:1 ratio). Other ad types are also available.

Free Advertising. Click Thru Network is a search engine that allows advertisers to buy ads or earn free ads. Click Thru places your web site onto the remote control of thousands of surfers. When a surfer clicks "change channel" button in our remote control tool, your site could come up next.

To earn FREE hits, use the Click Thru remote to earn Click Thru Cash.

You get $0.01-$0.05 ClickThru Cash for every site you visit, plus cash for winnings, referrals and offers.

If you visit 100 advertisers' web sites, you earn at least $5.00 ClickThru Cash, and for $5.00 you can buy 100 return visits to your site. This is a 1 to 1 exchange! Earn thousands of hits, there's no limit. You can even target your hits by keyword!

With your ClickThru cash you can buy direct PageViews, buy ad or e-mail exposures, or make offers to others all at no cost. When you earn ClickThru Cash you have access to all the same ad options as regular advertisers except you don't have to use real money!

Icon Cash.
Real Cash.

Until Nov 12, 2002 we have trade ClickThru Cash for Real cash. The conversion rate varies starting at about 10:1.

Icon Offer.
Beginning later this year you can use Click Thru cash to buy real products and services from Click Thru Network.

More ways to spend Click Thru cash coming soon...

Join Click Thru Network now!

Click Here: Click Thru Network - Surfers get Click Thru cash for Surfing, web site operators get free advertising, and you get referral commissions for telling others.

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