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Bush dogs

Bush dog: if you lonely you can talk to me!

I wanna know about Bush dogs! Bush dogs, Spotty and Barney.

Bush dog
Dear president Bush.
My name is Paul. I'm in 6th grade. Would you be so kind and send me a picture of your dogs.
Paul, Sacramento, CA.
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Spotty, the dog (left) and George W. Bush (right), The President of USA in the water race.
Dear Paul! Thank you for your good question!

Spotty, the President and Mrs. Bush's Springer Spaniel, passed away in 2003. She was a loyal and loving companion and a beloved member of the Bush family for nearly 15 years.

Dear Paul, here is a picture of Spotty, the dog (left) and George W. Bush (right), The President of USA in the water race.

As Governor of Texas, the Bushes lived with their dog, Spot, and their three cats, India, Cowboy and Ernie. Spot's full name is Spot Fetcher Bush, and he was born at the White House. His mother was Millie, whose people were President George and Mrs. Barbara Bush. Spot was an English Springer Spaniel who so enjoyed chasing tennis balls.

Old Story about Spotty by Spotty...

Ones the owners put me on a big plane and took me away to a huge white house with many rooms to run about. As I searched the house looking for bones and tennis balls, I was surprised at how familiar this place smelled. It looks as if I had been there before.

I nudged my owner, The President Bush, on the ankle. He said to me, "Spotty, do you remember? You were born here!"

Then it all made dog sense. This huge house is the White House, the place where I was born on March 17, 1989. My mother, Millie, took care of me and my brothers and sisters before President Bush and First Lady Laura Bush took me to their house in Texas.

Now, my owner lives in this house, and he has a new name. My favorite name for him is "Dubya," but everyone calls him "Mister President." I just call him my best crony.

Barney, the dog and George W. Bush, The President of USA are happy to be together.
One another Bush dog is Barney!

Barney, the dog and George W. Bush, The President of USA are happy to be together.

Bushy Barney is the White House Scottish Terrier.

Barney was born on September 30, 2000, Pontefract Farm, Oldwick, Hunterdon County, N.J.

Barney is black with a white spot on his neck.

Barney is nicknamed "Caterpillar", by George W. Bush, because of the Scottie's long hair.

Barney sleeps in the First Bedroom and never jumps on the bed due to his too short legs.

Dear Paul! If need more pictures don't hesitate to contact us again. Good luck!

Where to go?

Barney, the dog and George W. Bush, The President of USA. Kiss me, baby, kiss me.

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