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123 Turn Key. The Website Builder for newcomers.

The easy way to build your website and sell products online is here. 123 Turn Key. Instant Merchant Account. Start selling in minutes.

Welcome to the 123 Turn Key Website Builder!
Your new website is just minutes away!
Step by step you will select a website template, build your website title, buttons, and animated introduction. Then you'll be ready to plug in your content and publish your site. It's that easy.

You don't need to know any programming languages. You can get a complete site up and running with 123 Turn Key without any knowledge of any special programming languages. We take care of that for you! All you have be is a little Internet savvy and know how to click your mouse, it is that simple!

Free steak? No. Free robot? No. Free plunger? No. Free website? Yes! Get your free website now!

You can upload your own images. You can use any type of image that you want to for your site. We recommend that you use images in JPG and GIF format. You can upload your images into any flash element in the flash editor, or you can also upoload your images into any webpage in the content editor. It is that simple!

Build your website framework. Choose animation settings. Build your website title. Build your website buttons. Build your website introduction.

You can customize your website any way you like. With 123 Turn Key's revolutionary system, customization is not limited. You do have the option of choosing different template color schemes, font faces, font sizes, and font colors. You can also have any type of interactive pages from a shopping cart to an Online poll. Customization is not limited.

Add your webpage content. Choose Webpage Layouts. Format your webpage content. Add interactive content.

You are allowed to post any content you want on your 123 Turn Key web site. However we do draw the line on content that would be considered, by most, to be offensive. By this we mean, sexually explicit images and content, content that would be demeaning to any class, culture, race, sex, or persons living or dead. You can add as many pages as you like ... 3 pages or 60 pages... The sky is the limit!

Launch your website. Add search engine meta tags. Creat website banners. Publish your website. Get your domain.

If you need to change the content of your site for any reason. No problem. It's as easy as 1,2, 3. Just make your changes in the content editor. You can select a pre-designed content layout, or make your own from scratch. It is that simple. You make keep your web site up on the Internet as for as long you desire.
You need nothing to know more before you go on! Just follow the step-by-step instructions inside and you will be well on your way to becoming a presence on the Internet!

Turn Your Key to biz success now! 1... 2.. 3... Go! - The Website Builder for newcomers. Build your own website in minutes and sell products online with an instant merchant account. We have great templates and make it easy for you. Your new free website is just minutes away.

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