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Automotive research tools.

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AutoGuide is a premier source of automotive and consumer product information.

Auto Guide Auto Customer Guide. Quality automotive research tools. Our millions of customers will agree that our AutoGuide is a premier source of automotive and consumer product information. Customer Guide: Vehicle history report. Is that car used or SuperUsed? Check it out before you buy.
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Auto Guide Reviews, ratings and invoice prices for new and used cars, SUVs, trucks and minivans.

Consumer Guide's Auto Editors provide in-depth analysis and unbiased recommendations to help you make the right car-buying decision, whether you're buying a new or an used vehicle. Check out our Best Buys for the very best the automotive industry has to offer.

Auto Guide is a trusted resource helping smart consumers make buying decisions with confidence. The company has published books and magazines, written by Experts, on automobiles and consumer products for more than 30 years. Each year, millions of people use our reviews to make decisions about which products or vehicles to buy. They trust Consumer Guide to help them sort out fact from fiction, to help them identify the important features and accurate prices. Consumer Guide has teams of experts and editors who review thousands of products and every new car each year.

Auto Consumer Guide L.L.C. is a division of Publications International, Ltd. Based in Lincolnwood, IL, PIL publishes more than 500 book and magazine titles a year in categories including children's, cooking, sports, how-to and crafts, entertainment, medical and health, auto, and consumer information.

Best Buy, Recommended and Budget Buy ratings.

Best Buy rating. Products and vehicles that achieve a Best Buy rating by Consumer Guide are considered by our team of experts to be the highest quality available at a reasonable price.

Recommended rating. Products and vehicles rated Recommended are good products that, for one reason or another, have not measured up to our Best Buy standard for excellence. These products or vehicles might have a high price or limited appeal. Or they may be so new on the market that we haven't yet been able to test their performance and durability sufficiently.

Budget Buy rating. For consumer products, excluding vehicles, we use this third rating. Products that receive this designation are well-constructed and perform well, but they may have fewer standard features than top-of-the-line models. They are also available at a lower price.

How we evaluate vehicles.

We drive each new vehicle as the typical owner would--shopping, commuting, on long trips and in stop-and-go driving. We downplay a vehicle's race-track performance in favor of evaluating its ability to meet everyday needs--merging onto expressways or riding comfortably over potholes, for example. Similarly, we rate how easy it is to get into and out of, how difficult it is to adjust the controls while driving on a busy suburban street, how many grocery bags or suitcases it holds.

Cars can achieve a Best Buy or Recommended rating. Or they may not qualify for a rating at all. Either way, our Experts evaluate every vehicle so you can be more confident in your decision to purchase.

- We keep detailed records of our real-world fuel economy.
- Used-car reports are drawn from our first-hand experience with these cars through the years and from federal safety recall records.
- Each car is tested by at least four test drivers.
- Each of these drivers fills out an evaluation form, commenting on specific areas of performance or comfort, noting the type of driving they did and the fuel mileage they got.
- The editor writing the final report uses these reports, as well as his own experience, to prepare our final evaluation.

Find a New Car dealer near you. Also you can try our Vehicle history report for used cars. Is that car used or SuperUsed? Check it out before you buy!
The automotive editors at Consumer Guide drive over 200 new vehicles each year. At the beginning of each model year we sit down in a round-table discussion and select Best Buys and Recommended models. The low price that we list on our Web site is the lowest that our team of shoppers can find in retail stores, online, or in catalogs.

Last news. According to report from Commission Junction (CJ) we have to inform you: Auto Consumer Guide (url: as an Advertiser in CJ system has been deactivated for unknown reason. Please stay tuned. We'll publish new information about it on this page.

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