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49er Online Casino. The Rush Is On!

49er Online Casino. The Rush Is On!

49er Online Casino. The Rush Is On! A global leader in providing safe, secure online casino gaming and entertainment based in Willemstad, Curacao, Peak Entertainment, NV currently owns and operates 49er Online Casino under multiple gaming licenses from the government of Curacao. Established, licensed, and fully functional since August of 2001, 49er Online Casino is one of the best entertainment site in the online gaming industry. But who is a typical 49er Online Casino player?
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49er Online Casino. The Rush Is On!

If you'll win you win. If you'll lose you win too in 49er Online Casino!

Lady luck doesn't always smile on us all the time. But when a customer can play on 49er Online Casino for a whole month and know that he or she still be able to earn credit for up to 20% of any losses, we know they've got to be playing with a smile on their face. It is these touches of extra care that further distinguish the playing experience at the 49er site and make them so rewarding.

Players at the 49er Casino™ have the unprecedented opportunity to actually get paid back 20% of any losses through Bettors Insurance™ coverage that's now available at either award-winning Peak Entertainment™ casino property. Participation in this free program is as simple as sending an email. Players who register at 49er Online Casino can simply click through to the secure Bettors Insurance site, enter their casino account numbers and email address and be immediately insured against losses from their online play.

49erCasino Online Casino

Who's gambling online? Surprise - You probably do!

Based on the responses to a voluntary survey of active customers we can see an unprecedented portrait of the typical 49er online casino player that's strikingly free of the negative images that, until now, have been freely attributed to this group and relatively unchallenged.

Among the revelations included in the report are:

- Regardless of gender, the typical online casino player is most likely to be a mature, well-educated and solidly middle class head of household.

- The vast majority of both men and women online casino players say they do so for entertainment and fun, on their "free" time from their own computers.

- While men say they prefer to play blackjack and women prefer slots, neither feel their favorite online activity is illegal or unethical and are highly aware of the time and money they spend online.

Rick Smith, Executive Director of the Interactive Gaming Council, a nonprofit global trade association that supports responsible online gaming practices and government regulation of the industry, said, "This research offers a valuable insight for policy makers and gaming regulators as to the demographics of consumers who are participating in online casino games. Opponents of interactive gaming use scare tactics to suggest that the industry feeds on minors and addicted gamblers, and this is not true for the responsible component of the industry. Problem gamblers and minors gambling are of absolutely no benefit to the gambling industry, whether land-based or online.

"We trust that data like this, and from other studies that may be done in the future, will persuade more governments to consider how they can regulate online gaming, rather than undertaking futile efforts at prohibition," Smith concluded.

"In light of the often-times heated and one-sided debate over the status and role of gambling in general and the myriad misconceptions and preconceived ideas of online casinos and their players, in particular, the findings of this survey erase completely those misguided notions," said Shelley Noon Customer Relations and VIP Manager for Peak Entertainment, NV. "This survey underscores that casino gaming-whether in cyberspace or on land-is a widely popular and accepted source of entertainment by the most mainstream elements of our society.

Want have some fun online? Play your game in 49er Online Casino™!

I have reviewed many online casinos. If you're looking for an online casino that's repuatable, trust-worthy and fair, then "49er Online Casino" is the place for you.

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20% back on net losses during the month at 49er Online Casino™! Download their FREE software today!
- If you like to wager and don't need all the frills and hype others promise but rarely deliver, then 49er Online Casino™ is the place you want to be. It's got that old Vegas look and feel and you know what that means. A casino that gives you what you're looking for - low table limits, fair games, friendly people and lots of games to choose from. So while others play and pay for the white tiger exhibit or that posh French chef who doesn't speak a lick of English, you'll be enjoying good old fashion gaming the way it used to be.

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