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Forex story by USA 2017. Right system is all you need to win.  /forex/

eToro :: global financial market for you

With more than 1.5 million users worldwide we make financial markets accessible to everyone

eToro - Social Trading is the smarter way to trade.

eToro Welcome to the world’s largest investment network. As the leader in social trading, eToro provides a simple, transparent and enjoyable way to invest and trade in currencies, commodities and indices online. See who is trading what in real-time, follow the best performing traders and automatically copy what the best traders do. It’s the smarter way to trade. With more than 1.5 million users worldwide we make financial markets accessible to everyone.
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Responsible trading eToro. eToro :: Responsible Trading – Control Online Trading Risk

eToro initiated responsible trading to protect traders from emotional decision making that can result in taking unnecessary risks. Novice traders in particular tend to rely more on “gut feelings”, because they don’t necessarily have a lot of experience in financial trading to make rational and informed choices. For example, to a person unfamiliar with the foreign exchange market it may seem like a good idea to start online trading with the highest leverage in order to maximize profits, whereas in fact it exposes their position to maximum risk. This risk taking behavior is not limited to leverage settings, but can also express itself in online trading portfolio diversity, or even in social trading portfolio diversity as it is reflected in the trader’s copy trading activity through eToro’s social investment network.responsible forex trading online.

In order to help traders avoid making rash online trading decisions, eToro provides the trader with a safety net:
1. Default leverage settings of 1:100 max.
2. Maximum 20% from available balance can be placed in one trade.
3. Maximum 20% total balance to copy one trader.

The key factors of smart investing are low leverage and portfolio diversity, a fact clearly attested to by the portfolios of the eToro investment network’s top traders. Thus, the eToro safety net provides traders with a responsible trading framework within which they are empowered to make smarter online and social trading deliberations.

Since the launch of our responsible trading policy, we have noticed a significant improvement in online trading results and trader longevity. Furthermore, thanks to the OpenBook investment network, responsible trading has had a trickle-down effect as a result of traders copying other traders who have preferred to trade within our responsible trading restrictions, an effect that has manifested itself in a 20% overall performance improvement.

To be sure, the responsible trading settings are only a prevention mechanism meant to encourage traders to adopt low risk online trading habits. Traders who are not interested in trading within the limitations of these settings can disable them very easily, and gain access to the full range of online trading options that eToro has on offer. Having said that, we sincerely recommend that novice traders in particular keep the responsible trading setting turned on, at least until they know how to factor in higher risk settings into their trading activity.

eToro :: Simple to use trading platforms eToro :: Simple to use trading platforms
Simplicity is key to ensuring everyone can trade efficiently. At eToro we pride ourselves at always keeping simplicity in mind when developing the trading platforms that give you easy and fast access to the financial markets. We provide a unique combination of simple to use trading platforms and the largest social trading network “Openbook” that appeal to every level of trading experience. Find out why over 1.5 Million users chose eToro as their preferred trading platform.

eToro :: Learn and Practice for Free eToro :: Learn and Practice for Free
eToro offers you a wealth of training courses and information to get you up to speed on the world of trading in no time. Our course have been designed to cover all the principles of trading in an easy to follow and comprehensive manner. Put your newly found knowledge to the test with our free practice account giving you the freedom and peace of mind to enter the word of trading without the hassle of entering unknown territory. eToro credits you with US$10,000 in your virtual account so you can practice, practice and practice trading before you start earning your stripes as a real trader. You can even enter one of the trading challenges to test your investment strategies head to head against other traders.

eToro :: Competitive Offering
eToro :: Competitive Offering As an eToro customer you enjoy competitive trading conditions.

eToro :: Social trading eToro :: Social trading
With eToro you are never alone. Tap into the world’s largest investment network and benefit from the collective wisdom of more than 1.5 Million users. Join the live chat or one of the many discussions boards to exchange investment ideas with traders from across the globe. Find expert traders based on their track record and risk profile and follow their trading moves to learn from their strategies.

eToro :: Responsible trading eToro :: Responsible trading
At eToro we provide you with a myriad of tools to guide you on your first steps as a trader and to help you trade responsibly. Too often traders that are new to the world of trading are not familiar with the involved risks of trading. eToro therefore provides a pre-set Leverage setting to help you calculate your risk. The Guardian Angel is another innovative tool at your disposal that gives you real-time recommendations and advice on your trading activity that is inline with your risk/reward profile.

eToro :: Follow and Copy Experts eToro :: Follow and Copy Experts
Why trade if you can follow and copy from the best traders in the network. With eToro OpenBook you get free access to largest pool of active traders (expert Guru traders, casual traders, talented and smart investors) which gives you full transparency on every traders user profile. You can quickly find the best traders and investors ranked by their actual performance over a specific time period (e.g. weekly, monthly, 3-months and yearly) or by their location. You can view their track record, their risk profile and portfolio strategy to determine if they match your investment style and if they are suited to be added to your people-based portfolio. The next step is to invest your money by linking your account to one or more traders. From this moment on you simple lean back and let the best traders work for you. Everything they do is automatically replicated in your account. It’s not cheating, it’s just smarter investing.

eToro :: Follow and Copy Experts eToro pays to have friends. Invite your friends to the eToro experience.
Get $100 for yourself and $50 for your friend!

Every time one of your friends registers with us, we will pay you $100, once your friend makes his first deposit of at least $100.

It’s that simple.

Any friend of yours is a friend of ours! We will also credit your friend’s real account with an extra $50 in addition to their first deposit bonus.

Get a FREE account with eToro now.
Sign Up for a practice account with $10,000 to trade with.
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eToro Benefits:
  • Free access to Demo and Real Trading
  • Prize Challenges and Promotions
  • Live Chat with Traders
  • 24/5 Live Support
  • Low spreads
  • Fast withdrawals
  • No commissions
  • Real friends around you
  • and more...

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Forex story by USA 2017. Right system is all you need to win.  /forex/

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