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Forex story by USA 2017. Right system is all you need to win.  /forex/

Let's become better traders!

Let's all get up and become better traders right now!

FX Power Trading Course.

FX Power Trading Course. FXCM developed the FX Power Course to help its clients become better traders. FXCM has over 50,000 individual and institutional clients, executing more than a million trades per month. The content included in the FX Power Course is based on observing both the successes and failures of FXCM's thousands of clients. In the course, FXCM teaches both the strategies and behavioral habits of successful traders and how to avoid common trading mistakes. If you complete the FX Power Course and engage in course activities, you will have a solid foundation to begin currency trading. There is no magic formula for successful trading. However, the more effort you put into improving your trading skills and knowledge, the greater your chance of success. To make your efforts more effective, FXCM provides instructors to help you through the learning process. FX Power Course instructors are forex experts and go through a rigorous training process before being allowed to teach. FXCM believes what makes the FX Power Course exceptional is the personal instruction students receive during the course.
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Learn How to Trade Forex with FX Power Course. What you learn from the FX power course.

The FX Power Course consists of 22 lessons that will help you learn how to take advantage of trading opportunities in the forex market.

You'll know how:

- To Read Charts: Read and Analyze charts using advanced technical tools.
- To Time The Market: Maximize profits by identifying key entry and exit points.
- To Identify Trends: Isolate trends to track and gauge their strength.
- To Understand Currency Pairs: Understand the unique behavior of each currency pair and the economic forces that drive currency movements.
- Real Strategies: Use time tested strategies and techniques taught by experienced traders.

I. Introduction to the Forex Market – Days 1-2.
1. Welcome to the FX Power Course.
2. Nuts and Bolts of Trading.
This first segment will be a summary of the market, how to physically trade, and the major market participants.

II. Technical Analysis – Days 3-11
3. Intro to Technical Analysis.
4. Candlestick Patterns.
5. Fibonacci Retracements.
6. Moving Averages.
7. Relative Strength Index.
8. Bollinger Bands.
9. Moving Average Convergence/Divergence.
10. Stochastics.
11. Technical Analysis Wrap Up.
This segment is the bulk of the course. Technical analysis of charts is extremely useful for both long term and short term trades. We will review these important indicators and demonstrate how to combine them on the same chart in order to make effective trades. During this segment it will be especially important to practice actively with a demo account in order to familiarize yourself with the different indicators and to learn the market conditions where they are most useful.

III. Fundamental Analysis – Days 12-15.
12. Who Moves the Market.
13. Long Term Fundamental Analysis.
14. Short Term Fundamental Analysis.
15. Look Back—Fundamental Analysis.
This segment discusses the relevance of economic data for both long term and short term trading strategies.

IV. Money Management and Review – Days 16-22.
16. Money Management.
17. Psychology of Trading.
18. Look Back—Technical Analysis.
19. Statement Review, Day 1—The Bad.
20. Statement Review, Day 2—From the Market Maker.
21. Statement Review, Day 3—Best of the Class.
22. Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace.
This final segment will review the importance of proper money management. A lot of bad luck and even poor analysis can be overcome if you are following the rules of money management and trading psychology outlined in these lessons. We will also review the trades you have made in the course, both good and bad, and point out where different choices could have been made. Finally, if you have any questions, you will be free to ask the instructors.

How FX Power Trading Course works.

One Lesson Per Day – There is a new lesson every day, except on Saturday and Sunday, for one month. You simply log-in to view the day's lesson.

Question and Answer Sessions – After each lesson you have the opportunity to post questions for the instructors or to discuss ideas with fellow students.

Assignments & Quizzes – Following most lessons, there is an assignment or a quiz. These assignments and quizzes are to help you learn and recall the lesson's material. Instructors will provide individualized feedback based on the assignments.

Trade Alongside a Professional – The FX Power Course provides an opportunity to practice trading and gain valuable insight on how to improve your trading.

Study at your own time - There are instructors available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. You don't have to change your life to take the FX Power Course. As long as you have 45 minutes to an hour a day of free time, you can fit the FX Power Course into your schedule, without sacrificing the benefits of a classroom environment and personal instruction.

The FX Power Course is successful.

Many FX Power Course students become successful Forex Traders.

Here are comments from formers students about the course:

"When I started the course I said: 'The reason for taking this course is to finalize my trading plan and strategy, get self-confidence and just take the plunge!' A month later I have to say that all my expectations were met, all that is left is for me to take the plunge." - J. Mare, South Africa.

"Terrific Course. All that I had hoped for. Put structure into my trading system. Gave me the confidence I need." - J. Booke, Massachusetts, USA.

"The Power Course was a tremendous FX trading course. Before I took this course, I really floundered at trading. I now have a sense of direction and a full toolbag of tools to work with. I also have access to the course instructors if I need them. The course content was superb. The course instructors were excellent -- very helpful. I would highly recommend this course to both newbie traders and to traders without significant trading experience." - W. Palmer, Ontario, Canada.

FX Power Trading Course - Study at your own time - There are instructors available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. You don't have to change your life to take the FX Power Course.

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Forex story by USA 2017. Right system is all you need to win.  /forex/

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