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Traffic Swarm. Real, live, targeted traffic for your site free.

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Traffic Swarm was created because almost every popular form of website promotion is too time consuming, too costly, or just too risky for the average small business and online marketer.

Traffic Swarm is none of these things. It combines the best features of other popular traffic-generation systems with proven site promotion strategies and the result is something totally unique and much more powerful than anything you've seen or done before. Guaranteed!

Take advantage of this fool-proof system and you too can generate a swarm of targeted traffic to your site. The Setup Wizard will walk you through the entire process and it only takes 5 minutes. Join for Free and increase traffic to your site with the Internet's best online promotion strategy.

Traffic Swarm combines the best features of other popular traffic-generation systems with proven site promotion strategies, and the result is something totally unique and more profitable than anything you've seen before.

More importantly, the result is literally unlimited quantities of targeted and pre-qualified visitors to your site, week after week. We're not talking about random web surfers or other low-quality traffic here.

Unlike many other traffic generation systems that "force" web surfers into viewing a particular page or website, Traffic Swarm gives them a choice. In doing so, it generates qualified and responsive prospects for you!

Who do you think is going to be more likely to subscribe to your e-zine, download your trial software, purchase your product, etc?

Someone who has read a short description of your site and decides to click to your site out of their own curiosity and/or interest ... or someone who is forced to view your site automatically?

It's a no-brainer! Traffic Swarm generates visitors that are eager to learn more about what you're offering - visitors that are far more likely to take the action you want them to - because they have chosen to visit your site.

And unlike most other traffic-exchanges, when you join Traffic Swarm your site is exposed to potentially 1000s of new and unique visitors each and every day - not just other members of the traffic-exchange network.

Whether you're currently using another traffic generation system or not, you don't have to take our word for it. Join for Free and prove it to yourself!

It's simple. You just enter some basic information about the site(s) that you want to promote - a Category, the URL, a Title, and a Description.

This information is used to generate targeted links to your site, which are then displayed throughout the TrafficSwarm network - including our incredibly popular "Start Page" system, the TrafficSwarm search engine, etc.

And our automated Anti-Cheat monitoring systems mean that you're guaranteed only real, live, targeted visitors to your site(s).

The number of times your links are shown is based on a simple "credit" system - each credit that you earn or purchase represents another targeted link to your site. Listed below are the many ways to earn traffic credits ...

Set your browser's Start Page to your custom TrafficSwarm URL, and you will earn 1 credit each time you open your browser.

Click on other users links on your Start Page and you'll randomly earn between 1 and 1,000 credits for each site you visit.

When you select the category or categories of sites you're interested in, the system will make every attempt to display only those types of sites on your Start Page. If you occasionally see other types of sites, this is nothing to worry about. The system is self-adjusting, and there are over 2 dozen variables that determine which links are displayed at any given time. And in order to keep things in "balance", the system may occassionally need to display links from other categories. Over time you should see less and less of this as the system becomes "smarter" and becomes better at adapting to short-term irregularities. And remember - don't forget to use the Search Engine if you are looking for something in particular!

Use the TrafficSwarm Search Engine to find what you're looking for, and earn between 1 and 1,000 credits for each site you visit.

You can also earn free "mystery credits", as well as play the Traffic Swarm Lottery and win up to 25,000+ credits per day.

Unlike most other traffic-exchanges, when you join Traffic Swarm your site is exposed to potentially 1000s of new and unique visitors each and every day - not just other members of the traffic-exchange network.

While the Traffic Swarm Start Page system is the heart of the network, and hundreds of new users sign-up and begin using it every day, it's just one of several "audiences" you're exposed to.

The Traffic Swarm Search Engine is similar to any other major search engine - with one BIG difference. And the difference is that our users sites are given the top listings based on our custom algorithms - which means you'll get more clicks from Traffic Swarm than any other free search engine. But it gets even better! It costs nothing to be listed in the Traffic Swarm Search Engine - it doesn't even use up any of your credits. On the contrary, you actually earn anywhere from 1 to 1,000 free credits each time you use the Traffic Swarm Search Engine and click on one of the results.

Search the Web:

Need more targeted traffic?
Join TrafficSwarm for FREE!

1000s of websites, covering every topic you can think of, proudly offer a Traffic Swarm Search interface in prominent locations of their sites. The combined audience of the Traffic Swarm Search network consists of millions of unique web surfers per day, and they can all find your site(s) in our Search Engine if you're offering what they are looking for.

If you need we can help you add the Traffic Swarm Search Engine to your site. We have prepared extremely detailed HTML Tutorials that will walk you through the procedure with step-by-step instructions.

The Traffic Swarm Link Box is a customizable box of targeted links that you can add to your page or website. Once you've done this, YOUR links will then be displayed in the Link Boxes on 1000s of other users' sites, and you'll also get more referrals. Here's an example of what the Link Box looks like:

Via these Link Boxes, your targeted links are exposed to literally an unlimited number of unique web surfers each and every day all across the Internet. If you don't add the TrafficSwarm Link Box to your site, your links will be displayed mainly to the other Traffic Swarm users and people who use our Search Engine. There is nothing wrong with this, because 300-500+ new users join Traffic Swarm every single day and 1000s of people use our Search Engine. You can generate a ton of targeted traffic to your site without using the Link Box system, but the more unique web surfers that see your links the better ... and that's what the Link Box helps you to do. By adding the Traffic Swarm Link Box to your site, you can get your links in front of an unlimited number of unique web surfers as your links are displayed in the Link Boxes on 1000s of other sites. This can literally double or triple the results you get from Traffic Swarm and is highly recommended.

Don't settle for a traffic-generation system where your links or site is only exposed to other users of the system. A huge audience of prospects is just another of the many benefits unique to Traffic Swarm.

Traffic Swarm is 100% FREE. It always has been, and it always will be. You do not have to buy anything, "upgrade" anything, subscribe to anything, or spend any money if you don't want to. Great results can be had absolutely free. For those that wish to do so, several credit packages are available for purchase. You can also upgrade to a "Pro" account for a small monthly fee if you want, with many great benefits.

You could rack up a billion impressions on other traffic exchanges, but what's the use if most of the "visits" to your site are by automated robots, scripts, emulators, auto-clickers, and various other tools that cheaters use to steal your credits? Without real, live visitors you have nothing. The primary reason that Traffic Swarm generates such incredible results is because unlike most systems that force people to view random websites, with Traffic Swarm they get to choose what they are interested in... But the other big reason is that cheating is practically non-existent on our network. Elaborate automated Anti-Cheat monitoring systems and manual investigation where applicable mean that cheaters don't stand a chance. ALL usage of EVERY aspect of Traffic Swarm is carefully monitored and logged, 24 hours a day. Most cheaters are caught within seconds or minutes - automatically.

Join Traffic Swarm now!

It's 100% Free! - You just can't beat free online advertising.
It's Automated - 5 minutes to set it up, then forget about it.
It's Targeted - You will receive only real, live, targeted traffic.
It's Cheat-Proof - Cheaters can't waste or steal your credits.
It's "Viral" - traffic increases exponentially and automatically!
It's Proven - 1000s of sites already getting millions of visitors.

Surely you could use some more targeted traffic?
Join for Free right now and Traffic Swarm will even gives you 100 FREE Credits just for activating your account!

Click Here: Traffic Swarm - traffic increases exponentially and automatically. You will receive only real, live, targeted traffic. Free!

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