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Index Tools. Website statistics and tracking.

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Index Tools - maintained and developed by TENSA Technology Inc. - is an international web traffic analysis service provider serving SME customers. Index Tools provides hosted applications that help online businesses measure the effectiveness of their web sites and marketing efforts, in order to improve their success and increase their ROI. The company's focus is on providing a comprehensive yet easily adaptable solution for measuring site traffic, advertising effectiveness, sources of customer aquisition & e-commerce transactions.
Index Tools Statistics is a leading web analytics solution designed to help you make important decisions about your site. Monitor the traffic of your web site, track online behavior, measure conversion ratio and profile your visitors.
As one of the largest operators of web analytics services, we have the people, technology, and direction to help you succeed.

Easier Than Ever Before. Index Tools Statistics is a leading application provider in the rapidly expanding market for online web traffic analysis and e-business intelligence. As an ASP, Index Tools's products and services are remotely hosted, which saves businesses time and money by eliminating the need for any client-side or server-side software that generally requires dedicated IT resources to install, integrate, maintain and upgrade. Index Tools suite of tools provides a quick, easy solution for any company expanding its business online.

i. Real time web analytics. Easy set up. Actionable reports. A market leading product at an unbeatable price of $9.95.

Our Commitment. We are aware of the responsibility and important role we have in your online success. Since our founding, we have always been committed to listening to our customers. Today, as a result, Index Tools has built one of the most robust, secure and scaleable platforms available.

Proven Leadership. TENSA Technology Inc. has been profitable since the third quarter of 2001. The company is directed by seasoned management with many years of experience in Internet and related technologies. A proven track record of analyzing the behaviour of millions of visitors and the data of billions of page impressions consistently ranks Index Tools amongst the most respected web analytics companies in the world. TENSA Technology Ltd. is privately held and financed by private equity.

Index Tools Statistics is a leading web analytics solution designed to help you make important decisions about your site. Monitor the traffic of your web site, track online behavior, measure conversion ratio and profile your visitors.

Getting Started is Easy. No credit card information required.
Simply follow the steps below.
1. Create a FREE trial account.
2. Cut & paste the tracking code into your web pages.
3. Upload the modified pages to your web server
4. Start tracking your web site in real time

Index Tools Statistics relies on the small Java Script that gathers information from all visitors on your site. This Java Script sends data to our servers, where it is analyzed and stored in a database. Reports are created by querying the data stored in this database.
Your reports should be available within minutes of adding our code to your Web pages, and from that point on are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Regularly, we perform maintenance task on our servers. During these periods statistics are not available, however, the service still collects data from your site.
This service doesn't slow down your Web pages. While you add a JavaScript for communication with our servers, the time required by these new activities is measured in fractions of seconds and should not be noticeable by your visitors. Our company maintains multiple Internet connections for this service. Additionally, our servers are top of the line servers with redundant hard-drives that are load-balanced, backed up, and maintained by the experts of our web hosting company to guarantee maximum up-time.
You won't have to enter a credit card number for the free trial. This is a 15 day limited time free trial without any obligations. Index Tools is firmly committed to the privacy of customers and visitors. We DON'T disclose your data to ANYBODY and you won't receive spam E-mails from us.

No software.

No software to download, no upgrades. Because Index Tools is remotely hosted, there is no software for you to install or download. This means no wasted time installing, maintaining or analyzing complex log files required by other site tracking services.
You simply paste a section of HTML code into each page you want to track or do it automatically with our Installation Wizard software. After that, your statistics will be instantly updated every time your page is loaded. Plus, you won't need to hire additional staff to analyze log files and run software applications. We do all of that work for you.
Index Tools Statistics is OS and Web Server Platform Independent. Macintosh, Unix, Windows, even home grown Web server solutions can be tracked through the same IndexTools Statistics console.

Scalable to accommodate high-traffic sites. Our remote hosting provides the server and support infrastructure needed to accommodate the tracking of high-traffic sites as well as any rapidly growing sites. IndexTools can accommodate large increases in traffic, allowing your company to reach any level of growth and still be accurately tracked. Some of our featured clients: Global Graphics Software, EMC2, Panda Antivirus and many others.

IndexTools offers website statistics and tracking with hidden tracking code. You will find out what time of day the most users come to your site, where they come from, what browser they use, and much more. Free trial specially for you!

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