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Baby Bedding Town

Baby Bedding Town provides top quality designer bedding sets, cribs, bassinets, baby furniture, strollers, carseats and more - all at everyday discount prices. Baby Bedding Town, founded in 1936, is family owned and has brick & mortar stores in California, USA. Our superbest customer service, e-commerce enabled website and superior search engine rankings will help ensure that you get right place online to take care about your babies.
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About Baby Toytown, Inc.

Established in 1936, Baby Toytown was a pioneering company in the baby bedding market. Started by Murray and Betty Zwick, Baby Toytown began with a small store located in Rosemead, CA. They hoped to bring a large selection of high quality baby bedding to customers in one location. Over time the one location grew to 19 retail stores across California.

Now 66 years later, Baby Toytown is still family owned, providing the same excellent quality products with the same excellent customer service. Son Bernard Zwick, along with wife Margie, has been helping soon-to-be parents with their baby bedding needs, since 1969.

With a large 25,000 square foot warehouse and an online website, Baby Toytown now has one of the largest selections of baby bedding around. We are committed to giving each and every customer the best prices on the best items available for their new babies. For every nursery need, Baby Toytown can help.

Baby bedding is not the end of Baby Toytown's items. Cribs, bassinets and changing tables are also available. Baby Toytown has every item needed to make a special baby's nursery ready.

Testimonials. Your baby will love our town too!

My 4 week old LOVES this!!! The vibrating is soothing & the lights & 2 volume sounds entertain her. She is just starting to explore the toys but this is a great fact, I received 2 but won't return the 2nd so it's at Grandma's! - Manny.

My 2 month old son LOVES this bouncer. It is his favorite place to sit. He loves to sit in it, with it on vibrate, for hours at a time watching me or just looking around him. He is just now beginning to notice the toy bar, and enjoy playing with it! This is a wonderful investment for anyone, and I definitely reccommend it! - Kerrie.

My 7 week old son absolutely loves the flashing lights on this toy. He sits in it entertained for at least half an hour at a time and laughs out loud at the lights and music. When he has had enough of daily activities the vibrating option really soothes him. If anyone is looking for a bouncer seat for their little one I highly recommend this. The toy bar is easily removed, so it is also nice for him to have it as his own chair in our family room. - Baby's Grandma.

This bouncer is my 3 month old son's favorite thing. It has an interactive setting that allows the music & lights to come on when he kicks his legs. He just squirms & smiles when it lights come on (and the sounds it makes are really cute). You can tell that he knows what he is doing because when the activity bar is not on, he sits still. This is great for learning cause & effect. We all love it!! - Vicky.

A safe and comfortable place for little ones to sit up and see the world around them. I recommend Baby Bedding Town for all your Baby Needs. - Chris Been.

My son loves this toy. I find it to be a must have and have been telling all other expectant mothers that this is something that they need. My son hates his swing but loves this chair. We use it often and always bring it with us when we go to my parents or my in-laws home. - Chameka.

At 9 weeks, my baby LOVES this bouncer. The vibrator is quiet (when the baby is it in) and the hanging toys are not to high. She has been able to kick and reach out to them for about 3 weeks now. The two modes make it fun for her, especially now that she's learned to kick the feet activated noises. Highly recommend and very affordable! - Christinia.

I haven't had any problems with this car seat. - John.

There is a reason why this baby seat ay is so popular - enough said! It's truly the best. Especially for the price. - Anomymous.

I have to say, my daughter has more toys and gadgets than any child could ever need. But this bouncer is above and beyond her very favorite thing in the house. Thanks Baby Bedding Town. - Tanu.

Bernard, I just wanted to Thank you for all of your help getting my order out last week. The bedding was right on time and I was able to get my baby girl's room ready in time for my baby shower Sunday. It turned out so beautiful. Here is a picture of how great the bedding looks in her room. Thanks again, Jenni.

The Bedding is really nice. I will recommend to my friends as well. - Mathew.

Our daughter was 10 1/2 lbs. and 21 1/4" at birth, and she is growing rapidly. We buy for her only from Baby Bedding Town. - Stephen.

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Baby bedding town. Discount designer crib bedding and a whole lot more!
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