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It's me, Vlad. Let me say more about eHarmony! Some thoughts about eHarmony from me, independent partner on other side of the Earth. Today, eHarmony is most popular in USA. I make promotion not only in US but in the whole world too (long life to Internet!). Here you are welcome to sign in my very simple and useful information list.
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Core Traits :: Emotional Temperament.

How do you feel about yourself and about the world? While specific day-to-day and moment-to-moment events play a major role in our emotions, deep seated patterns of emotion are also a fundamental part of who you are and how people perceive you.

Tour to eHarmony. Nicole and Jason.
The following members of the 29 Dimensions are considered as part of your Emotional Temperament:

- Self Concept
- Emotional Status
- Emotional Energy
- Obstreperousness
- Passion: Romantic

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  • More about eHarmony! :: some thoughts about eHarmony from me, an independent partner on other side of the Moon... Earth, sure ;-)

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Experience the eHarmony Difference. Meet guality singles today.
Experience the eHarmony Difference. Meet guality singles today.

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