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Main (Home) page. USA 2017 "HTML tutorial on USA 2017" - HTML is an ace of base of Internet.

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USA2017 :: HTML tutorial on USA 2017 :: Main page of HTML tutorial

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HTML tutorial on USA 2017 HTML tutorial on USA 2017. HTML is an ace of base of Internet. This HTML tutorial has been created for newcomers to let them quickly understand Internet basics. From other side, experienced users also will found some lessons to be useful. This HTML tutorial contains hundreds of HTML examples. Also there are built-in lab works to ease for users process of understanding how some opportunities are actual today.
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00. Main page of HTML tutorial.

In this secton of USA 2017 website you can study free online manual of HTML basics. If you are thinking to become a web programmer then best first step for you is to study HTML basics.

You and me have to get high level of knowledge of HTML. Let me support my argument with an impressive array of facts.

Fact number 1. Fact is fact and nobody can ignore this. HTML in modern world is an ace of base of Internet, therefore, basics of all modern life. No any chance to get success in business online or web programming without good knowledge of HTML.

Fact number 2. HTML is not a programming language. HTML is a markup language for describing webpages, called web documents.
If we type text without special tags then we view this text in usual state, "viewed as typed". But if we set some text <mark>inside tag mark</mark>, then text will appear on a webpage according rules of this tag.

By the way, right now we have checked and studied one of the element of HTML - tag mark, which usually used to mark a word or a group of connected words. We'll continue use method I called "by the way system" to study step by step all HTML tags we need in building nice and correct webpages.

Here is a listing of these steps.----

HTML tutorial on USA 2017.
Lesson :: Description
Lesson 01 :: 01. Couple words about Internet from the point of view of HTML.
Lesson 01.4 :: 01.4. Versions of HTML: 5, 4.01, XHTML, etc.
Lab 1 :: Lab work 1 :: DOCTYPE tags in use today.
Lesson 01.5 :: 01.5 HTML - structure of webpage, CSS - design.
Lesson 01.6 :: 01.6 Soft :: text editor Notepad++.
Lesson 02 :: 02. Term "tag" :: Making a template of webpage.
Lesson 03 :: 03. Paragraphs and Headings.
Lesson 04 :: 04. Lists.
Lesson 05 :: 05. Tags and their attributes.
Lesson 06 :: 06. Images.
Lesson 07 :: 07. Links, part 1.
Lesson 08 :: 08. Links to bookmarks and links to email.
Lesson 09 :: 09. Tables, part 1.
Lesson 10 :: 10. Tables, part 2, old attributes.
Lesson 11 :: 11. Old tags <strong>, <b>, <em>, <i>.
Lesson 12 :: 12. Forms: basics, tag <form>.
Lesson 13 :: 13. Forms: fields of "name" and "password" types.
Lesson 14 :: 14. Forms: radio buttons.
Lesson 15 :: 15. Forms: checkboxes.
Lesson 16 :: 16. Forms: The <select> Element.
Lesson 17 :: 17. Forms: The <textarea>.
Lesson 18 :: 18. Forms: Submit buttons. Creat a button.
Lesson 19 :: 19. Forms: Grouping Form Data with <fieldset>.
Lesson 20 :: 20. Forms: how to make an input field to be "disabled" and "readonly".
Lesson 21 :: 21. Forms: submitting a form to a form-handler.
Lesson 22 :: 22. Local server.
Lesson 23 :: 23. HTTP method (GET or POST).
Lesson 24 :: 24. PHP function to send e-mail from a form.
Lesson 25 :: 25. Plug-ins with the <object> tag or the <embed> tag.
Lesson 26 :: 26. The HTML <pre> element.
Lesson 27 :: 27. Tag <map> :: image map.
Lesson 28 :: 28. The <meta> element to specify metadata.
Lesson 29 :: 29. Comment tags in HTML.
Lesson 30 :: 30. XHTML (Extensible Hypertext Markup Language).
Lesson 31 :: 31. Validate HTML and XHTML.
Lesson 32 :: 32. Tags <div> and <span>.
Lab 2 :: Lab work 2 :: popularity of <div> and <span> tags.
Lesson 33 :: 33. HTML today - conclusions.
Lesson 34 :: 34. HTML5 - tags <audio> and <video>.
Lesson 35 :: 35. HTML5 - tag <canvas>.
Lesson 36 :: 36. HTML5 - tag <svg>.
Lesson 37 :: 37. HTML5 - new in forms.
Lesson 38 :: 38. HTML5 - New Semantic Elements.
Lab 3 :: Lab work 3 :: popularity of new semantic tags in HTML5.
Lesson 39 :: 39. Favicon - icon for website.
Lesson 40 :: 40. Wallpapers for a website.
Lesson 41 :: 41. Last lesson of HTML tutorial.

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