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LC. Link Connector. Get connected to the Future. Link Connector : marketing network that connects a merchant and an affiliate. Link Connector Corporation, head-quartered in Cary, North Carolina, is an affiliate marketing network, helping merchants and affiliates increase online sales. Link Connector is redefining affiliate marketing with its ground-breaking technologies, Naked Link Technology and Virtual Affiliate tracking.
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LC. Link Connector. Get connected to the Future.
LC. Link Connector. Get connected to the Future.

Take your paid search campaigns to new levels.

About Link Connector.
Link Connector Corporation, headquartered in Cary, North Carolina, is an affiliate marketing network, helping merchants and affiliates increase online sales. LinkConnector is redefining affiliate marketing with its ground-breaking technologies, Naked Link Technology and Virtual Affiliate tracking. Naked Link Technology gives merchants a unique edge over competitors - merchants can now boost their organic rankings through an enhanced link building campaign while they promote their site in LinkConnector's Affiliate Program. Virtual Affiliate tracking allows merchants to track, in real time, virtual affiliates such as organic search engines. Equipped with LinkConnector's new tools, including advanced ROI tracking, merchants can take their organic and paid search campaigns to new levels.

Link Connector Logo
Link Connector Logo

Link Connector Logo.
The Link Connector logo represents a marketing network that connects a merchant and affiliate. The circle in the logo represents the World Wide Web. The two dots on the circle represent a merchant and an affiliate with the "LC" representing Link Connector connecting the two.

Link Connector Services.
Link Connector diversifies itself by offering the best services for the lowest cost. Currently, Link Connector does not charge set-up fees, monthly minimums, or advertising fees. For its affiliate tracking services, Link Connector charges merchants a percentage of the commissions they pay to their affiliates. This fee is the lowest in the industry. For tracking events, Link Connector charges a small fee per track. Again, this amount is the lowest in the industry for this type of service.

Mission Statement.
LinkConnector’s mission is to redefine affiliate marketing by connecting merchants and affiliates to the future and provide the best affiliate network on the market today.

Link Connector's philosophy is largely grounded in the belief that if we provide superior service at an affordable price and remove many of the existing barriers to entry for smaller and medium-sized merchants, a network will be created that will foster growth and successful relationships between merchants and affiliates.

We want to redefine affiliate marketing by empowering online merchants and affiliates to get connected to the future. We believe that our highly developed technology will change both affiliate and merchant expectations within the industry. As part of our efforts to redefine affiliate marketing, LinkConnector is currently waiving all merchant set up fees, we do not require a monthly minimum and we do not have an exclusivity clause. Our technology is another way we are redefining affiliate marketing. With Naked Link Technology™ merchants can count all links toward their inbound link credit which can help boost their organic search engine rankings. With Virtual Affiliate™ tracking, merchants can track sales from sources that are not traditionally tracked in an affiliate network such as search engines (organic and PPC), press releases, blogs, and other site traffic.

Link Connector provides so much more than the standard affiliate networks. With our advanced fraud control techniques and unparalleled technologies we will maintain a competitive advantage that will go beyond today and connect you to the future.

Кеу Personnel : Choots Humphries, President.
Choots Humphries, co-founder of LinkConnector, has over 17 years of diversified experience in management, systems analysis, programming, and finance. Choots has more than five years experience running his own company which he acquired while starting and operating DotCom Corporation with his business partner, Ernie St. Gelais. DotCom Corporation is a multi-million dollar company that has been profitable since its incorporation in 1999. Prior to DotCom, Choots worked for Mei Technology Corporation on software design and development and was responsible for establishing and running the Raleigh branch office for the company. Previously, Choots received a commission in the United States Navy where he served as the navigator on two separate naval warships and then managed world-wide staffing requirements for approximately 75,000 enlisted personnel. Choots earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a Masters in Business Administration with an emphasis in Information Systems from George Mason University.

Link Connector Affiliate Features.

Link Connector offers you the opportunity to earn commission for your website traffic. With access to the entire Link Connector network of Merchants, you can choose from a variety of links, ads, and offers to place on your site and earn commission. Link Connector tracks and manages these links, and pays you a commission on behalf of the Merchant for clicks, leads and/or sales (events) depending on the type of program you have joined. On the Link Connector secure site, you can access detailed reports to see how your links are performing. In addition, you can join new programs, get links, and access valuable information to help optimize your website performance.

Merchants : The Future of Affiliate Marketing : Link Connector Advantage : Experience the Difference!

Because we're different! We offer more than just Affiliate Program management. We provide the ability for complete tracking of all events down to the exit page of your visitor. You know exactly which traffic is producing sales and which Affiliates deserve additional attention. Link Connector is more than control - Link Connector is the edge to productivity and tracking your return on your affiliate marketing investment!

Link Connector is committed to providing a cost-effective, results-driven Affiliate Program solution that allows Merchants to showcase their products and services in a marketplace of low risk and high return.

LinkConnector Benefits.
Advanced Events for your Campaigns:
  1. Tracking Event - allows you to track visitors throughout the checkout process
  2. Value Event - allows you to track ROI without setting a commission for an affiliate
  3. Destination Event - allows you to credit affiliates for outgoing clicks from their site
  4. Revenue Event - allows you to track and report partner earnings.

Our proven approach is tested over several years using the services of many affiliate management programs as a Merchant and often as an Affiliate. While each network we’ve used has its own particular individual benefits none of them incorporate all the functionality we desire. We found some reports were difficult to run for specific periods of time, tracking for each separate link used for individual Merchants was not provided or measuring success was impossible. We found it cumbersome to accurately measure true performance of our Merchants, Affiliates and our site. Our holistic approach exceeds the needs for both Merchant and Affiliates and is exactly why we created Link Connector!

With the Link Connector Network you can analyze specific products, web pages and sales strategies like never before. LinkConnector allows you to tie each expense or commission directly to revenue generated by your website. LinkConnector measures true performance!

As we move ahead to meet our clients needs we look forward to your feedback to improve our value to you, so please take the time and send any comments or ideas about how we can make Link Connector a better site for you.

Contact us

Phone: 919.468.5150 - Fax: 919.468.5585

Corporate Headquarters

North Carolina Office
1135 Kildaire Farm Road
Suite 200
Cary, NC 27511

Colorado Office
7645 North Union Boulevard
Suite 253
Colorado Springs, CO 80920

California Office
334 Santana Row
San Jose, CA 95128

General Contact Information

Public Relations : For media related inquiries contact[at]

Investor Relations : For investor relations please contact investor.relations[at]

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