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USA2017 :: Link Connector Glossary.

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Link Connector Glossary Cookies, CTR, EPM, EPC... What do you mean at all?! This glossary contains definitions used in operating the Link Connector Network : Affiliate, Merchant Program, Affiliate Site, Campaign, CTR, Cookies, EPM, EPC, End-User, End-user Data, Event, Impression, Lead, LinkConnector Transaction Table, Link Connector Transaction, LinkConnector Services, Merchant, Remote Address, Sale, Click, Keyword, Tracking Event, Offer, AHTML, Flash, Affiliation, Revenue, etc.
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Link Connector Glossary
Link Connector Glossary

Link Connector Glossary.

"Affiliate" means a person or company that agrees to promote a Merchant's products or website (on the Merchant's terms) in exchange for payment.

Merchant Program.
"Merchant Program" means a pay-for-performance program where an Affiliate receives a commission for sending a visitor to a Merchant Site or generating a Lead or Sale.

Affiliate Site.
"Affiliate Site" means the Internet World Wide Web presence operated by or for Affiliate, (as modified to comply with the provisions of this Agreement, and future versions, upgrades, successors and replacements thereof).

"Campaign" means a logical grouping of Events through which Merchants manage their program.

Click-Through Ratio (CTR).
"Click-Through Ratio" (CTR) means the number of Impressions divided by the number of Clicks.

"Cookies" mean a collection of information stored on a user's computer used to track visitor actions.

"Earnings per 1000" (EPM) means a ratio of earnings per 1000 Impressions.

"Earnings per Click" (EPC) means a ratio of earnings per Click.

"End User" means a user who clicks to the Merchant Site from the Merchant Links.

End-user Data.
"End User Data" means all information and data of an End User, including, but not limited to, all tax return data, name, address, telephone number and email address.

"Event" means individual actions (click, lead, sale) within each campaign.

"Impression(s)" means a request to the server hosting the LinkConnector Site to download a Merchant Banner or 1x1 pixel GIF.

"Lead" means when a user performs a specified action such as filling out a form, registering, or downloading from a Merchant's site.

LinkConnector Transaction Table.
"LinkConnector Transaction Table" means a table in DotCom's online database that contains information about visitor actions related to Merchant Links and Affiliates.

LinkConnector Transaction.
"LinkConnector Transaction" means any Event caused by the action of an End User which is recorded by LinkConnector and written to the LinkConnector Transaction Table.

LinkConnector Services.
"LinkConnector Services" means the various related content, links, products and services provided through the LinkConnector Site.

"Merchant" means a person or company that places links into the LinkConnector Site and agrees to pay Affiliates for promoting their products or website via these links.

Merchant Links.
"Merchant Link(s)" means an advertisement in the form of a banner or text link, displayed on an Affiliate Site or in an email or newsletter. When clicked, the link directs the user to a Merchant Site.

Merchant Services.
"Merchant Service(s)" means the product(s) or service(s) offered by the Merchant through the Merchant Site.

Remote Address.
"Remote Address" means the session IP (Internet Protocol) address.

"Sale" means when an End User purchases a Merchant Service.

"Click" (also called click-through) means the action a user takes when they go to a Merchant Site through a Merchant Link.

Merchant Messaging.
"Merchant Messaging" notifies a Merchant about potential invalid Affiliate activity. LinkConnector records referrer and compares to approved Affiliate web sites. If there is referrer activity by an Affiliate for a site not approved the Merchant will receive an email notification of such activity.

Affiliate Ranking.
An "Affiliate Ranking" is provided on all Affiliates in the LinkConnector Network. This rating is based on a collection of data, including: Merchant feedback, traffic generation, and revenue generation.

Merchants and Affiliates may list up to 200 characters in Keywords that best describe their website. Merchants may also list up to 200 characters to describe their Campaign products and services. These keywords enable the Affiliate to search by keyword for Merchants and Merchant Campaigns that best suit the Affiliate website. It also allows Merchants to search by keyword for suitable Affiliates to invite (Make Offer) to join specific Campaigns.

There are currently 11 Categories available for selection. Merchants and Affiliates select one of these categories to best describe their website(s). These categories are: Business, Fun, Home, Learning, Life, Money, News, Shop, Sport, Technology, and Travel.

Tracking Event.
A tracking event allows you to track visitors throughout a process.

An "Offer" is made to an Affiliate to join a Campaign when the Affiliate is selected by the Merchant in the Add Affiliates function.

Text Link.
A Text Link is a link created to display only text when placed on the Affiliate site.

An Image is a banner file in the form of a gif or jpeg. Please restrict banner file size to 30k.

An HTML banner is a banner ad using TML elements, often including interactive forms instead of (or in addition to) standard graphical elements. An example of an HTML banner would be a search box.

Advanced HTML can take many forms. Some examples are java scripts, style sheets, forms to mail, mailing lists and message boards.

Macromedia Flash is used to create vector-based graphics, animation, audio and interactivity on the Web. There are specific differences that should be noted when creating a Flash banner for use on a network, as opposed to hard-coding a Flash animation into a site. For instance, in order to provide tracking and optimization of your campaign, the clickthrough URL must not be embedded within the .swf file. Additionally, in circumstances where a viewer does not have the appropriate Flash plug-in, a default .gif file must be served.

Parameters are codes placed in the URL string to assist in directing visitors to places within the Merchant site.

"Affiliation" means the relationship with between Merchant and the Affiliate:
Your Affiliate: Any Affiliate that is Approved for any of your Campaigns.
General Affiliate: Any Affiliate that is not Approved and has no relationship with your Campaigns.
Declined and Removed Affiliates are not displayed in the Add Affiliate table.

Visitor Tracking.
Expire Visitor Tracking is the nominated number of day(s) in which a visitor can return to the Merchant site and the Affiliate still receives a commission for the Event.

"Dropped" means the Affiliate has chosen to no longer participate in the Campaign.

Affiliate Contract.
The Affiliate Contract is part of the Campaign set up that stipulates specific terms and conditions regarding promotion of the Campaign. The Affiliate's agreement to adhere to these specific Terms and Conditions is demonstrated by making the Application to join the Campaign.

Local Link.
A local link is defined as a link that belongs to a specific Campaign only. Local links may be efited through the "Add Links" step in the Campaign Planner.

Global Link.
A Global Link is one that belongs to a specific Campaign and others. Global links may only be edited through the Link Manager interface.

Individual Sales.
The Merchant chooses to pay on each individual Sale at the time the event occurs.

Monthly Sales.
The Merchant chooses to pay a tiered commission based on the total monthly sales for the Affiliate.

Affiliate Submission Service.
LinkConnector has teamed up with AffiliateFirst to provide Merchants a FREE Program Submission Service. Through the LinkConnector Merchant Manager, the Merchant provides AffiliateFirst with Program details. AffiliateFirst then submits those details to over 40 Affiliate Directories saving the Merchant hours of work! An optional 10 Directory submissions requiring reciprocal links on the Merchant website are available.

Tracking Event.
A tracking event allows you to track visitors throughout a process.

Value Event.
A Value Event allows for you to track ROI without having to set a commission for an Affiliate.

Destination Event.
A Destination Event allows you to credit an Affiliate for outgoing clicks from their site.

Revenue Event.
A Revenue Event allows you to track and report Partner earnings.

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