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Main (Home) page. USA 2017 "Statistics" - History and statistics 20040107. Jan-07-2004.

Somebody think about future. We make future today. USA2017.INUMO.RU. Peace, freedom, happiness for everyone in USA and everywhere on the Earth in 2017.

USA2017 :: History and stats 20040107. Jan-07-2004.

I searched all day along and finally found out all I need on USA2017.
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USA 2017. History and statistics. USA 2017. History and statistics 20040107. Jan-07-2004. Statistika. There is more truth in False than in Statistics. If you decide to remove false facts from history you will get only blank space as result. Ok. Let me start "History and Statistics of USA2017.INUMO.RU" with these two thoughts.
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USA2017.INUMO.RU history and statistics

Jan - 07 - 2004
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Dec - 15 - 2003
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Dec - 09 - 2003

Humor section of "Harmony in Love" ( has been started.
It has been a hard night. I terribly want to sleep but I cannot. My wife, Eva, sleeps next to me. The moon romantically shines on her beautiful white porcelain-like face. She reminded me of the little kewpie dolls that little girls like to play with, but Eva's face was a bit more angled. As I kept worshipping her in her slumber with my eyes, I was aroused with a burning desire.
But I did not want to disturb Eva in her angelic slumber. If I would disturb her, the magical moment would be lost. Eva might even become angry at me. For a moment, I think, what the hell! She will not be happy, but I have a manly fire to quench. I know her too well.......

PS Domain has been sold later... :-(

Dec - 02 - 2003

Right now I start new project in Internet - website "Harmony in Love" (!
This site dedicated to America's well-known expert on singles issues Dr.Neil Clark Warren, and russian new-fashioned harmonical artist Vladimir Zaichikov. Real life stories how to live the one and only life in harmony and love.
Wanna help me to make this site better? OK!
Share your love story or your thoughts about harmony in love.

PS Domain has been sold later... :-(

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Dec - 01 - 2003
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Nov - 27 - 2003
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Nov - 25 - 2003
0025734 [Telegrams Worldwide] - :: Some people think that telegrams as means of communication died some years ago, but Telegrams Worldwide proves it is very much alive.
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Nov - 17 - 2003
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Nov - 13 - 2003
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Oct - 16 - 2003
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- The vast majority of both men and women online casino players say they do so for entertainment and fun, on their "free" time from their own computers.
- While men say they prefer to play blackjack and women prefer slots, neither feel their favorite online activity is illegal or unethical and are highly aware of the time and money they spend online.
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Oct - 12 - 2003
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Oct - 11 - 2003
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Oct - 06 - 2003
0010607 [Mega Friends] - :: began. Our lifestyles didn't lend itself to striking up friendships via the bar scene nor did our home-based business help in meeting new friends at work. We turned to the web but our dilemma was further compounded by the fact that all of the relation type sites we found were dating focused only. (We were happily married for 25 years and seeking others to share ideas, an occasional game of golf, a dinner party or simply a pen pal).
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Mar - 02 - 2004
0044983 [Cupid Junction] - ::
Short message from sexy-girl.
I'd say my lips are my best feature, Others say it's my body, Care to judge for yourself?
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Feb - 28 - 2004
0044473 [Auto Customer Guide] - ::
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Feb - 27 - 2004
0044343 [Intrade: Inspired Trading] - :: Intrade is an exchange that facilitates the matching of orders from its customers. It allows you to trade in the most innovative, transparent and fun way on political (US Presidential Election Winners: 2004, 2017, etc.), financial, current and similar events. Intrade members trade directly with each other. Intrade ensures that trading profits and losses are transferred between customers in a timely manner and allows customers to close out positions by trading with any other customer.
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Jan - 11 - 2004
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USA 2017. History and statistics.

Statistics of USA2017.
Statistics of USA2017

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"Safe Eyes" - one of the best and highest-ranked Internet filters around!

Safe Eyes should be classified first as Computer Software (Mac and PC), then under subcategories Parental Control Software, Monitoring Software, and/or Internet Filters.

Safe Eyes is consistently rated as one of the most effective parental control software solutions on the market: Differentiators 2011 winner of the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval 2011 winner The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval Two-time winner PC Magazine Editor's Choice One license works on Mac or PC One license works on 3 computers, which makes it cheaper than competitors Filters Youtube videos and online TV (most completely video management of any product on market) Recommended by Myspace, endorsed by Dave Ramsey Program Policies Search: Organic SEO techniques allowed, PPC participation specifically for Safe Eyes is not allowed Shipping: Can ship backup CDs internationally excluding embargoed countries.

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