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Main (Home) page. USA 2017 Chess portal on USA2017.

Chess portal on USA2017.

e2-e4 and ... white wins!

Chess portal on USA2017. Chess is the best game over the world.

Chess portal on USA2017 Chess makes your brain work good and your soul feel happy. Chess is taught to children in schools around the world today. Many schools host chess clubs, and there are many scholastic tournaments specifically for children. Tournaments are held regularly in many countries, hosted by organizations such as the United States Chess Federation and the National Scholastic Chess Foundation. I don't think about chess as a sport, for me chess is an art.
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First off, Who is who in the chess world

For top players, the most important rating is their FIDE rating. Since July 2009, FIDE issues a ratings list once every two months.

The following analysis of the FIDE rating list gives a rough impression of what a given FIDE rating means:

November 2011 marked the first time four players had a rating above 2800. The highest ever FIDE rating was 2851, which Garry Kasparov had on the July 1999 and January 2000 lists. Nf7# checkmate A list of highest ever rated players is at Methods for comparing top chess players throughout history.

The United States Chess Federation (USCF) uses its own classification of players:

In general, 1000 is considered a bright beginner. In 2007, the median rating of all USCF members was 657.

I don't think about chess as a sport. The best chess programs working in a simple mobile phone are now able to beat the strongest human players! Human being is not a strong competitor for computer today. Computers could be directly inserted into the brain and could interact with brain cells to totally control incoming and outgoing signals.

With huge databases of past games and high analytical ability, a player with a build-in computer many times more stronger than any ordinary 'only human parts unenhanced' player! It's only money question. You pay $100000 to make your brain to be 'good equiped with right hard, soft and database' and then... Get rating between 2400 and 2700 and make money!

From other side, computers and Internet make very good thing for chess. Computers can help players to learn chess and prepare for matches. Internet Chess Servers allow people to find and play opponents all over the world. The presence of computers and modern communication tools have raised concerns regarding cheating during games, so games for money is under big doubt.

What is why I thing chess as a sport will die soon and ... will rise high as new kind of modern art!

My own chess story

I am not a chess profi or even good player with high rating... No. I am just an ordinary chess lover. I very like art element in chess.

One of my chess teacher was Mikhail Tal, a Latvian (Soviet Union) chess Grandmaster and the eighth World Chess Champion. Every game, Mikhail Tal once said, was as inimitable and invaluable as a poem.

Below is a sample of wonderful talant of Mikhail Tal, risk-taker for all times.

Black's queen sacrifice revolutionized the whole evaluation of this opening, and it's amazing how his attack gains momentum with each move. White should be able to exploit his material advantage, but how? Theorists still disagree about who stands better. Probably the better player!

Chess talant of Mikhail Tal is much greater then one of mine but... Strange things happen.

Mikhail Tal :: USA2017

Little part of wonderful talant of Mikhail Tal lives in me, some confirmation below.

'Spirit of Mikhail Tal, please come within me...',

... I think to myself in the next position ...

Only Mikhail Tal could found out such move as 1. Bxe7!?!

God create the Queen ... to sacrifice her!

Tal's tradition lives! (do you remember game of Mikhail Tal with Bobotsov?)

Simple as all magical.

One Queen died, another one was born just to see checkmate of her King.

Very sad story...

Black Rook is going slightly mad...

By the way, move 1... Rf3 is a standart sacrifice in such positions.

Your choice: nice move or good move?

1... Bh3?! is nice looking, 1... Bg4! is simple good - what is your move?

It ain't the moves we make; it's what's inside of us that makes us turn out the way we do.


Do you want to create something nice in chess art? Welcome →
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Happy chess games to you!

What to do and where to go?

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