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Foreign language training materials by Power Glide.

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Power-Glide foreign language courses.

Learn a new language! Fully accredited. PowerGlide foreign language courses. PowerGlide International, Inc. is a Provo, Utah based company that is the leader in foreign language training materials for independent learners and schools. From our founding, our mission has been to revolutionize the way people learn foreign language. Our courses are based on methods developed by innovative language teachers and used by students from elementary age to adult. Our course designer, Dr. Robert W. Blair, is foremost among his peers in language teaching. His passion for how languages are learned permeates his courses and inspires everyone who works with Power-Glide or uses our products.
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Power-Glide foreign language courses at home for all family. A brief history of power-glide.

Power-Glide International, Inc. is a Provo, Utah based company that is the leader in foreign language training materials for independent learners and schools. Power Glide is also a fully accredited foreign language school serving the "foreign language for credit" market. This market includes public, private, and charter schools, homeschool, third-party training companies (private labeled), corporations and individuals. Our products offer a "whole family" solution and are specifically designed to fit children Pre-K through grade 12 and adults.

The unique story behind PowerGlide International began in the 1950's when Dr. Robert Blair was a linguistics student at Indiana University. During his 35 years of study, teaching and experimenting with over 48 languages, he began to see a disturbing pattern with traditional teaching methods. Even students who had studied a language for years, in the end, remembered very little. Subsequently, Dr. Blair set about studying the best teaching methods for foreign language from around the world. Through his study of best practices and the development of his own methodologies, the Power-Glide method was born. Once developed, Dr. Blair knew he had created something special.

The PowerGlide concept had little market value until an entrepreneur could find a way to turn the ideas into something tangible and salable. James Blair, one of Dr. Blair's sons, started such a company in 1992.

PowerGlide's financial beginnings were truly humble. The company started in a file cabinet, moved to one room in a basement, then two, and now occupies 5,000 sq. feet of office and warehouse space, complete with multi-division offices and a communication center. In the summer of 1996, James Blair began working on the business full-time during college, and in the first full year turned a profit. The company has since grown to become an Inc. 500 Fastest Growth in America Company and the winner of many state and local business awards for growth, profitability, and good business practices.

What Makes PowerGlide Different?

Accreditation. Being an accredited foreign language company/school through the Northwest Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities makes Power-Glide unique. Accreditation gives the assurance of quality and ease of credit transfer among educational institutions. The ability to provide learning support with board-certified foreign language teachers, as well as to grant credit through our school, has greatly enhanced the Power-Glide offering to all types of learners.

The Methodology. Why are Power-Glide Programs so Effective? They are a Blend of the Best Innovations Based on Up-To-Date Understanding of Linguistics and Learning Psychology. With few exceptions, language-learning methods have not changed much in the past 50 years. What you typically find today is the old "listen-and-repeat" methods done with new technology: tapes, CDs, computers, etc., packaged and worded to make them seem new. But they usually aren't new at all. They are the same old "uglies" of language learning repackaged to look new. The essence hasn't changed. Occasionally a few creative geniuses have made breakthroughs in language learning.

Each breakthrough has added something to language learning effectiveness. But, each method focused on its own approach almost exclusively. Then one linguist, Dr. Robert Blair, took the most revolutionary step of all. He put the best of them together into a systematic learning process, added his own innovations, and tested and validated it with thousands of students. This integrated and improved result is now known as the POWER-GLIDE method.

Power-Glide programs are revolutionary because they do not limit themselves to one type of learning strategy, but utilize the best practices from around the world. Most developers of language training have one primary strategy that they use. It might be listening and repeating, or role-playing, mnemonics, games, Diglot-Weaves*, or any number of other approaches. While these methods might be good for certain situations, the Power-Glide programs use each strategy for its best application. Thus, the overall learning is accelerated exponentially. Also, the variety of learning activities and approaches make it easy for all types of learners to absorb the language faster than with traditional methods.

The self-paced nature of the courses makes it possible for teachers or parents who do not know the target language to help a child learn without any prior training. Our courses actually offer teacher/parent guides that are filled with ideas to keep students motivated and progressing.

Previously, the Power-Glide method has been offered to English-speaking learners who are interested in speaking Spanish, French, German, Latin, Russian and Japanese.

English as a Second Language.

Now this revolutionary method is being used to teach English as a Second Language. Because learning English is so vital in the world today, and most methods currently used are slow, cumbersome, tedious and boring, Power-Glide programs will permanently change the way the world learns English.

Unique features of Power Glide programs (and what they mean to the learner).

1. Language specific.
Unlike most language training programs, Power-Glide courses are designed for speakers of specific languages, rather than the "one size fits all" approach. This takes advantage of what each language community knows and avoids wasted effort.

2. Based on up-to-date information/research on linguistics, learning psychology, etc.
While the Power-Glide method is new, novel, and to some, even "different," it is based on solid research and the most up-to-date information on the relevant disciplines.

3. Involves learners in immediate use of the language in contextually correct situations.
Power-Glide courses avoid the drudgery of the rote memorization of words and rules by immediately involving the learners in practical use of the language in real situations. This tactic keeps learner interest, confidence, and motivation high.

4. Uses adventure stories and activities.
From the beginning, students are involved in an exciting adventure story and activities that are designed to feel more like a fun game than a lesson. Learners subsequently enjoy the process and the story-like narrative motivates learners to continue learning as they wonder, "What will happen next?"

5. Uses multiple methods of learning: music, stories, activities, etc.
People have different learning styles. By using various methods, music, stories, etc., everyone's style is included and interest is increased.

6. Uses Diglot-Weaves™.
Students start with familiar stories in their own language and gradually transition into the new language. By placing words and phrases from the new language wrapped in words they know, the context provides meaning and makes the learning an almost effortless, natural process.

7. Takes learners from the known to the unknown along the most effortless path.
While learning a foreign language can be challenging, it does not need to be brutal. The Power-Glide method guides the learners through the most productive and intuitive paths.

8. Uses memory devices and phonemic approximations.
Learning pronunciation and remembering words and phrases of another language are greatly facilitated by memory devices and approximations from the users own language. This also reduces the "fear" of learning that many people experience by introducing new language through familiar means.

9. Starts with young children before their language "compartments" solidify.
While Power-Glide programs can be used by anyone at any age, particularly effective are our courses for young children whose minds are still open to learning a language as a native speaker. By giving them the tools to speak a foreign language while they are young, the language will feel natural, like skin, rather than attached like clothes.

10. Teacher doesn't need to know the language.
One of the greatest advantages of Power-Glide courses is the fact that the teacher, parent or facilitator doesn't need to know the language in order to assist the learner in the process. An added bonus is that the person assisting also learns while they help the student move through the course.

11. Uses tests and gives academic credit.
By working with school systems, many Power-Glide courses include academic tests that are recognized as, and can qualify for, school credit. This systematic testing also provides additional motivation and evaluation for the learner.

12. Other innovative strategies.
Power-Glide offers learners more learning methods than any other training provider. With over 25 different methods in the Power-Glide course, learners are guaranteed the highest likelihood of retention, enjoyment, and desire to progress.

Learn a Foreign Language Fast!

Praxis Language produces a number of innovative language learning products. Our flagship product, ChinesePod, started operation in 2005, and we now offer language training products for Chinese, Spanish, French, Italian, and English. Our innovative podcast lessons combine convenience and portability together with outstanding, professional teacher explanations and on-site Premium review tools.

Our products are subscription based, and divided into several service tiers ranging from $9/month - $199/month (less when paid in advance, up to a 2-year subscription).
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Foreign Language Courses portal on USA 2017.
Language courses on USA 2017. Spanish, French, German, Latin, Russian, Japanese, English. Language education is the teaching and learning of a foreign or second language. Language education is a branch of applied linguistics. Increasing globalization has created a large need for people in the workforce who can communicate in multiple languages. The uses of common languages are in areas such as trade, tourism, international relations, technology, media, and science. Language education may take place as a general school subject or in a specialized language school. There are many methods of teaching languages. Some have fallen into relative obscurity and others are widely used; still others have a small following, but offer useful insights.
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