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Russian language training materials.

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The most effective Russian language teaching.

Russian language. The most easy to use, comprehensive course to learn Russian language available. Get ready for the adventure of your life! The Power-Glide Russian Ultimate course opens the door to new skills and opportunities that only learning a new language can provide. With the most innovative and effective language teaching activities available, this course starts you on a path toward language fluency.
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The most effective Russian language teaching. Excerpt from the Power Glide Russian course:

"...Suddenly you feel the plane shudder as if shaken by a giant hand. A moment later the right engine quits, and the plane begins losing altitude.... You land unhurt in shallow waters just a hundred yards offshore, make your way to the beach, and wait for daybreak....You have C-rations and the tools of your trade: a battery-powered wire-recorder, a pencil, and a notebook. One thing you lack is any knowledge of Russian--except for the words yes, no, and thanks: da, nyet, and 'spa-sea-bo.' This last expression you acquired from a Russian joker who asked, 'If a Russian gave you a spa by the sea with a bow, what should you say?' The answer, you learned, was 'Thanks,' Spa-sea-bo with sea stressed and bo pronounced very lightly."

Go from beginning to advanced levels in one course.

Power-Glide Russian is easy enough for beginners, but robust enough to help you develop advanced language skills. And since Power-Glide is fully accredited through the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges, you're assured of quality and ease of obtaining credit.

Robert W. Blair, Ph.D., is the creator of Power Glide language courses. Speak the Russian language, not just pass the test.

The focus of Power Glide Russian is to help you speak freely and expressively in Russian. You won't find mazes of grammar rules, boring rote memorization, and mind-numbing drills. Instead, Power-Glide Russian gives you real language learning—the kind where you actually internalize the language, and begin to use it as your own. Robert W. Blair, Ph.D., is the creator of Power-Glide language courses. His methods are informed by current language acquisition theory and rooted in the work of world-renowned language teaching innovators. These methods provide a rich experience in communication and make the course fun and engaging. United Airlines Inflight Magazine, Hemispheres, calls Dr. Blair, "a legendary maverick linguist."

Puzzles, games, stories, music.

The activities in the course are diverse enough to accomodate many different learning styles and aptitudes. You'll find music, stories, memory aids, Diglot Weaves, you-are-there adventures, kinesthetic, visual, audio activities, and more. In addition, Power-Glide Russian can be used:

- with or without a teacher,
- in groups or individually and self paced.

What you will learn in this course:

- Time of Day
- Greetings & Goodbyes
- Numbers
- Color
- Plants & Animals
- Cyrillic Alphabet
- Location
- Clothing Vocabulary
- Questions
- Pronouns
- Family Vocabulary
- House-related Vocabulary
- Shapes & Lines
- Verb agreement
- Past, Present & Future Tense Verbs
- Stories, Songs, and much more!

"I have only finished the first tape of the six tape series, and with the mnemonic devices, songs and dialogs, I am beginning to feel comfortable in Russian! Even the alphabet is not as formidable as expected. The engagement of imagination music, jungles, and diglot weave narratives which, along with mnemonic devices, make this the most effective, intensive and thorough language course that I have used. By the end of the six tape set and textbook, the student should be well on the road toward fluency." - Anne Brodbeck, for Mary Pride's Home Life, Inc.

"Starting with a 'you are there' adventure story, which continues throughout the course, Dr. Blair adds puzzles, games, stories, problem-solving activities and plenty of background music to keep the interest level high. The program can be used at any age with great success." - Mary Lynn Whitman, The Mecklenburg Gazette.

Learn a Russian Language Fast!
With the most innovative and effective language teaching activities available, this course starts you on a path toward Russian language fluency.
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