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Lose weight, quit smoking. Get free CD to start!

Don't worry, be happy!

Improve all your relationships and make more money with less effort.

Eliminate stress tension and anxiety with The Sedona Method. Discover the simply, yet powerful secrets of the Sedona Method that allow you to overcome any fear or anxiety in 60-seconds or less. Liberate Your Mind and Body. Realize Your Dreams and Objectives. Create Effortless Prosperity. Take Part In Our Breakthough Goal. Receive A Free Sedona Method CD or Tape Offer. And Much More!
We become attached to what is comfortable for us; things that give us a false sense of having what we want; things that temporarily make us feel better for brief moments only to leave us feeling rotten later. These attachments can include unfulfilling jobs, relationships that lack passion, bad habits such as smoking or overeating, and thousands of other possibilities.

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The Sedona Method will show you how to tap your natural ability to let go of any unwanted thought or feeling on the spot. This will free you to quickly and easily have all that you choose including the following: more money, better relationships, more radiant health and well being, more effective goal achievement plus break bad habits and other self-sabotaging behaviors, lose weight, stop smoking and sleep better. Tapping your natural ability to release will allow you to produce results far beyond what you could do with any other tool or training for personal or organizational transformation available today. In fact the results you produce will often seem quite miraculous.

Ask yourself these questions:

- Have you been seeking a proven, effective, powerful way to get the results other programs have promised you - but haven't delivered?

Make more money with less effort. It's easy with the Sedona Method. - Are you tired of being tired, stressed and pushing harder and harder to have the life you desire?

- Are you ready, right now, to dramatically accelerate your mental, emotional and spiritual growth?

Get ready for a breakthrough...

About Sedona Method Course.

Sedona Training Associates is an educational training organization founded in 1996 to promote the revolutionary discoveries of the physicist, engineer Lester Levenson. It was created to continue to fulfill Lester’s wish to share the practical and powerful method that he had discovered to remove the blocks to abundance, health, happiness and success.

During the almost three-decade history of the Sedona Method Course thousands of people from all walks of life worldwide have benefited from this work. Today, live seminars are presented in many of the US’s principle cities, as well as Canada, Europe and Australia. And the Sedona Method Course is now also available on audio-tape.

In addition to the general public, hundreds of key executives from some of the leading companies in the US have taken the course. These companies include Exxon, AT&T, Merrill Lynch, J.C. Penney’s, Marriott Hotels, FAA, Bristol Myers, Chemical Bank, Chase Manhattan Bank, Polaroid, Bull, Lever Brothers, Monsanto, Touche Ross, and Mutual of New York.

During its history the Sedona Method has proven itself to be a powerful and effective tool for both individual and corporate effectiveness and wellness. Several independent studies confirmed its usefulness. Including: The Mutual of New York Corporation used the Sedona Method to boost the sales of their field underwriters 33% over a six-month period. The second three months were even better than the first three months. Their results continued to increase over time.

Researchers from Harvard and Columbia Medical Schools and The State University of New York have found that The Sedona Method "stands out far beyond the rest for its simplicity, efficiency, absence of questionable concepts and rapidity of observable results."

These studies also reveal that individuals using The Sedona Method show significant reduction in heart rate and diastolic blood pressure. With respect to short versus long-term gain, the overall findings suggest that it is effective in promoting and maintaining stress reduction many months after the training.

How to start.

Anyone who has a sincere desire to grow and change their life for the better, or is ready to be free of all inner limitation, should learn the Sedona Method how to release. You will learn that you are a lot more than you ever imagined. To begin you need just yourself and an open mind. For the home study version you will also need an audio tape cassette player or CD.

The first class was held in 1974 in Sedona, Arizona. And since then, over 30,000 people worldwide have experienced its benefits. From the very first day you put the Method into practice, you will start to see benefits, and the results increase dramatically over time. You will continue to see results as long as you use it, because, at a certain point, releasing becomes second nature. You can receive benefits from the Method throughout your entire life, starting now. Many people start getting results in a matter of minutes. And you will continue to see results as long as you use it. There is no "state" that you have to strive for. It keeps working for you as long as you use it. You can receive benefits from it through your entire life!

You can expect to feel much better, start making better decisions, be more in control of your life, have better relationships and, in general, have your life improve significantly. The specifics for each individual vary widely because each of us has our own unique experiences, goals and life circumstances. Once you discover how to release, your inner self begins to blossom in many exciting ways. Everything reported in our website is possible for you. The Method is a tool, and the more you use it, the more you will get out of it. Results vary depending on how much you put into it and how long-standing your issues are. Most graduates report feeling immediately calmer, happier and more alive, finding themselves much more effective in life.

You can't become dependent on The Sedona Method.

The Sedona Method frees you from your dependencies. That's what releasing is all about: Freedom. This no a religion, belief system, spiritual practice or brainwashing technique. The Sedona Method is simply a technique to let go of unwanted feelings, emotions and everything else that is holding you back. It does not require any special beliefs or ideologies and is in harmony with all religions, belief systems and spiritual practices. The Sedona Method is actually the opposite of brainwashing.

The following testimonials represents just some of the benefits you can receive from the Sedona Method. This is just a small sampling of the testimonials we have received from the tens of thousands of people who have benefited from the Sedona Method.

"Even greater harmony and better communication between my husband and myself. Our future looks rosier, and I am dealing with several extremely difficult situations with work and family with greater ease. I no longer become severely depressed, and my downs are less frequent and much less severe. My husband is happier, and he is doing better financially." - Carolyn Graham, Brick N.J.

"I used the Sedona Method on my smoking and found that the anxiety that drove me to smoke was gone. I stopped smoking." - Paul Mendez, New York.

"I was addicted to sleeping pills and booze—every night for three years I took a sleeping pill after 5-6 drinks to blot out life and sleep—never realizing the lengths to which I was going to avoid growth. I had terrible colitis from stress—would spend days in bed with a heating pad. At the end of the course, never another sleeping pill—no more booze. After a year I finally can choose to have an occasional glass of wine—never any more colitis." - S D, Phoenix, AZ.

"I have got my sense of humor back–a great ally in times of need–and I now have the freedom to go on creating and recreating myself every day. After all, isn’t that what life is truly about?" - Amanda Kanini, London, England.

"I have been studying and applying self-help programs for thirty years. The Sedona Method is by far the single best tool and I have ever discovered. The Sedona Method is easy, can be done in the midst of activity (unlike most self-help programs), and it produces the instant results of feeling calmer and more centered. The best part of this releasing of old issues with the Sedona Method is that it is a one-time event. No tool or technique I have ever encountered in thirty years is so instantly and permanently effective in removing conscious and unconscious barriers to living in comfort, ease and joy. Since learning and utilizing the Sedona Method I live with less fear, more peacefully and from a much deeper, more spiritually connected part of myself. Even amidst the apparent harried and emergency situations that I encounter, I am able to remain calm and to approach challenges from a balanced perspective." - Jeff Goodman, San Jose, CA.

"I went from 34th to 4th in sales production in the first sixty days following the course!" - Mary Lane, Real Estate Agent.

"For a long time, I felt like I was worth a lot more than what I was being paid for my work. But when I actually applied The Sedona Method release techniques on it - and my worthiness - I got a raise of $6,000.00 a year. Hooray!" - Penny Braun, Phoenix, AZ.

"My work success (selling management training) seems almost limitless. Recently, every client seems to have come in with multiple registrations, while my colleagues struggle with single ones." - Tim Langford, Bristol, England.

So Boost your emotional intelligence and Achieve Lasting Financial Security right now!

You can contact us about our public and organizational programs as well as our other books and tapes by calling our corporate headquarters in Sedona.

The most powerful self-improvement technique on the web, The Sedona Method. - the thousands of testimonials we have received from people who have used the Sedona Method are powerful proof of the results this program produces. But, the only way you will know for sure whether the Sedona Method is right for you is to experience it yourself. Try the Sedona Method risk-free!

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