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Affordable hosting:
$5 a month.

Welcome to the hosting of California! Such a lovely place...

Hosting Observer: Dot5 Hosting. Affordable packages, low cost domains.

Dot5  hosting. Reliable web hosting. $50 free marketing, $2.50 domains, 750 mb space, 50 gb bandwidth. Only $5 a month. Our affordable packages, low cost domains, and value added services are one of the reasons that Dot5 Hosting has become one of the most popular web hosting packages on the internet today. Another reason our customers are so happy with our services is that we have terrific 24/7 customer support, we have a 99.9% uptime and a Money Back Guarantee. Our lowest priced plan offers 750 megs of space & 50 gigs of transfer for only $5 a month.
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Dot5 Hosting: affordable price with a friendly technical support.

At Dot5 Hosting we provide our customers quality web hosting at an affordable price with a friendly and high quality level of technical support. We operate on the theory that, if we don't look after our customers, someone else will. We have carefully put together three hosting packages that meet the needs of all potential users, ranging from the home user through to the commerce business user.

Our servers are situated in California. These are linked to the Internet via fiber-optic connections, that span more than seven diverse backbones and well-known providers including Congent, Sonet and Time Warner.

At Dot5 Hosting we take your data security very seriously. Our systems include a high power UPS generator electrical backup, closed circuit monitoring and redundant air-conditioning systems. Our wide spread hardware infrastructure and additional systems enable us to provide solutions that are of the highest possible speed and quality.

Personal Hosting: $5.00, Business Hosting: $10.00, Virtual Server: $20.00.

Everyone knows that when you look for web hosting you look for the most amount of space and transfer you can get at the lowest price you can afford. Here at Dot5 Hosting we combine both of these features into two simple and easy to understand plans so you can get the most from our service and not be over charged like you can be with many companies out there.

10 reasons to join Dot5 Hosting.

1. Money Back Guarantee. Dot5 Hosting provides a 30 day money back guarantee on all of its plans. If you are dissatisfied with your service for any reason, you will receive a full refund (minus overage charges) if you cancel your account within 30 days of activation.

2. Quality Hardware. Our servers are powered by quality brand components. We utilize Dell and IBM servers which run Dual Intel® Xeon processors with 2GB of DDR-RAM, fast SCSI hard drives with RAID-1 redundancy. We use quality components to ensure maximum reliability!

3. 24 x 7 Support. Dot5 Hosting offers you compitant support right around the clock. With our support team answering all your questions there and then you can be sure that you will get the answer you need when you need it.

4. Marketing Centre. The Dot5Hosting control panel is complete with a free promotional section for you to drive interested and qualified visitors to your web site. Submit your site to the net's Top 40 search engines, check your position and for a limited time get $50.00 in FREE Overture advertising credit.

5. Statistics. The Statistical Section allows you to monitor your visitor growth on the internet, discover where your visitors come from, what pages they viewed and allow you to develop a custom plan to increase your visibility.

6. E-commerce Read. Here at Dot5Hosting, we make getting your business on the web easy and affordable. While many of our competitors charge you extra fees to be ecommerce ready, we don't. All our Web hosting and Gold plans include ecommerce capabilities at no extra charge!

7. Reliable Connections. Dot5 Hosting provides flexible, on-demand access to network capacity of 7.2 Gigabits on an AT&T Local Services ring that is redundant and diverse. Dual access routers connect IDC to multiple AT&T IP backbone nodes via dual OC-48/OC-192 connections. Back-end connectivity and network services options available include ATM, Frame Relay, private line, IP and local-switched and circuit-switched services, with local access provided by both AT&T and other local service providers.

8. Software Modules. A hosting provider is no good if it does not have the software and modules you need. Rest assured, all our packages include PHP, CGI, Perl, FrontPage extensions, mySQL, Server Side Includes and most of the popular Perl modules.

9. Webmail. Sometimes you're out and about, and its times like this you need web-based email. With our hosting packages you have the option of sending/receiving email via your favorite email software or via any Internet browser. It's like having your own personal Hotmail service.

10. Award Winning Control Panel. Control every aspect of your hosting account with our amazing control panel system. Add email accounts, change your catch-all email, install CGI scripts, send email, create subdomains, and manage your mysql database. Do all this plus 78+ additional functions through our amazing web-based system.

Let our customers say!

Simeone Sergio Spagn, I've been caught by dot5Hosting's good pricing, quality of their website and, most of all, the huge number of FAQ database. These are things that make a company trustable, they let you know everything about the company which is important before you join, so u can figure out if they're the right choice for you. Account was setup at light speed, very good quality admin console, domain available and fully working in less than 24 hours, outstanding download speed, even from a 56k in Italy. I am a happy shopper! - Simeone Sergio Spagn,

Dominic Goodale, My site has been hosted on Dot5hosting for over a years now, and I've never seen a second of downtime. Whenever there is a problem all you have to do is swing by the site, head into a live chat, and within 5 to 10 minutes your problem is solved. The value is unbeatable, I’ve been with 4 web hosting companies in the past year and I've never been happier with anyone more than Dot5hosting. Thanks! - Dominic Goodale,

Terry Anderson, I've had no problems with this company, everything has gone along smoothly. i'm very satisfied. they have really good customer service, helpdesk and support system, and they get back to you quickly. As our website needs advanced backend resources we choose Dot5 to help us. All in all a big thanks to Dot5Hosting and there awsome support team which works behind the scenes! - Terry Anderson,

Jacob Bodnar, My site has been hosted on Dot5hosting for over 3 months now, and I've never seen a second of downtime. Whenever there is a problem all you have to do is swing by the site, head into a live chat, and within 5 to 10 minutes your porblem is solved. The value is unbeatable, I've been with 4 webhosting companies in the past year and I've never been happier with anyone more than Dot5hosting. - Jacob Bodnar,

T.N, I did a lot of comparisons. this is my first host and i am completely satisfied. Server speed is extremely fast good for downloading and uploads are always at my upload cap of 30k. speedy. also, customer service is the best. questions are answered in 2 or 3 hours and if their online support guy is on u can talk to him too. downtime has never really been a problem. if u need a host, get this one- don't let the cheap prices fool u, u get more than wat u pay for. - T.N,

Rich Donley, We were new to putting up a web site and needed alot of help which the service dept took the time to lead us through a lot of it one step at a time. It is this personal service in my opinion that puts this host streets ahead of the competition. This one to one service will take Dot5Hosting along way, keep up the good works guys! - Rich Donley,

#1 Budget Hosting. Webhost directory award winner. Top 10 web hosting. Gold award 2003. Webhost directory award winner.
Top Host 5. May 2004 winner. Host Review. Host Pulse. 100 most dynamic web hosting companies year 2003. Top Host 15. Oct 2004 winner. Host Review.

Our Mailing Address:
Dot5Hosting Inc.,
2800 28th Street Suite 205
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Welcome to the Dot5 Hosting!

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