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Web hosting solutions for low cost.

Globat - Your Search for Reliable Web Hosting is OVER!

Hosting Observer: Globat. Quality network, affordable prices, top customer service.

Globat Hosting, $7.95 a month, free setup, 75 gb transfer, 2500 mb web space, 2500 pop e-mails. Hosting Observer: Globat. At Globat, we are not just using the terms quality network, affordable prices and top customer service for marketing purposes, we are living and operating by them. Many web hosting companies have copied our initial low-cost, top quality approach over the last few years, but just as many have failed to keep their eye on what is the most important link in their business model - you - the customer. Don't settle for a copy, host with the original.
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We all like Web Hosting at Globat.

It was indeed a pleasure doing business with you. I did some homework regarding the acquisition of a web host, and my travels lead me to a decision between Globat and Ipowerweb. I found that there was a degree of similarity between the two companies as far as the basic plan is concerned. In fact, Globat has a much better deal because of the huge amount of space that was offered. You did a fine job of explaining the options to me on how to acquire various payment services to go on to my website. Along those lines, you did a spectacular job on explaining the whole web hosting system to me. I found that very informative and I noticed how patient you were in explaining all the details to me. I then called Ipowerweb and asked them the same questions I asked you. The response I got was a very different experience. I felt like I was a bother to the sales rep in asking these questions because he wanted to make the sale not to do the explanations. You went out of your way to insure that the customer (Me) was king. You proceeded with treatment that I have not experienced in many many years. It was called genuine customer service. After all was said and done, I got a new web site ( and I purchased your commerce plan. I commend you. - Raphael Car.

I was getting signed up for your hosting service. I had first looked online to see what all was available, and with so many companies to choose from, I was a bit nervous that there may have been some providers who were out to get my money. So, when I was signing up, I was reading the terms of service and all of a sudden Richard, one of the customer service representatives for Globat, popped up onto my screen in the form of a chat box. He was able to guide me through the ordering process and really made me feel secure in my purchase. I look forward to having my website with Globat now and am sure that I will keep it there for years to come. - Paul Bammel.

I just wanted to send a note to let you guys know how pleased I am with Globat. I have a Web design company in the Berkshires, (east coast), and have been very satisfied with the level of expertise, quality, and continuous development from your sales, support, and development team. All of my sites (,,,,,, and are posted clean with very little if any down time due to the server. The Live Tech Chat is my kind of support to. Keep up the good work guys, as my business grows with yours. - Jason M. Morin, Sr.

After being with Globat for six months, I decided to create a website honoring everything they have to offer. Globat leads the pack in the entire web hosting industry and their prices are unbeatable for what they have to offer. At, I compared the top 10 web hosts in an attempt to prove that Globat is truly the best. Globat supports almost everything you can imagine. Thank you Globat! - Beau Thompson.

I run a large fan site for Johnny Depp, which takes an enormous amount of time and resources. With his popularity at an all-time high, I suddenly found people all over the web hotlinking to the files from my site for their own sites and message boards. The problem was getting out of hand, costing me money in additional bandwidth charges or shutting my site down completely when the bandwidth limit was reached.
All it took was one mention to Globat about the problem, and the tech support team went to work to find me a viable solution. I am happy to say my site is now completely protected from the misuse of others on the web, and I no longer have the added expense and headaches of dealing with it all.
I just want to say "thank you" to the Globat team for your tireless efforts in solving my bandwidth problems and bending over backwards to help the site run smoothly. I really appreciate it!
- Trish Bennett.

I haven't had to rely on customer support very much but every time I have you folks have truly impressed me with your class act. The stability of your web hosting and the quality of customer & Tech support and the reasonable price has me coming back for renewal Thanks for a job well done! - Thomas Ross.

My attention to Globat started with your extremely good pricing, combined with HIGH SPEED data transmission. Once I established those two were true I started moving my domains. I used your servers for a year, to host graphics for my main site. 99.999 percent up time is conservative. I encountered superb customer support. I really like the On-Line Chat feature, with an ability to talk with people at any hour of the day/night and get good help. Your people understand your products and are always polite and helpful & every time I log on to Globat to manage my domains, I see more new features and improvements. I know I am with an aggressive forward thinking company that must be doing something right because the products just get better and better. P.S. Your Instructional On-Line Videos are incredible! - Jerry Isenhart.

I have had my website hosted by Globat for more than a year and haven't experienced any down time. Their web statistics reporting is excellent as well. I would highly recommend Globat.- Dan Hardick.

I love you guys! Thank you so much fo rthe excellent service, everything worked seamlessly. You have a very happy customer in me. :) - Camilla Eriksson.

I have been with Globat for about 6 months now, and I am very pleased with their service. I switched to Globat from another server who charged $20 a month and didn't have even 1/4 of what Globat offers in their $7/month plan. I'm saving $200/year now that I have switched from my old server. Now, to top that off, Gbobat DOUBLED everything: disk space, bandwidth, and email addresses. That was thrilling! They have good customer support, and the wait times for phone support are short. I would highly recommend Globat for anyone, whether new to website publishing, or more experienced. - Chris Brothers.

Globat has made it easy for me to be online with a basic site. I have been able to work on my site fluently since signing on with Globat. When I called for help to your 24 hour service line, I received a friendly and knowledgeable technical service person who answered my questions about the server. Hope you have a great new year. - Hugh Foley.

Globat offers exceptional value and excellent service. We highly recommend Globat for your web hosting solutions. We know as Globat has done a great job for our hosting needs. - J. Ku.

After much bad experience with other hosting providers we found Globat and decided to try it since their offer of space, traffic, etc. for that price was excellent. At first we were unsure, if Globat can accomplish quality hosting at such low prices, but now, after several months, our answer is "YES" - Globat can do it and did it! There were no downtimes and only very few problems, which their around-the-clock support solved immediately while always being very friendly. We now moved two other sites We trust them with our business and recommended Globat to our partners and everyone we know! - Rainer Hegendoerfer.

Ben R. Neumann, Founder, CEO & President.
Ben R. Neumann serves as Chief Executive Officer & President of Globat, LLC. In this capacity he oversees all strategic and operational decisions and drives the company financial and administrative strategy. Before he founded Globat Mr. Neumann was the co-founder, Chairman and CEO of eBusiness solutions provider iBoost Technology, Inc. He was also the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Internet Communications (, a leading low-cost web hosting business). Interliant, Inc. (NASDAQ: INIT), formerly known as Sage Networks, Inc., acquired Icom in 1998. Mr. Neumann is a marketing and business delegation expert, specializing in Internet, advanced media and technology. Before moving to the United States in 1994 to play an important part in the growth of the Internet, he operated and later sold a successful financial agency in Germany. While in Germany he attended a specialized higher school of business and administration and graduated with a 4.0 GPA. Mr. Neumann is an entrepreneur with a proven track record in successfully creating and operating prosperous business entities who has been nominated for Ernst & Young's "Entrepreneur Of The Year" award in 2000, 2001 and 2002.

Christopher L. Ueland, Chief Technology Officer.
Chris Ueland, a New York native, is responsible for Globat's strategic positioning and business development. Before joining Globat, Mr. Ueland co-founded iBoost Technology, Inc. a leading ebusiness solution provider where he also served as Chief Creative Officer from 1999 until 2001. Prior to iBoost he held the position of Chief Development Officer at Monolith Innovations Group, Inc., an Internet company that provided free domain name services to users on the Internet. Monolith was rated as high as the sixty-second largest presence on the Internet. Mr. Ueland was involved in application development and responsible for advertising sales. Additionally, he served as a technical consultant to several different brand-name Internet companies, including Interliant, Inc , Internet Communications, World Market Watch, Inc. and WebYes, Inc.

Free Digital Camera with Each New Globat Web Hosting Account.

Globat launches new photography Web hosting GlobatGallery system with free digital camera offer for all new customers.

LOS ANGELES, CA – November 17, 2004 – Leading web hosting company Globat today unveiled its new state-of-the-art photography hosting system GlobatGallery™, available to all customers as of November 18, 2004. To celebrate, Globat will be giving all new annual and biennial Web hosting customers who sign up between November 18 and November 22 a free Largan Chameleon 3-in-1 digital camera to allow budding photographers to get started immediately. New and existing customers can use Globat's CommandConsole™ control panel and have the GlobatGallery software installed on their Web site with a single click and begin uploading photos within minutes.

"One of the major benefits of having a web hosting account is that you can share your photos and experiences easily with people all over the world," said Globat's Chief Executive Ben R. Neumann. "With our new GlobatGallery package the process is made extremely easy and even a completely novice can get their photos online with a few click."

The Globat Gallery system is a feature rich photo album package, with full categorization, search, and easy upload features. The free digital camera promotion is the latest in a steady release of promotions from hosting innovator Globat, and runs alongside a seasonal promotion where every new Globat account created until Thanksgiving Day results in a donation of a full Thanksgiving meal for a homeless person in Los Angeles.

Information about Globat, and the company’s services and packages, is available at their Web site or by calling 877-2-GLOBAT.

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