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iKobo Money Transfer.

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Thank you for visiting this webpage, iKoboCT. I have made this page specially for ClickThru surfers to make our life in Click Thru Network (Lets it call "CTN") more usefull and profitable (surely, I am a member of CTN too).

When I surf in CTN all I want is to find out a ClickThru Bonus Icon to click it and to win some cash. I hate webpages without Bonus Icons. And I don't know why so many webpages in our Network have no Bonus icons. It's so easy to set up an icon on a webpage. So let's all together fix bonus icons on our sites to make our virtual tours more profitable.

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iKobo Visa Electron debit card
What next? Open your iKobo account FREE (click the iKobo Visa Electron debit card at left, and in the new window click Sign up., fill the form with your data) and you will get: 25c from me to your ClickThru account. You will also get special bonus from iKobo and a chance to win up to $200 to your new iKobo account from president of USA2017.INUMO.RU.

What is iKobo? New worldwide international online money-card transfer service. Customers can sign up with the company and send money through its Web site or through their own bank accounts. The money is accessible through the company's "Visa Electron Card". iKobo's card runs on all Visa Plus ATM networks worldwide. Please note. You can open an account with zero balance absolutely free and win two special prizes - one from iKobo and other from president of USA2017.INUMO.RU.

Input info about your new iKobo account and get your bonuses.
How you can get your bonuses. Please click this icon at right and input info about your new iKobo account (your iKobo account No, your email you use in iKobo system) in next format: AA999999US,

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iKobo is not just the money moving online system. This is also new moneymaking opportunity!

You can promote iKobo’s Money Transfer services in return for a commission on each lead and/or transacting customer.

Referral Commissions: Pay-Per-Sale - 5% payout on the fees that iKobo collects. 5% on each level for 10 levels equals a total payout of 50%




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Total : 50%

About iKobo.
iKobo, Inc. is a global online financial services company providing the best in easy, fast, secure money transfer services to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Utilizing a combination of proprietary, secure encrypted communications, iKobo's GIFTS electronic payment platform and its Visa Electron iKobo Card (a prepaid, reloadable debit card) saves money transfer senders and recipients time, cost, and effort, all in real time. With 24-hour availability and more than 20+ million access points including ATM and retail POS terminals in over 170 countries iKobo provides the fastest, most flexible and efficient global electronic money transfer and payment network to a worldwide customer base. Founded in January 2001 iKobo, Inc. is a privately owned company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, and funded by private and strategic investors including Global Bank of Commerce.

Attention! ::
- iKobo Money Transfer affiliate program has been aborted for unknown reason. We recommend you to close all your accounts in iKobo, remove all links and pass this info to everybody. Thanks!

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