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iKobo is the revolutionary new way to make payments or send money.

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iKobo Money Transfer.
Send money to India free. Send money online to India using your credit card or debit card. iKobo ships a debit card by courier to India in 2-3 days. Your family in India withdraws the money at any ATM. Live in India? Move and make money online with iKobo.
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iKobo Money Transfer.

Move and make money in India.

It's no secret that India is a booming market for U.S. companies outsourcing high-tech work. But another market is slowing gaining momentum and becoming a blip on the radar -- money transfers.

A handful of companies -- some old stalwarts in the money-transfer business and some new tech upstarts -- have thrown their hats in the ring.

One such smaller upstart, the Atlanta-based iKobo Inc., illustrates the potential in the Indian money-transfer market.

According to the company, since the start of this year, they have registered about a 60 percent increase of customers each month using their services to send money to India.

"Indians have just grabbed a hold of iKobo and started using it," said company CEO Marvin Johnson.

iKobo Visa Electron debit card
iKobo offers an online money-card transfer service. Customers can sign up with the company and send money through its Web site or through their own bank accounts. The money is accessible through the company's "Visa Electron Card". iKobo's card runs on all Visa Plus ATM networks worldwide.

Johnson said he believes iKobo has found good success with the Indian market because most Indians are "tech savvy" and like the idea of using the Internet to transfer money -- as opposed to older methods that require money agents and pick-up locations.

Send money to India free. Send money online to India using your credit card or debit card. iKobo ships a debit card by courier to India in 2-3 days. Your family in India withdraws the money at any ATM. Live in India? Move and make money online with iKobo.
Those customers who have tried iKobo keep coming back, he added. "Once they get on the system, they use it on a continuing basis."

Despite the company's expectations with the Indian market, Johnson said that he is still surprised with the response iKobo has gotten.

iKobo advertises for its services predominantly over the Web through banner ads on Indian portals. However, the company also runs ads in Indian newspapers.

Indians have traditionally gone abroad to make money, usually sending a part of their savings to their families in India. One of the problems faced by NRIs in doing so is the prolonged time taken in sending remittance to India, coupled with higher costs. But thanks to competition among money transfer agents (MTA) today, a lot of innovative options have sprung up, which have reduced both time and costs involved in money transfer.

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