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Catholic Singles. We approach the single life as the Church does. Discernment is the key ingredient all single Catholics must use in living out their life. Our website is loyal to our Holy Father and the years of Church Teaching established by Jesus Christ. We are a 100% Catholic site and promote Catholic values.
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Saint Raphael Catholic Singles. Interceding for single catholic. St.Raphael patron of singles pray for us!
Saint Raphael Catholic Singles. Interceding for single catholic. St.Raphael patron of singles pray for us!

Saint Raphael Catholic Singles.

Established in 1998, StRaphael Net has changed the lives of many members with fruits such as friendships, engagements, marriages and even vocations to the religious life. We are not just another "dating service", you can share and grow in your faith while building life-long relationships with people of similar beliefs and values.

We are the largest website on the Internet exclusively for Catholic singles. StRaphael Net provides a clean and safe environment for meeting others online. Initial contact is done through StRaphael Net so your email address remains confidential. Membership for one year is less than the cost of dinner and a movie for two!

This web site is loyal to the Holy Father the Vicar of Christ on Earth and the long years of Church's Teachings established by Jesus Christ. We have dedicated this site to Saint Raphael - patron Saint of single people, happy meetings and healing. We want to encourage our members to pray to this Saint in hopes that each of us will seek God's will in finding our spouse. Since not everyone is called to the married life, this should also be a place for people to consider the priesthood, religious life or the single life. As we are aware one cannot truly be happy unless carrying out our Father's plan.

St. Raphael is unlike any other Catholic singles site on the Internet. The reason we are so different is that we are not a "matchmaking" service. The purpose of our site is to provide single Catholics with a place to meet others and discern their vocation. Certainly many people use our service to meet Catholics for the purpose of dating, but we realize that God calls people to the religious and single life as well. St has brought people together for marriage, helped others towards the priesthood and religious life and given those leading a single vocation the opportunity to deepen an understanding of that calling.

We do allow non-Catholics to become members with the understanding that the Catholic Church allows, but discourages mixed marriages. A non-Catholic joining our site should only do so if he or she is open to, or interested in, the Catholic faith. Otherwise we simply do not feel it would be beneficial for you or the other Catholic members.

As someone who uses technology daily for the purposes of evangelize, I know full well what a powerful tool it can be. StRaphael Net is another use of this technology, which is providing a service for single men and women to realize that they are not alone and that God can use this new medium, the Internet, to introduce them to a future spouse.

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Our Lady and Jesus
Bring faithful Catholics together. was launched in June of 1999 with a mission of providing a safe online environment in which Catholic singles could meet for the purpose of friendship, dating, marriage and religious vocations. Four years, thousands of members, many engagements and marriages later, continues to bring faithful Catholics together.

In an effort to spread devotion to this miraculous saint (Raphael) we have launched with a focus on prayers, devotions, photos, Catholic singles and other things related to Saint Raphael the Archangel. is loyal to the Holy Father Benedict XVI and the 2000 years of Catholic Church Teaching. We encourage singles to pray to St. Raphael for his intercession in finding a spouse.
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