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Somebody think about future. We make future today. USA2017.INUMO.RU. Peace, freedom, happiness for everyone in USA and everywhere on the Earth in 2017.

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HTMail. Simple, targeted, safe internet advertising of your product, service or business opportunity. Guaranteed response!
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Dave Broadway Welcomes you to HTMail.
Dave Broadway Welcomes you to HTMail.

HTMail was officially launched (after some months of development work) on the 1st June 1997, by myself (Dave Broadway), and my wife Karen.

When you are using a new advertising medium you need as much information as you can get. Our service offers a number of unique features that will help you make the best of the internet's potential.

Just complete a simple form to place your order - we normally email your ad within 24 hours!

Karen, wife of Dave Broadway.
Karen, wife of Dave Broadway.

HTMail offers a new and more friendly way of direct marketing. Power is put back into the hands of the consumer and in return the advertiser gains much more cooperation. Isn't that the way business should be?

We believe that this is the future of direct marketing. We hope that you will join us in that belief.

HTMail Logo.
HTMail Logo.

Try our list for under $20!

You can mail 100 names and trial our list for just $19.95 (UK £12.95).

Huge range of lists.
We offer a tremendous range of standard lists (see below). In addition, because we hold an extensive amount of information on each of our lists members (hobbies, demographics, lifestyle) we can prepare a bespoke list to suit almost any requirement. Just ask us for the list you need.

No minimum order.
Our 'No minimum order' policy is designed to allow you to test our list for as little as $23 before committing to a major campaign. For less than the cost of the stamps on a postal mailing, you can email 100 people, get a guaranteed level of click through to your web site, and find out what the visitors think of your offer via our unique feedback report. Try different email ads and offers until you find the one that brings you the most sales - then roll out to the whole list!

Get Feedback.
A mailing to our opt-in list is unique because our list members are given the opportunity to give feedback on the sites they visit, and you get to see that feedback as a report. Send a mailing to a closely targeted list of potential customers and Find out what they like and don't like about your product and your offer. Don't miss our FREE 'Ask a question' option. Add your own question to our feedback form, and get the answers that you need.

Guaranteed. Our guarantee to you. If your mailing does not result in a minimum response at 10% (at least 10% of people mailed visit your website), we will either provide you with an equivalent mailing to the new list free of charge, or refund your payment in full. Your choice! Dave Broadway. HTMail Limited.
Guaranteed. Our guarantee to you. If your mailing does not result in a minimum response at 10% (at least 10% of people mailed visit your website), we will either provide you with an equivalent mailing to the new list free of charge, or refund your payment in full. Your choice! Dave Broadway. HTMail Limited.

Guaranteed response.
On the internet you can judge initial response to your ad by the number of click throughs to your web site. We guarantee that a minimum of 10% of list members mailed will visit your web site - or your money back. We currently average a 32% click through rate!

Low cost follow up.
We offer low cost follow up options to any list of people that you have already mailed, so you can turn ditherers into buyers, or inform the list of new prices, special offers or product updates.

Easy to use reports.
Our click through reports and Campaign Management Page help you to control and track every mailing you do.

How much?
Your price:
Only $19.95 per 100 on orders of under 2000 names, and just $14.95 per 100 on orders of 2000 names or more, and NO minimum order!

All prices include Members Feedback Report, including many e-mail addresses for your follow up.

You get all these:
Customer endorsements.

By the way, your company is great! I've gotten some good sales leads. Your service and software are flawless. I've also been able to improve my marketing with the valuable feedback I've received from HTmail members. Michael E. Bemis,

Dave, after many years in the direct/ refferal/network marketing arena, I recently came across your service. Last week I ordered 2,500 emails (spam free) and was impressed with: 1. your service, 2. ease of ordering, 3. feedback feature (invaluable), 4. response.
Have just ordered remail service to those who gave a favourable reponse....brilliant!
Looking forward to doing more business with you with different lists. Robert Coggin,

BTW, very pleased with your service. Seeing excellent response to our offer and finding the feedback offered is incredibly helpful in tweaking and improving the site. Neil Durrant,

I felt that your web site had the best information. Plus you permitted a small 'buy'. I specifically wanted to do a series of small tests which is exactly what you permit...
...I got a lot of feedback regarding my web site that was very valuable. I have been looking for a way to increase my overall conversion ratio on my site. The (sometimes cruel) feedback made me realize the improvements I need to make in my web site. Scot Lee,

q.: What did you like most about this mailing?

...the ability to check the feedback reports during the mailing was very helpful. I quickly discovered a major oversight on my web page and corrected it prior to the end of the mailing. (I had neglected to put the price of my products on the front page!) Rebecca Taylor,

q.: What did you like least about this mailing?

Couldn't follow-up with people who said they were interested but didn't give address. Mary Castner,

Note: We have subsequently added a new option that allows you to mail only those visitors who state they are 'interested in purchasing' on your feedback form.

q.: What did you like least about this mailing?

Not a thing, every thing went smoothly, good job! £ McMasters,

Join HTMail now!

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