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Making money with classified ads. "Making Money With Classified Ads" is a 240-page 8 1/2 x 11, fully illustrated guide and manual to entrepreneurial success, jam-packed with details that systematically walk you through the steps necessary to make money, the same steps that are still making money for me. It takes a practical, nuts-and-bolts approach to starting and running a mail order business based on classified ads. The manual is easy to follow and fun to read. (You'll see what I mean soon after you sit down, open the cover and begin to read). All you have to do is follow step-by-step instructions and you may very well take what turns out to be the adventure of your lifetime.
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Making money with classified ads.
Making money with classified ads.

Making money with classified ads.

Did it ever cross your mind that somewhere out there is someone who is making a small fortune doing something that is totally simple, with very little effort?

Have you ever noticed those tiny classified ads in magazines and in newspapers that seem unbelievable?

Did you ever notice that the same classified ads appear in many different magazines and newspapers across the country?

Did you ever realize that many of the same exact classifieds run every issue, month after month?

 $136,000 PROFITS in 6 months working only 20 minutes daily! Special offer! Toll-Free Recorded number (888) 227-0029 Press 1.

$1,000,000 PER year income with a simple cash generating strategy! Send Self-Addressed envelope: Profit Center, Box PHDA-1209, Baltimore, MD 21204

Stuff Envelopes from the comfort of your on home!
The ultimate work at home job pays you over $1K a week in your spare time.
SASE: 5682 Canal Street, PMB #99, New York, NY 10012

Note: These are samples of some of the ads that are currently running. Ads like these are found everywhere. You can find them in Popular Science, Income Opportunities, Small Business Opportunities, Success, Entrepreneur, National Enquirer, Examiner, Sun Globe...just to name a few.

Wouldn't you think that if the ad wasn't a success, then the person would stop placing it over and over again?

Well, why do you think they continue placing the same exact ads? Because they work!

Sound incredible? I started my mail order career with one small classified ad. Since then, I've run thousands upon thousands of ads, month after month, year after year and have made millions doing it. I've learned a lot about what works and what doesn't. I found that, as with most things, making money with classified ads is easy when you know how.

There are many "get rich quick" plans. Some are based on theories that simply don't work. Some are simply schemes. But others are winners that have proven themselves over the years. These opportunities have stood the test of time. My technique for making money with classified ads is one of them. I can't promise that you will get rich overnight (although some people do) and I can't promise you the moon (although I helped many people reach it). What I can promise is that if you are willing to put some time and effort into doing as I suggest, you positively will become successful. How do I know for sure? Because my approach works. I've proven it again and again, first with myself and then with other people just like you!

Now you can assure your success by learning the winning mind-set and techniques developed by trial and error during my four decades of experience as a successful mail order entrepreneur, consultant, book publisher, author and instructor. Not only have I made a fortune, but my proven techniques have made big money for many thousands of students who have taken the mail order courses I taught at colleges and universities in the Los Angeles area for over ten years.

If you take my solid, proven techniques that have performed reliably day after day, year after year and put them to use, you will succeed in making a life in which you will no longer be dependent on a boss or job or a salary that someone else dictates. You won't be at the mercy of inflation, recession, or other monetary fluctuations. When, where, and how you work will be entirely up to you. And so will how much money you make!

You certainly can! Did you ever stop to wonder who's running the hundreds of classified ads you see in magazines and tabloids? It's people like you and me. Some are just starting out, others have been advertising for years. What does it mean when the same ads run again and again? It means they're making money!

Behind those few classified lines could easily stand a business doing millions of dollars a year in sales. Some of those ads have been running every month for 25 years!

The Making Money With Classified Ads Package includes something you probably have never seen before. Copies of ads, circulars, sales letters, and other literature from dozens of actual advertising campaigns -- some that proved their pulling power by bringing in thousands of dollars -- and analysis of how and why they pulled and how you can make similar pieces work for you. I literally lay open the internal working of my business and my mind, sharing my own mental processes as I choose a new product, plan the advertising, prepare the literature, execute the plan, evaluate it, keep track of it, pull back when appropriate -- and love every minute of it.

As a result of experiencing numerous mail order campaigns almost as if you had conducted them yourself, you'll gradually develop a sixth sense -- an intuitive feeling about what works and what doesn't that usually takes years of trial-and-error to develop. You'll learn how to find and use the same resources that I and other professionals use. You'll be reading the same magazines that I read. Evaluating the products I evaluate. Analyzing the competition's ads as I analyze them. And finding great new ideas where I find them.

Here's what else you'll get when you order "Making Money With Classified Ads" today:
Try make money with classified ads now!

Now it's time for you to get: Your own Making Money Website - Now you can make money with your own Making Money With Classified Ads Website. - 30 day no risk money back guarantee. No questions asked. We guarantee that if you follow "Making Money With Classified Ads" and you actively participate in the process it guides you through, your creativity will be sparked, your intuition developed, your business sense sharpened, and your feelings about yourself and your life transformed. As you begin to read, it will seem as if you are sitting in my classroom and I'm talking directly to you. You'll be given loads of invaluable, in-depth, nitty-gritty information about how to make it in mail order. Remember, making money with classified ads is easy when you know how. "See why Making Money with Classified Ads is the best and most complete Classified Ad System on the Internet!"

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