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USA2017 :: You'll love the feel of sheepskin against your feet.

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Authentic sheepskin footwear, outdoor sandals, sneakers, flip-flops, clogs. Ugg Australia, the world's premier luxury brand of authentic sheepskin footwear. International shipping. Once you slide your feet into our cozy shoes, you won't ever want to step out of them. Whether you prefer slippers, clogs, boots, or shoes, Ugg Australia has the footwear for you. We guarantee you'll love the feel of sheepskin against your feet. UGG Australia is the real deal. Once you wear UGG Australia, you're hooked. They're original, authentic, and the ultimate in luxury and comfort.
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UGG Australia – A look back at 25 years of sheepskin.

In 1978, Brian Smith, a young Australian surfer, brought a core piece of "Down Under" to the United States. For years, craftsmen have been stitching sheepskin boots on the beaches of Australia and New Zealand, however it took a bold and enterprising Smith to introduce a quirky Australian tradition to the United States.

Armed with only a few pairs of UGG sheepskin boots and a positive attitude, Smith hit the streets of New York. However, his reception was not a friendly one, and he was sent packing, with the same few pair in his suitcase.

But Smith was persistent and more than a little stubborn. He knew that there had to be a place for his boots in the US market, so he traveled west to do little surfing in California. Arriving there he was shocked to find that there was already a small group of well-traveled surfers who’d brought similar sheepskin boots back from Australia. He’d found his niche, and he never had to leave the beach.

His first season in business Brian sold 48 pairs of boots to 5 accounts. Of course, it was the California surf market that grasped the genius of these sheepskin boots. UGG Australia became a must-have for surfers just out of the water.

Since then, UGG Australia has gone from a small time surf brand to the global leader in luxury sheepskin footwear. The product range has also grown beyond boots to incorporate casual footwear, slippers, and all-weather products made of the same fine Australian sheepskin.

"UGG Australia is the real deal," says Connie Rishwain, President of UGG Australia. "Once you wear UGG Australia, you’re hooked. They’re original, authentic, and the ultimate in luxury and comfort."

Sheepskin is naturally water resistant.
Sheepskin is naturally water resistant

How you have to care for your UGG sheepskin product.

Sheepskin is naturally water resistant and therefore small amounts of moisture will not seep through or damage it. For further protection, treat products with UGG Stain and Water Repellent. To clean, wet entire boot or shoe with cold water. Apply small amount of UGG Australia Sheepskin Cleaner (formulated from natural products using coconut and jojoba oils) to a sponge or soft brush and clean entire area thoroughly and evenly. Rinse clean in cold water then reshape by stuffing with paper towel. Allow to dry naturally and slowly, do not dry in direct heat or sunlight. Do not put in washing machine.

We offer 3 different methods of delivery for shipping within the United States.
1) Best Ground - UPS Ground Service or USPS Priority, 3 to 10 business days;
2) 2 Day via UPS only;
3) Next Day via UPS only. There are additional charges for shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico.

All international shipments (outside USA) are sent through UPS.

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Jack Schwartz Shoes, Inc. has three major footwear brands: Lugz Footwear, being the core brand, Sneaux Sneakers for skateboard enthusiast and British Knights the reknown 1980's fashion athletics sneaker brand.

Lugz specializes in fashion footwear for men offering a wide selection of boots, shoes and sneakers. Products are designed to reflect the customer’s lifestyles whether at work, play or home. Since it’s inception in 1993, Lugz has gained national exposure and acceptance due to extensive retail distribution, prominent television, radio and print advertising.

Sneaux (pronounced Snow) shoes are for skateboarding and extreme sports enthusiast. A new comer to the skate shoe company arena, Sneaux was endorsed by daredevil performer Steve-O of Jackass fame until late 2007. The brand has continued to evolve organically expanding brand awareness in retail markets and flow team sponsorships.

British Knights is bringing back the exact late 80’s look and style that caused the brand to be one of the most popular among young urban trendsetters of that time. From the brand’s first sneaker launch in 1985 through the early 90’s, BK rose to the highest levels of the athletic footwear industry.These meticulous replications, the identical sole mold and the precise matching of signature BK prints, elicit the retro feeling of the extreme late 80’s.

New styles are added weekly to our site. We also offer various ongoing promotions to customers through out each month.

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