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USA2017 :: Italian handcrafted leather footwear for men.

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ET Wright. An American Tradition Since 1876. Italian handcrafted leather footwear for men. ET Wright has been known for its excellence in handcrafted leather footwear for more than 125 years. Our shoes are available in an extensive array of sizes and styles. With primarily Italian products made from the finest materials, it's no wonder why men choose to buy their dress, casual, and athletic footwear from ET Wright. You'll find the fit is precise and details impeccable. You never get a second opportunity to make a good first impression, so make it an exceptional one with ET Wright. Distinguished Men's Footwear at E.T. Wright.
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Men's finely crafted footwear available in extensive sizes. ET Wright. An American Tradition Since 1876.
Men's finely crafted footwear available in extensive sizes. ET Wright. An American Tradition Since 1876.

ET Wright. An American heritage of fine, handcrafted leather footwear dating back to 1876.

Back in 1876 our founder, Elwin Temple Wright, established a high standard of quality — only the best would suffice. We still hold true to that vision.

ET Wright's unparalleled reputation has been built on craftsmanship that dates back to a time when single room cobbler shops were tucked away on side streets of Boston and surrounding towns. It was a time when shoemakers handcrafted footwear one pair at a time and when walking was a way of life, not just a weekend activity.

Today, our footwear still reflects the meticulous work from that era. There are numerous detailed shoemaking operations in the construction of our footwear that are not apparent to the eye. We understand their importance and feel our customers do as well.

We sincerely believe that's why so many generations of distinguished men continue to find satisfaction and pride in ET Wright premium leather footwear.

Enjoy our online catalog of fine footwear, you'll Find Quality Men's Shoes in Extensive Widths and Sizes at E.T. Wright.

Men's Shoes in Extensive Widths and Sizes.
Men's Shoes in Extensive Widths and Sizes.

Finely Crafted Leather Footwear Available In Extensive Sizes.

"Pride" is the word that comes to mind when we think of E.T. Wright's tradition of meticulous attention to detail for more than 125 years.

Our footwear is directed to a discriminating audience of gentlemen who understand and appreciate the precise, even stitching of a fine pair of shoes. They also demand the striking appearance that can only be provided by hand-selected, rich, full European leathers.

At ET Wright, we also believe getting the correct fit is extremely critical. You should never have to settle for a size that's "just close".

Our extensive size and width combinations are available in sizes 6 to 18 and in widths AAA to EEEEEE. Whether your shoe size is regular or hard-to-find, we have a shoe to fit you, precisely.

Men's Casual Shoes: Wide and narrow widths available at

E.T. Wright: Quality Men's Dress Shoes

Classy Men's Footwear at E.T. Wright

Men's Athletic Shoes at New Balance, Asics, Etonic, and more!

ET Wright has taken several steps to ensure Your Credit Card Transactions are Secure GUARANTEED. Our servers use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) advanced encryption. ET Wright uses state-of-the-art technology to protect your personal information and privacy.

All credit card transactions are secure.

As an added measure, in the unlikely event of a credit card fraud, there is still no risk to you.

The Fair Credit Act states that your credit card company can hold you liable for a maximum of $50.00 in fraudulent charges. ET Wright will reimburse for any charges up to the $50.00 maximum your credit card company can charge you if those charges result from an order you placed on our secure server. ET Wright has had no confirmed cases of fraud reported by credit card customer purchases made on our Internet site.


You can enjoy shopping worry free at ET Wright!

Handcrafted Leather Footwear at E.T. Wright - our guarantee is straightforward, just as it has been from the beginning. We’ve stood behind our footwear since 1876; we will continue to do so. If you are not completely satisfied, please return your shoes. We'll make it right. Products are available to customers anywhere. However, ET Wright can only ship items to the U.S. and U.S. territories.
Men's Athletic Shoes. Men's Casual Shoes. Quality Men's Dress Shoes. Men's Dress Casual Shoes. Men's outdoor Shoes.
Men's Casual Shoes.

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"Tall men shoes" is the industry leader of the very Niche Market - "Elevator Shoes for Men". With the largest selection on the net for over 400+ styles, worldwide speedy shipping, money back guarantee, perfect ratings, we ensure customers will have a perfect shopping experience.

As the largest online elevator shoes retailer, we offer secure shopping, privacy protection, online order status, easy return / exchange, and great delivery time of all products throughout the World!

Our shoes will invisibly add 2-5.2 inches in height without losing any comfort. Every pair of our shoes are made with the best care and from high quality leather. The lightweight hidden increaser ensures that our shoes weigh no more than normal footwear. Our hidden increasers are made with a soft material containing a massage sole that enhances your comfort level. As a result, you can wear our shoes on a daily basis without experiencing any discomfort.

Our shoe last makes it so that the shoes will not slip off while providing the comfort and room needed for your feet. The insoles while adding height, will help absorb impact and cushion your feet. In every pair of our shoes there are mid-insoles that help prevent deterioration to the insoles and provide air circulation. Our outer soles helps you feel comfortable by allowing a natural instep.

We use UPS for most domestic United States addressees. UPS or USPS (United States Postal Service) for International customers.

We have a store in California that is open to the public.
Business Hours: (Pacific Standard Time)
9:00am - 5:30pm Monday - Friday
Closed on Saturday and Sunday
9900 Hayward Way
South El Monte, CA 91733

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USA 2017. Shoes portal.

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