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Obama and Bush
Messages to Barack Obama, US President no 44 :: Bye, president of USA number 43... Viva to president of USA number 44! Here what we want from Barack Obama, new US president. This system does not work, we have two nations with in a nation, one which is rich and have elaborate life styles and the other is the lesser one thatís the working people they pay high tax on all platforms to support the elaborate life of the rich and fight their wars. What is wrong with this Government the Senate, Congress why do we the people feel that we are being rip-off by every one of you we have elected?
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Saakashvili and Hitler
Request to all new big and tiny Fuhrers (Leaders) :: I would just like to know how many more Families have to suffer before you care about your own. Those boys and men over there fighting the war aren't really fighting anything just dying for no reason. You have enough intelligence, in your country to fined out if they would do anything to you again. Why don't you bring them home. It's not doing you or the country any good keeping them there. I live in Barrie Ontario and I am a mother of three boys and I thank god every day I'm with them, think about all the mothers you are killing not just there sons. Sorry I had to write this I feel very strongly about this. End the blood shed let our sons come home.
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Bush dog
Bush dogs, Spotty and Barney :: Dear president Bush. My name is Paul. I'm in 6th grade. Would you be so kind and send me a picture of your dogs. Dear Paul! Here are some pictures of George W. Bush and his dogs specially for you. Have a look.
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Happy New Year 2008!
Happy New Year 2008! :: This page just to say "Happy New Year 2008!" Come in and play our special winter game.
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Jeffrey Kelley, President of USA in future.
Jeffrey Kelley, President of US in future :: Dear Mr. Bush! I am Jeffrey Kelley, I am wanting to become the President when I grow up. So I want to talk. Today, George W. Bush, The President of USA in present spoke with Jeffrey Kelley, The President of USA in future.
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Biz cooperation: Saratov (Russia) and USA.
Modern business, welcome to Saratov, Russia! :: Remarkable success in all Russian capital markets in the past years of 21st century make Saratov one of the best place in the world for investments. Russia is now a net creditor nation and holds sufficient foreign reserves to buy back 100 percent of its foreign-owned debt with enough left over to fund close to a year's imports. Our national currency - ruble is so strong, that we worry it might be upwardly valued, which would serve to put the brakes on economic growth. Saratov is a big city on the Volga river, in the middle of Russia. Saratov has always enjoyed the geographic advantage of being the bridge between Europe and Asia. I'm a civil servant in Saratov government made this web page to help you get honest information from the "first hand".
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American Red Cross. Victims of Hurricane Katrina need your help now.
USA2017 cooperates with American Red Cross: Victims of Hurricane Katrina are attempting to recover from the massive storm. American Red Cross volunteers have been deployed to the hardest hit areas of Katrina's destruction, supplying hundreds of thousands of victims left homeless with critical necessities. USA 2017 join American Red Cross in raising funds for Hurricane 2005 Relief.
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Victims of Hurricane Katrina need your help now. -->...

Baby asks you: please don't kill me. Abort is wrong.
Abort is wrong! People who made that decision want to have an abortion because they did not want to have a child. If they made that decision and they don't want to have a child just go through the 9 months after all that labor just send it to a foster home. The reason I would like to have abortion illegal is because I don't want to see all these baby's be dead all because of rape or the baby is going to be mentally challenged or because you didn't want to have a baby at all or just you have a life or death situation, or your baby is going to come out with a half a body. That is why you should try to make abortion illegal.
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Sharon McGee: Women in poor countries.
Women in poor countries. Women in Ethiopia are being burned alive just becouse there family cannot pay the husband money. Even if the women live they are considered a berdin. That is just one example another is the fact that girls as young as eight are being married off and they are forced to have children so young that there bodies cannot take it and they are being ripped apart from the inside and it coused serious medical poblems. When the develope these problems they are exiled and forced to live alone in a cave.
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Get back! Jennifer M. Cruise: It's time to return.
Wife of soldier in Iraq. I will support my husband and this war as long as he is over there but I really think it is time for them to come home. Send more soliders over to replace them. We can't expect soldiers to function the way they should in a war when they are physically and mentally exhausted. I need my husband home with me to raise my son and to help with our life here at home. We are young and I don't want to spend the rest of my life without him. I love him more than anything and I am really concerned.
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