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Text link ads. Direct source of targeted traffic. Getting up natural search engine rankings. Text link ads. We specialize in placing text link ads on high quality websites. Our text link ads are unique because they can be set up as static html links that will drive traffic and can be found by search engine spiders. Text Link Ads Inc currently increases traffic for a wide range of clients from Fortune 500 firms to individual website owners. The reasons for the increase in traffic for our clients have been two fold: our links are a direct source of targeted traffic, our links can raise your natural search engine rankings.
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Text link ads. Increased targeted traffic + link popularity.
Text link ads.
Increased targeted traffic + link popularity.

Text Link Ads Inc. is the premier traffic and link popularity ad firm.

We specialize in placing text link ads on high quality, high traffic web properties. Our clients have seen a dramatic increase in traffic and natural search engine rankings with our service. We currently works with a wide range of clients from Fortune 500 firms to individual website owners.

We have been featured in many articles and interviews and we are experts in our field. Staying on the cutting edge of traffic and link popularity techniques is our specialty.

To get started with our program you can:
Browse our online inventory using the left navigation on our website.
Fill out our custom quote form on the right navigation on our website and our experts will prepare a recommendation for your unique situation.

How "Text link ads" works.

We have negotiated deals with some of the Internet's most popular websites. We purchase advertising space in bulk and divide this space into smaller text link ads. The result is a cost effective way for you to gain exposure on what is typically very high priced real estate.

Another benefit is you set your own monthly budget and you do not have to worry about your link being shut off. All of our links are priced at a flat rate and your link continues to run no matter how much traffic it produces to your website! No need to worry about paying a price per click or for the number of impressions anymore.

How your text link ad will appear.

Your text link ad will appear in an "Advertising Section" or "Sponsored Links" area of our popular partner websites. Please note these ads are never run through a traditional ad server. They are direct text links to your web page. Because of this you are responsible for tracking referral traffic from your text link ads.

How text link ads can raise your search engine rankings.

Search engines view a static link to your website as a "vote" of popularity for your website. The common term for this is link popularity. Simply put, link popularity is a measure of the quality and or quantity of web pages linking BACK to your webpage. Link popularity is a huge factor in top search engine rankings.

Purchasing text link ads on relevant web pages gives you the best of both worlds! You receive targeted traffic from the ad and also search engines recognize that another webpage is linking to your website increasing your link popularity.

All of the text link ads that we place are "search engine friendly". What this means is that the ads are set up as static direct links to your website. Many of our clients also choose to use their top keywords in the anchor text pointing back to their website.

Our clients have experienced a dramatic increase in search engine rankings AND targeted traffic with our ads.


Can I find out the url of the ad prior to purchase so I can review the site ad location before I send you any money? Yes! The ID # is our internal reference code for the listing. We do not publish the urls where your ad will appear on our website. This is to protect you from your competition. If you would like to know the url before you purchase, simply email us at: info[at] with the ad "ID#'s" you are interested in and we will get right back to you with the actual urls for your review prior to purchase.

Will these ads be picked up by search engine spiders and recognized as links to my website? Yes! All of our ads are set-up as static html linked directly to your website. No tracking url is used. Many clients choose to use their top keywords in their "link text" which is linked directly back to their website.

Is the pricing listed a per month fee and how long is the commitment? Yes, the pricing listed is a monthly fee. The commitment length is just month to month. At the end of every month you have the option of renewing your ads or adjusting your ad package.

Will I have the option of renewing my ad every month? Yes, all clients who pay via credit card (non-Paypal) will be set-up on recurring billing with your credit card currently on file. Your credit card will be charged on your due date above each month. If you wish to discontinue your text link ads simply email us at billing[at] before your due date with your intentions.

Will these ads help my search engine rankings? Aggressive link popularity campaigns are still the key to top search engine rankings. Our clients have experienced outstanding results in terms of increased traffic, link popularity and search engine rankings.


"I have dealt with many internet marketers regarding links. I have yet to work with another who is as prompt and courteous as Patrick Gavin." - Aaron Wall, Author of The SEO Book,

"Patrick is devoted to revolutionizing the text ad business. The ads Patrick is selling is not for PageRank boosts, they are for much more, driving qualified traffic to your pages. That means you have customers that are in 'buy mode', where else can you find such a great return on investment?" - Barry Schwartz, President of RustyBrick, Inc. & Editor of the Search Engine Roundtable,

"Patrick, I've alway been more than happy with you and your team in all our business dealings over the years. You and your team have shown true quality of advertising combined with excellent customer service. I'm looking forward to working with your company for years to come." - Jim Boykin, Internet Marketing Specialist and CEO, We Build Pages,

" provides an outstanding approach to advertising because it affordably allows you to tap into the flow of traffic from large sites drawing your target audience." - Robert Clough, Publisher Search Engine Guide,

" is the perfect solution for site owners who wish to promote their site in a fast and efficient way. It saves valuable time finding sites that may link to you, emailing them and negotiating with them. It's simple, effective and like everything else in life - you get what you pay for." - Stuart S., Senior Editor, Strongest Links,

"Text Link Ads Inc. is the premier seller of ads that drive both traffic and link popularity to your website. They have the largest inventory and coupled with excellent service they have proven to be a benchmark in the industry." - Li'l Engine Search Engine Optimization Resource,

"Patrick Gavin and "Text Link Ads" is the only text link broker I recommend doing business with. Unlike the others, Patrick Gavin runs a tight ship with high quality text links. His professionalism and affordable pricing are second to none." - John Scott, Moderator, V7N,

"Submitawebsite, Inc. has performed a diligent analysis on the link brokering/contextual advertising market. Text-Link-Ads is the leader in this space. We use Text-Link-Ads exclusively for all clients looking to achieve aggressive results." - Joe Griffin, President, Submit a Website, Inc.,

"I am a repeat customer and this Company has done a great job every time! Thanks!" - Donald G., Charlottesville, VA

"They delivered what was offered and the customer service people helped with selection of anchor text variation. Good experience all around." - Marc P., New York NY

"Great service!" - Jesse C., Germantown, MD

"Excellent, excellent...just excellent! We cant wait to see the result in 3 months! You guys did a wonderful job. Keep it up !!" - Andrew Marcum, Tulsa OK

"High quality, honest service." - Kristine F., Plainfield IL

"Excellent service - quick to respond to emails - easy online ordering - its refreshing to know that I’m dealing with real live (professional) people not autoresponders/robots! The site is simple and easy to navigate - well laid out with themes, pr, etc. Many Thanks" - Matthew S., United Kingdom

"I live abroad and there was some problems with language but the guys on the other end of the line handled it very good. I can and will recommend this merchant to others!" - Claus J., Denmark

"Just another smooth transaction. High quality as usual." - Albert T., Ripon CA

"Purchasing Links from Text Link Ads was easy as the inventory provided sufficient information. Through several Emails with one (1) of the Text Link Ads representative we were able to complete all of the necessary information. As this was my first time purchasing a Link, the Text Link Ads representative made several suggestions that made since and subsequently were approved my me to complete the service. I would have no problem selecting Text Link Ads for any future purchases of Links. Thank you Text Link Ads for making it easy." - Casmeir K., Arlington Heights IL

To learn more about the benefits of purchasing links, please download our "The Definitive Guide To Link Buying" for free.

We are based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Our office is located at:
2726 Observatory Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45208

Welcome to Text link ads!

Buy Text Link Ads and improve targeted traffic and link popularity today!

The reasons for the increase in traffic for our clients have been two fold: our links are a direct source of targeted traffic, our links can raise your natural search engine rankings.

More Info about "improving targeted traffic" → ↓


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Happy new Link Connections to you!

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