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Anastasia :: Russian Girls. Single russian girl leaves the West behind! Anastasia Web :: Thousands of beautiful Russian Ladies seek romance with Western men of all ages! We are a family run business that is committed to providing great value and service to our clients all over the world. Anastasia is a proud member of the American Society of Travel Agents and the Central & Eastern Europe Travel Board, and our Romance Tours have long been recognized as the benchmark by which other tour companies are measured. Our reputation for honesty and integrity has been the key to our success, which is why half of our clients come to us by word of mouth alone. Anastasia Web is the fastest way to reach thousands os russian and ukraine ladies. We present 10000 ladies selected from 60000 applicants. Have a look right away! Anastasia Web is the fastest way to reach thousands of russian and ukraine ladies.
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Anastasia Web :: Thousands of beautiful Russian Ladies seek romance with Western men of all ages!
Anastasia Web :: Thousands of beautiful Russian Ladies seek romance with Western men of all ages!

Anastasia :: The romance company operated by a Russian - American couple.

Anastasia's tour receptions are famous and are attended eagerly by some of the most beautiful women in Russia and Ukraine. Only Anastasia International has the resources and experience to bring groups to Russia and Ukraine on a frequent and regular basis.

Anastasia is the only Romance tour company to be founded, owned and operated by a Russian - American couple, giving us a degree of insight and expertise that cannot be matched by our competitors. Our owners, David and Elena Besuden met in 1992 through online matchmaking services and were married that same year.

Anastasia has been featured on a multitude of televisions shows and networks, including: 48 Hours, The Daily Show, The Howard Stern Show, and Jennie Jones, (News features on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN and the BBC) as well as a multitude of television networks in Japan, Germany, The Netherlands, France, Italy, Switzerland, Brazil, Turkey and Australia to just name a few.

Anastasia :: Staff photos
Anastasia :: Staff photos

Anastasia is proud to have the largest full-time staff in the industry. With 80 full-time professionals hard at work in our US and Moscow offices, we are able to conduct tours and provide services with a level of expertise and professionalism that is unequaled by any other company. For instance, it is not a surprise that Anastasia is the only company in the world to offer Flower and Gift Delivery to every single city in the former Soviet Union!

We are the only Romance Tour Company that enjoys true Russian - American ownership. David and Elena's connections to Russia run far deeper than our competitors, which gives Anastasia the ability to network with agencies and companies in every corner of the former Soviet Union.


While our competitors offer flower deliveries in a meager 7 cities, we are able to deliver flowers and gifts to literally hundreds of cities and towns across all 11 time zones!

Anastasia :: USA office :: 46 Columbia Str. Bangor, ME 04401 Downtown Bangor, across from Columbia Baptist Church.
Anastasia :: USA office :: 46 Columbia Str. Bangor, ME 04401 Downtown Bangor, across from Columbia Baptist Church.

Anastasia's American staff in our office in Bangor welcomes you to the great state of Maine! Come and meet our friendly employees and enjoy our beautiful little city, which has some of the best-preserved examples of classic 19th Century New England Architecture to be found anywhere. We are only a short drive from the world famous Acadia National Park and Mount Desert Island, so do yourself a favor and come say hello!

Anastasia Difference :: These girls are still available
Well the Ukraine girls really knock me out,
They leave the West behind,
And Moscow girls make me sing and shout,
That Georgia's always on my ...
... mi-mi-mi-mi-mi-mi-mind!
/ "Back in the USSR!", by The Beatles./

Anastasia Difference :: These girls are still available.

If you watch our site closely, you will notice that 250 beautiful women are added to it every week. But what you might not notice, unless you book marked many ladies' profiles, is that we de-activate 5-25 profiles every week. Every week several of our employees make phone calls to verify the current status of our active members. Our clients and the ladies also contact us almost every day asking to remove them from the site, as they get into serious relationships & we do so with no hesitation.

Pretty russian girl Olga.
Pretty russian girl Olga.

Pretty russian girl Olga.

Age: 28
Height: 5' 5" (165 cm)
Weight: 108 lbs (49 kg)
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond
Horoscope Sign: Pisces
Profession: Manager

I am kind, sympathetic, artistic (I used to take part in musical performances). I am also very feminine and easy-going. In clothes I prefer colors like white, black, blue, brown.

Interests: I like music, theatre, cinema (I like Elvis Presley, Merline Monroe, Kim Bessinger). Reading phsycological books brings me pleasure. Besides it I like classical literature and having rest at the seaside.

Looking For Type: I am looking for a kind, considerate, attentive and reliable man. I want him to know how to treat a real lady and how to be romantic with her. It is also very important to have common views on life and mutual understnading. I like when men carry deed to its conclusion.

Anastasia :: Russia office in the centre of Moscow :: ulitsa Obraztsova, 14 Moscow, Russia ph. 7-095-787-91-58 Downtown Moscow Subway Mendeleevskaya.
Anastasia :: Russia office in the centre of Moscow :: ulitsa Obraztsova, 14 Moscow, Russia ph. 7-095-787-91-58 Downtown Moscow Subway Mendeleevskaya.

~~~~~~~~~~~~ *** ~~~~~~~~~~~~

A group of Phone Introduction interpreters in our Moscow office stay in constant touch with many ladies (especially the most beautiful ones), which assures that our information is always current. If you visit our Moscow office, you can see that process in action. We also stay in touch with the majority of ladies by letter/phone in preparation for our tours. Around two thousand Socials Invitations are sent out in preparation for every tour. All these letters carry our Moscow office return address. If any letters are returned to us undeliverable - the lady is immediately de-activated.

Ladies placed in our black list are known as scammers and we are aware of their dishonest behaviour. We placed their photos and personal information to prevent their attempts to trick our clients. We hope this will help our clients to avoid being hurt. That is why these ladies never happened to be on our website!

We are dedicated to providing the most accurate database of available ladies and we go to great lengths to assure that all information we display is current. No profile is activated on our sites without our staff calling the lady and verifying her information first.

Know whom you are dealing with. There are many hundreds of marriage and dating agencies on the internet. Unfortunately, almost all websites in this business (even impressive looking ones) are actually tiny, fly-by-night operations run from a Post Office Box, or literally from someone's basement.

Anastasia is the industry leader with over 23,000 current women members, 65 full-time employees in the US and Russia, years of nation-wide advertising, the industry's only full-time office in Moscow, Russia and representatives in most major cities of the former USSR. We have been in business since 1993 and have conducted over 100 successful group tours to Russia and Ukraine.

Experience Counts! The owners of most US based marriage agencies have little, if any, experience in the former Soviet Union. They simply advertise in Russian newspapers & sell you whatever responses they happen to get. The vast majority of US agencies have no means, or desire to verify the girl's addresses before they pass them to their clients. Some of the most dishonest companies even sometimes buy photos from Russian modeling agencies and sell them under false addresses.

Anastasia conducts 19 tours a year to Russia and Ukraine. We spend an average 110 days in Russia/Ukraine every year. 80% of the ladies from our database have attended our tour socials & met with our Russian/American staff. We have not received these ladies photos through the mail - The ladies have actually brought us their photos, we've seen these ladies in person & we were able to verify that all of them are single, available and seriously interested in finding a partner.

Christina and Paul
Christina and Paul

Well, My name is Christina. I want to tell you my story about big love of all my life and endless sincere happiness. I want to share with you a small part of my story, the story of my life and love, the story which has just begun.

I have come to the marriage agency "Lady" (Anastasia Affiliate) two years ago in summer. I very wanted to find my man who would become all for me – my light, my destiny, my world, my happiness, my life, my biggest pure and light love of all my life. I started my search and it has lasted for 2 years. Sometimes it was very difficult, sometimes it seemed to me that it's in vain, it seemed that I would have never met the man whom I looked for. Sometimes I was disappointed, I felt sad, but I decided not to give up and continue my search.

The time was going, I was waiting for and ... happiness, love ... such a day came. On one of the summer days of august 2004 I came to the agency and I was proposed to look through the men's catalogue. I agreed. I looked through many profiles and suddenly I saw the picture of the man, his face, eyes and smile magnetically attracted me, I was like enchanted, I couldn't take my eyes from his picture and couldn't go further. I felt that I should certainly write to him. I sent my first letter. He answered. I was reading his first letter and understood that he's a very interesting man. I noticed that we had a lot in common and we're very alike. Our relationship began to develop quickly.

One day Paul told me: "I love you". At that moment I became speechless, it seemed that laugh, joy, tears of happiness were going out of me, but I was as paralyzed. About several minutes I couldn't say anything, though at that moment I felt, understood, knew and was completely sure that I loved him too. At that moment when he said "I love you", I was the happiest girl I understood that at last I met the man for whom I was looking for a long time, about whom I was dreaming.

"Happiness and love isn't easy thing. It is difficult to find it inside of you and it's not possible to find it in any other place." :: Shumpher.

Welcome to Anastasia Web! Thousands of beautiful Russian Ladies seek romance with Western men of all ages!

Russian Ladies want to meet YOU! And you want to meet Russian Ladies right now for...

flowers to russia

Anastasia International Inc.
40 High St Suite #1
Bangor, Maine 04401
+1 (207) 262-9595
+1 (877) 345-1677

More Info about "Matchmaking" → ↓

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If you have questions about our program, need advice on Russia, or Russian ladies please do not hesitate to call us at 207-262-9595, 9-5 Mo-Fri. We'll be glad to answer any questions you might have. It is not important if you have no experience in correspondence, or have been unsuccessful with other services. At Anastasia we realize that "word of mouth" is our most important form of advertising. Thousands of men and women join our program every year after learning about us from our successful former clients.

We present 10000 ladies selected from 60000 applicants. Have a look right away! Make your first search now!

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Happy new Love to you!

... and in the end ...
Just a real sample of a VIP Russian girl

There are many Russian girls want to meet you. They want to talk with you...


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... and start conversation with Stasi right away!

If your answer is "NO"...

Sure, Stasi as a really VIP (Really Very Important Person) knows English very well, but think for a while before: what she will thinks about you?

Can you heat her up?

Please keep in mind - she is a really cool girl and looking for a really cool boy for a really happy life.

By the way, if you love Russia and Russians I recommend you to visit my special website for matchmaking VIP persons on Russian language →

Love VIP Russians ::


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Anastasia :: Beautiful Russian Ladies seek romance.
Anastasia :: Beautiful Russian Ladies seek romance.

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